In a completely unregulated electronic cigarette industry, it’s becoming far to common place for certain companies both fly-by-night and large alike to give e cigs as a whole a bad name. Most people come to electronic cigarette as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes in a overall effort to quit smoking completely. The trouble is, companies like Blu & others are pushing sub-par electronic cigarettes out which in turn leads to consumers frowning on the entire industry rather than trying to search for a company or e cig that actually delivers results. We are a small web development team and have collaborated together however to find an actual alternative to traditional cigarettes to quit smoking once and for all. Having spend loads of cash on electronic cigarette systems with brands that were horrible, we we’re beyond belief when we finally came across the diamond in the rough that is Halo Cigs.

1. Battery Length – Halo Cigs batteries last roughly 77% longer than that of Blu. The G6 65mm battery lasts 2-4 hours and the 78mm battery lasts 4-6 hours. The full size Triton 400mAh battery lasts right around 8 hours and the 650mAh batteries have been known to last an entire day.

2. Flavor Choice – Halo offers a number of e liquid flavors for you to choose from. Perhaps most importantly however, they don’t just offer any random flavors to increase their overall product flavor reach, they focus on perfected a dozen or so e liquids to ensure you get the very best vape possible.

3. Recharge Time – These batteries actually recharge in a reasonable time-frame. Both of the G6 batteries will be fully charged in no longer than an hour and the Triton doesn’t take too much longer. Perhaps this is the working of properly functioning batteries as opposed to Blu which need to be recharged about 20x per day.

4. Sleek Designs – Halo offers not only quality and efficient but sleek electronic cigarette systems in the G6 and Triton. The G6 is smaller in size and is perfect while on the go. The G6 is very comparable in size to a traditional tobacco cigarette. The Triton on the other hand is slightly larger because frankly it is a tank system. However, the Triton is extremely economical and is perfect for home use or road trips if I may add.

5. Refillable Cartridges – Lots of companies such as Blu offer cartridges that are often faulty straight off the store shelves and cannot be refilled, limiting them to a one time use. G6 Cartridges or Cartomizers on the other hand can be refilled a few times before ultimately needing to be thrown away which means incredible savings for their loyal users.

6. Product Line Options – As stated above, Halo offers both the G6 and Triton electronic cigarette systems. The G6 is a more compact e cig system and is for those who need to be able to store their e cig in their pocket for easy access and refills. The Triton is a full size tank system that is extremely cost effective albeit slightly more bulky.

7. Color Options – Halo offers a number of colors for both the G6 and Triton systems. From extremely loud colors to just basic black and white, it’s certainly nice to have a little variety to choose from. Our favorite of course is the standard black units.

8. Starter Kit Price – While Halo Cig Systems are of much higher quality, they are still priced for the average user. The G6 starter kit weighs in at right around $44.99 and the Triton at $64.99. The average cost of these systems is cheaper than the average cost of Blu’s and most other leading brands.

9. Promotional Discounts – Halo offers an incredible number of ways to save for both new users and loyal customers alike. From halo cigs coupon codes to completely free e liquid samples, Halo always looks for ways to grow their customer base. This is actually nice to see compared to some of the other snobby brands in the industry who don’t seem to care about keeping customers.

10. Dependable Devices – Last but certainly not least, having an e cig that can be counted on to work throughout the day is a bit of a god send. There are far too many e cig systems that are all talk and no action when it comes to real world use and Halo surpasses all competition in terms of overall dependability.