the cloudy vapor review

The Cloudy Vapor is a highly popular vaping company based out of Montgomery, Alabama. This brand is all about offering variety and great service to its customers, providing awesome prices and authentic products throughout its catalog. The Cloudy Vapor only offers genuine products from trusted companies and doesn’t support any clones or fakes. This is an important point, as many big retailers out there do sell clones and aren’t as caring of their customers, so if you have the choice between The Cloudy Vapor and a less scrupulous company, The Cloudy Vapor is always going to be the right option. What’s more, this company also offers free shipping all around the US, and even does the cute gesture of throwing in a sticker and a piece of candy with every parcel.

The Cloudy Vapor is a hardware specialist, offering a wide range of devices. There are dozens of mods available on this site, from simple, entry-level systems all the way up to much more advanced, cutting edge devices. There are a few beginner-friendly devices available from The Cloudy Vapor, but we’d be more inclined to recommend this company to intermediate and advanced users who are looking for more complex, powerful mods. If you’d like to shop with a similar brand, Vaporfi is another great vaping supplier, and you can read more about them in our Vaporfi Review. We’ve also assembled a list of top rated devices, and you can check it out for yourself here: Best E Cigs.

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The Cloudy Vapor Review of Pros and Cons

The Cloudy Vapor has plenty of advantages to offer to its customers. From friendly service to fast shipping, this brand has it all, as well as providing a broad selection of top quality, authentic products. The Cloudy Vapor’s e liquid selection is also excellent, with lots of premium brands like Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Naked 100, and Cosmic Fog, as well as some lesser-known options. In short, The Cloudy Vapor is one of the best places to shop for any kind of vaping-related items.

Despite the long list of pros for this company, there are a few cons worth mentioning too. The problem with many of these larger retailers is that the quality of their products can vary, and this is equally true of The Cloudy Vapor. Some of the hardware and e liquid brands on this site aren’t quite up to the same standards as industry leaders like SMOK and Kanger. In addition, The Cloudy Vapor doesn’t offer too many sales or chances to save cash.

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The Cloudy Vapor Pros

  • Broad selection of devices.
  • Authentic products.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Free shipping.
  • Lots of e liquids.
The Cloudy Vapor Cons

  • Lack of discounts.

The Cloudy Vapor Review Summary

the cloudy vapor review summary

The Cloudy Vapor is another large online retailer, offering a huge range of vaping goods. There are a lot of companies like this, but The Cloudy Vapor manages to set itself apart from the rest with a nicely-designed site, fast order processing and a great range of authentic products. This is the sort of brand you can always rely on. If you’re in need of a new device, some bottles of e liquid, or just some accessories, The Cloudy Vapor is a great site to turn to. Every time you choose to shop with this brand, you’ll be treated well, with fast, free shipping and competitive prices. Many of the larger retailers often make compromises and sacrifices, and customers can often feel badly treated as a result, but the folks behind The Cloudy Vapor make great efforts to ensure that every order goes well, and we’ve seen plenty of positive customer testimonials for this company.

The Cloudy Vapor has a lot of great devices up for sale. Beginners could be tempted by a classic, entry-level option like the Suroin Air or Joyetech Atopack Dolphin, while more intermediate customers might be more interested in mods like the SMOK Mag or Wismec RX2 20700. The key with The Cloudy Vapor is to make sure you do your research. This site offers a very large array of brands, from the more mainstream offerings like those we just mentioned, to more obscure and lesser-known brands like Smoant, Vandy Vape and Pioneer4You. Chinese brands like these can offer some great, affordable devices, but the quality can vary with these brands, so it’s vital to read reviews and check around to learn as much as you can about these devices before choosing to buy them.