Obviously this article is opinion based as one can only speculate what the future of electronic cigarettes holds. However, I think with all of the available information, one can form a strong bias along side the e cig industry continuing to grow and eventually flourishing. Just as people look for smarter ways to browse the web they will also look for smarter ways to get a nicotine fix.

While things like nicotine patches and large (medical looking) e cigs have been available in the past, it hasn’t been until the last couple of years, that a truly marketable alternative to traditional tobacco smoking has been available to the consumer. It’s quite an interesting subject, to watch an entire industry mold into form from the ground up. Talking heads will beat e cigs and FDA regulation into the ground like a dead horse, however it’s quite obvious that FDA regulation won’t hurt the industry in any way, it will only enhance it. In fact, many prominent electronic cigarette companies are encouraging regulation. As the technology of e cigs continues to be enhanced, their marketability will only continue to increase, which will probably start to be the main topics of discussion in coming months. IE, should electronic cigarettes be limited to the same rules as tobacco concerning advertising? We are already starting to see what can easily be described as provocative by one of the early e cig brands in Blu. Either way, word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising and the trend of e cigs is going nowhere but upwards, sexy ads or not.

Small E Cig Company Buy-outs

I see large companies trying to cash in on the rise in electronic cigarette popularity very soon. I think we’ll continue to not only see smaller companies get bought out by the big guys, but also large companies starting to offer their own line of e cigs. In a truly infant industry, the potential is unlimited, especially when examining the numbers that big tobacco bring in and the thought of e cigs breaking into that market space. The one thing that I wish for as an advocate for Halo Cigs, is that they don’t sell out to a larger company. There’s just something about rooting for the little guys that keeps me loyal to a company or business. I’m certainly not against corporate america or anything, I just feel better about purchasing products from a small growing company that’s trying to make it in america rather than some company of a company of a portfolio of a spreadsheet. Here’s to the future of e cigs and everything that they can be.

One thing is for certain, e cig companies such as Halo are positioning themselves in a perfect place to take advantage of a multi-billion dollar industry. They are doing this by maintaining an incredible quality standard for all of their products which is pretty much unheard of in such an unregulated market.


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