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Halo G6 Review

The Halo G6 is our #1 rated overall best compact system on the market. The main aspects of our Halo G6 Review was battery life, vapor production, cost, flavor options and overall build quality. The G6 seems to have everything a typical e cig user would want in a compact e cig, from battery life
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Halo Cigs Vs Blu Cigs

halo cigs vs blu cigs comparison
Which is better, Halo or Blu? Easy. Halo Cigs is far better than Blu Cigs on every level. Why? Good question… Simple answer: Blu Cigs are notoriously faulty and Halo Cigs notoriously feature two of the best e cig systems on the market via the G6 Compact System & the Triton Tank System. Detailed answer:
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Halo E Cig Review

If you’re seeking a comprehensive Halo E Cig Review, you’ve come to the right place. Halo Cigs is a growing New Jersey business in the electronic cigarette market who above all else takes pride in offering safe & quality products. Founded in 2009 by parent company ‘Trident Group LLC’, Halo E Cigs are becoming one
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Halo G6 Battery Not Working?

Is your Halo G6 not working as good as it once did? Have no fear, it’s an easy fix. Unlike other compact electronic cigarettes such as Blu, the Halo G6 can actually be cleaned which is exactly what you’ll need to do. Most electronic cigarettes including the G6 burn e liquid via a battery and
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Halo G6 Starter Kit Review

The G6 Starter Kit produced by Halo Cigs is literally the best all around electronic cigarette system I have ever used. In an industry filled with newcomers both on the producing and consuming sides, one has to sort through a seemingly lot of jargon and or fluff in order to get to the important aspects
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The Best Compact Electronic Cigarettes

Let’s make something perfectly clear off the top… Friends don’t let friends use ‘arm-sized’, ‘backpack-hauled’ or ‘generator-wheeled’ e cigs. E cig size matters and we’re happy to point out the best compact e cigs available. Additionally, if you’re interested in learning about all the best e cigs currently on the market, check out our ‘Best
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Halo Cigs Tips and Tricks

Important Update: While this article still rings true, it’s rather old. We wrote it when we first started vaping using Halo’s G6 and Triton e cigs. However, Halo Cigs has since greatly improved their product lineup. Thus, we’d urge you to rather read our ‘Halo Cigs Reactor MOD Review‘ and or our ‘Halo Cigs Tracer
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Difference Between Halo G6 and Triton

You’ve finally decided on making the transition to vaping electronic cigarettes as opposed to smoking tobacco cigarettes. You’ve probably tried a few electronic cigarettes that have been less than desirable in terms of quality and cost, Blu batteries never work for example. Then, you heard of Halo Cigs, an electronic cigarette brand that seems to
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Halo G6 and Triton Mods

New Halo Cigs are finally upon us! Halo Cigs has solely been known for the compact G6 and the tank based Triton until November 2015. Halo has finally released not only new innovative e cig/vaping options, but an entirely new website. If you’re looking for information in relation to mod options for the G6 and
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The Best Ecig

Quality Cigs. Quality Customer Service. Accepts Coupon Codes. Made in the USA. Phenomenal Rewards Program. There are literally hundreds of different electronic cigarette companies to choose from. If your in an ‘experimental’ mood, go crazy, try as many as you can. However, note that the most important question that you’ll find with most ecigs is
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Halo Cigs Battery Life

When switching to electronic cigarettes from traditional tobacco cigarettes or frankly whenever searching for a new electronic cigarette, the number one factor to consider in our opinion is battery life. You can have the most magnificent looking e cig and maybe the best flavor cartridges ever invented, but if you don’t have a battery that’s
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Top Halo Cigs Coupon Codes for 2014

We’re already almost through January of 2014. Have you stayed true to your New Year’s Resolution of quitting smoking? If you have, we salute you, if you haven’t, we salute you too, often times it takes a few tries to truly quit. You hear success & horror stories about people who have tried to quit
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Halo Cigs Quality

Halo Cigs offers a quality product. Especially compared to the many other electronic cigarette companies available. What truly determines a quality product in the ecigs market? One word; consistency. As smokers, we rely on our drags to get us through the day, wrong or right, this is the boat we are in. Any smoker who
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Best Halo Cigs Coupon 2014

Halo Cigs is fast becoming Blu Cigs top contender. As more & more american’s make the digital smoking transition & opt for American made products, Halo Cigs will continue to grow in popularity. From their modern & trendy marketing efforts to the fact that their ‘e-juice’ is manufactured right here in the United States, (New
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Halo Cigs Automatic or Manual Batteries

If your new to electronic cigarettes you might be wondering what the difference is between automatic and manual e cigs. For starters, the terms automatic and manual are referring to the type of battery functionality. Automatic batteries for example are designed to ‘automatically’ activate when you inhale or take a puff. On the other hand,
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Halo Cigs Newbie

Welcome to the Halo Cigs Club! Making the transition from traditional smoking to electronic smoking is not easy, but those who have decided to put their foot down and take ownership of their lungs, we salute you. We are not doctors and certainly don’t claim that electronic smoking is ‘healthy’, but I mean come on,
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Halo Cigs G6 or Triton

Good question. If your relatively new to the world of electronic cigarettes the G6 is a great solution. First of all, it looks cool as there’s a number of awesome colors to choose from. For another, it has good battery life, the availability of course to choose from a number of flavors and a sleek
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