vape bartender review

Vape Bartender is an incredible e liquid brand that has been making a lot of waves in the vaping industry in recent times. People are flocking from all around to taste this brand’s flavors and we knew we had to review them for ourselves and see what all the excitement was about. In keeping with the brand’s name, all of Vape Bartender’s e liquids are named after popular cocktails or drinks, but the ingredients in each bottle aren’t limited to beverage-based flavors. Instead, Vape Bartender proposes quite a varied menu, covering all of the usual flavor categories like tobacco, menthol, fruit and desserts. We always like to see varied selections like this and respect Vape Bartender for listening to its customers and expanding its menu over time with new entries. We rate these e liquids very highly, and you can check out our list of Best E Liquids to see how they stack up against the very best.

We can truly say we were not at all disappointed by the awesome e liquids we tested from this brand, and are eager to try more in the near future. Vape Bartender goes to great lengths to guarantee that its flavors are unbeatable, treating its e liquids as though they were prestigious, high quality alcohols. The brand’s juices are left to brew and steep for several months in European Red Oak barrels, bringing out the richness of every flavor. It’s rare for us to see this sort of dedication to quality, and this was definitely one of the best features that we found while reviewing Vape Bartender’s e liquids. Another premium e liquid brand that takes the time to age its juices in barrels to bring out the full flavors and aromas of every ingredient is Black Note, and we encourage you to read through our full Black Note E Liquid Review to learn more about them.

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Vape Bartender Review of Pros & Cons

While reviewing Vape Bartender e liquids, we identified plenty of pros, as well as a couple of cons. Let’s start off with the cons. The biggest issue here is price. The quality of these e liquids justifies the price tags, but we can’t ignore the fact that these products are definitely on the expensive side. Paid shipping fees also increase the cost of every order.

On the positive side, Vape Bartender’s e liquids offer immense quality. These flavors are unbeatable and as soon as you take your first few puffs, you’ll know you made a great decision by giving these e liquids a try. The brand’s remarkable production techniques, like aging their juices in barrels, help to provide some mind-blowing vaping experiences.

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Vape Bartender Pros

  • Incredible production values.
  • Varied menu.
  • Rich flavors.
  • Solid throat hits.
  • Big vapor production.
Vape Bartender Cons

  • High prices.
  • Paid shipping.
  • Lack of discounts.

Vape Bartender E Liquid Review Summary

vape bartender review summary

While reviewing Vape Bartender, we were highly impressed with this brand’s commitment to quality. Where other companies make compromises and cut corners in search of easy profits, the folks at Vape Bartender spare no expense. The creation of a new flavor on the Vape Bartender menu can take up to six months, and that proves just how dedicated these people are to keeping their standards of quality as high as possible. Vape Bartender’s e liquids are divided into three main categories: Fruit Stand, Bakery and Tobacco, each with its own delicious range of options.

Fruit Stand has the most variety, and Vape Bartender excels at blending together fruity ingredients into superb recipes like Fruit Tingle, Peachy Bum, and Honey Ball. The Bakery range is equally terrific, with ingredients like caramel, roasted peanuts, chocolate and cheesecake going into e liquids like White Lady and Irish Cappuccino, one of Vape Bartender’s highest rated e liquids. Over in the Tobacco section, we were impressed with the ways in which Vape Bartender played around with tobacco notes to create some unique flavors. Mojito, for instance, brings spearmint and pomegranate into the mixture with Turkish tobacco for an exciting and lively blend.