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Urvapin is a growing vaping company offering plenty of great devices and lots more hardware from many leading brands. This company aims to keep its products as low as possible and is well-known for organizing frequent sales and deals around holidays and special occasions like Easter, Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Urvapin specializes in hardware, so you can find e cigs, mods, atomizers, tanks, batteries, and many other accessories when shopping with this brand, but you won’t find any e liquids, so you’ll need to shop elsewhere for those.

The ‘catch’ with this brand is that it’s based in China. Shopping with Chinese companies and websites is becoming more popular as it gives people a chance to save money on the goods they love, but it also comes with a few risks and disadvantages, like slow shipping and often unreliable customer service. Urvapin does offer great prices, but you can shop for the same products at the same great prices with US-based brands like Direct Vapor. Check out our Direct Vapor Review to learn more, and be sure to read through our Best E Cigs to learn about our top-rated devices.

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Urvapin Review of Pros and Cons

While reviewing Urvapin, we quickly saw that the number one advantage of this site is its prices and sales. Urvapin aims to be the cheapest option for customers and makes big efforts to keep its prices as low as possible. Throughout the year, this brand takes every chance it can get to offer promo codes and discounts across its product catalog, so if you want to save money and get the best deals, it’s definitely worth checking out Urvapin.

On the downside, since this is a Chinese brand, shipping might be a little slow and customer service might not be as responsive as it would be in the US. In addition, Urvapin sells a lot of lower quality devices from almost-unknown brands, so you have to be careful about the items you’re buying. The lack of e liquids is another issue with this site and reduces its appeal. In addition, the site itself would benefit from a redesign as many links lead to the same places and products.

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Urvapin Pros

  • Good range of hardware.
  • Attractive prices.
  • Lots of sales.
Urvapin Cons

  • Slow shipping.
  • Lots of low quality brands.
  • No e liquids.
  • Website is poorly-designed.

Urvapin Review Summary

urvapin review summary

Throughout this review, we’ve seen that Urvapin offers low prices and some great products. This brand can appeal to every kind of customer, with a wide range of devices to suit beginners, intermediate users, and more advanced e cig experts. If you’re just getting started in the vaping world and looking for an entry-level device, Urvapin offers e cigs like the Vaporesso ORCA, Kanger Uboat, and Eleaf iCare Mini, all at very attractive prices. The site also sells a great range of state-of-the-art mods like the Sigelei Fuchai R7, SMOK G-Priv 2 230W and the cutting edge Lostvape Paranormal DNA250C. Urvapin is clearly a good place to shop for hardware, and there are plenty of good tanks and other parts and accessories to buy too, but the site also features a lot of lesser-known, lower quality devices and brands, so we encourage shoppers to do the necessary research and read reviews to learn more about the devices they’d like to buy.

The big problem we keep coming back to when it comes to Urvapin is that this brand is based in China and just doesn’t offer enough advantages to set itself apart from a US-based company like Direct Vapor. Direct Vapor sells many more products, focuses on trusted brands, and offers a huge range of e liquids, all at great prices. And the advantage of shopping with a US company is that you’ll get your orders faster and the customer service will usually be more responsive, so it’s hard to recommend Urvapin over Direct Vapor. The only time you really want to shop with Urvapin is when you want to get the very best deal. This company does set itself apart with low prices and lots of discounts and special offers throughout the year, so it’s smart to keep an eye on their prices and buy products when those prices are low. Otherwise, we recommend shopping with Direct Vapor instead.