Below is our list of the top 5 electronic cigarettes currently available on the market today. By far and away the number one electronic cigarette available is Halo Cigs. In basically every important aspect of what makes electronic cigarettes great, Halo not only passes but does so with flying colors. This is especially true when comparing to the competition. Although, electronic cigarettes are still considered by many to be relatively new, Halo is an electronic cigarette company that actually holds up under fire (critiques reviews and ultimately continued usability).

  • Halo Cigs
  • V2 Cigs
  • Vapor4Life
  • Eversmoke
  • NJOY

What makes a great electronic cigarette?
It comes down to Battery Life, Rechargeability, Overall Size and Cartomizer & E Liquid Quality which essentially all equate to Overall Performance & Dependability. Because, electronic cigarettes are just beginning to really take off and become popular and due to the fact the the electronic cigarette market is widely unregulated, we are currently seeing a large number of electronic cigarette ‘companies’ pop up. This is great for capitalism in general, but not so great for the overall quality control of the industry. What these fly-by-nigh companies are doing is simply slapping logos and labels on cheap products they import from China and other over-seas manufactures.

Battery Life & Rechargeability
The battery of your electronic cigarette is of course the engine of your vaping system. If you don’t have quality batteries, nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter if you have the very finest of e liquids if you don’t have a battery that is worth it’s weight, you won’t be able to vape at all. Top electronic cigarettes businesses know this and run their very own quality control to ensure the products that they are introducing to the market place are dependable and work as they should. Many store bought electronic cigarettes such as Blu do a phenomenal job at marketing their products but a horrible job at operating their products quality control department. The end result is electronic cigarette batteries that only work correctly for a month or two and then peter out, eventually not working at all. Halo on the other hand has perfected their electronic cigarette batteries and have tested them to ensure they will last for years on end through thousands and thousands of recharge cycles. When cell phone began their boom in the market place, we all remember having to be very particular about how and when we charged the battery to ensure it would last over time. The same goes for most electronic cigarettes, certainly the cheap ones imported from China. If you charge cheap batteries at will as you should be able to do, you’ll most likely find out that your battery can’t handle it and it will burn out. As compared to a top electronic cigarette company like Halo who have already tested and ensured that you can charge the hell out of your battery so it’s there for you and ready to use when you are ready to smoke.

Overall Size
Many of you may be raising an eyebrow, like really overall size is an important feature in a top electronic cigarette? However, those of us who have experience in electronic cigarettes know that size does matter. As users, we want electronic cigarettes that are durable, dependable and that perform well. We however want all these features in a reasonably sized unit. The commercial put forward by Blu is a great example of this idea. The commercial is a comedic 30 second spot where a man is touting to his co-workers to check out his new electronic cigarette which happens to be hooked to a giant generator. This is of course an exaggeration, but hits home the point of size mattering when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Again, as users we want something that not only works well, but something that is practical. Most of us don’t want to be carrying around a damn generator or the like just because we smoke electronic cigarettes instead of classic tobacco cigarettes. This is why size matters and why Halo Cigs are the number one electronic cigarette available today.

Cartomizer & E Liquid Quality
Of course it’s important that your cartomizers and e-liquid is of quality. For those of you who don’t know, cartomizers are also known as refills or cartridges that are often times single use products. E Liquid itself on the other hand refers to the combination of flavoring, (stuff that makes vapor, we won’t get too technical on you) and most of the time nicotine that is either vaped through a single use cartomizer or a re-usable tank system. Again, with many new ‘wannabie’ companies sprouting up around the United States, the consumer or electronic cigarette user will fall victim to purchasing faulty cartomizers and sometimes bad batches of e liquid itself. Coming from years of experience, there is no worse feeling than spending a fortune on cartomizers only to find out that they are faulty. Again, companies like Blu are excellent at marketing their products but still haven’t figured out that their Blu cartomizers actually have a very short shelf life. This means that most first time electronic cigarette users, when choosing Blu, have roughly a 50% chance that they’ll be purchasing cartomizers that actually work. Once more, most users won’t even realize that their cartridges are faulty because they don’t know what terms like throat hit even mean. Faulty electronic cigarette cartomizers will still produce vapor, however usually because they’ve been stored for too long or in contact with varying high and low temperatures, the chemical balance of flavoring and nicotine gets disturbed and essentially ruins the product. Companies like Halo on the other hand know that issues like this exist and deliver the absolutely most premium American Made E Liquid available today that actually works all the time.


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