It’s official, Vape was named Oxford Dictionary’s Word of The Year! For those of you who don’t already know, Oxford Dictionary picks one word per year per nation as it’s ‘word of the year’. For the United States in 2014, it’s VAPE! For all you existing vapor lovers, how awesome is that? For all you classic tobacco cigarette smokers out there still, look out, the Vapor Train is coming to a town near you! Furthermore, for you classic tobacco cigarette smokers who previously tried to make the switch to vapor perhaps unsuccessfully, don’t write off electronic cigarettes altogether. There is a reason that so many people have switched to Vapor. If you were not successful in your personal vapor trial run, it’s probably because you were using a sub-par e cig system.

oxford dictionaries word of the year is vape

With such a booming industry in electronic cigarettes, far too many products are brought to the market and even heavily commercially advertised that function horribly. Electronic cigarette brands such as Blu are a prime suspect for sub par functionality. While Blu commercials and general marketing are pretty awesome, Blu batteries hardly ever work correctly after only 1-2 weeks. However, for those of us who researched deeper into e cigs that actually work correctly (longer battery life, short charging times, great tasting e liquid) we were able to officially make the switch. One of the very best electronic cigarette brands in the industry is a company called Halo Cigs.

Halo Cigs was founded by a small group of US investors and based out of New Jersey until late 2014 when they migrated their headquarters to Gainesville Florida. Halo offers premium e cig devices in the G6 and Triton Starter Kits and even manufactures their own e liquid right here in the United States. Halo offers two phenomenal e cig systems or devices in the Triton and G6. Which is rather nice, as so many electronic cigarette companies try to do too much and end up confusing their potential customers. V2 Cigs for example, is a very innovative electronic cigarette company and is one of the largest in the industry. However, even V2 hasn’t figured out how to simplify and perfect their systems as well as Halo has. When you visit the Halo website, you’ll easily be able to shop between two systems, the Halo G6 and the Halo Triton.

Recommended Halo Cigs Systems

We always recommend that when traditional tobacco smokers are first making the switch to vapor that they start with the G6 and then graduate to the Triton. This is due to the fact that the G6 is similar in size and shape to traditional cigarettes which will help to cure your physical addiction. The G6 offers fantastic battery life for a ‘compact’ sized electronic cigarette and primarily runs of from cartomizers or cartridges which can of course be purchased at the Halo website as well. As long as we’re making recommendations, we’ll go ahead and through out there that you should definitely go with Tribeca e liquid. Halo’s Tribeca is a perfect blend of sweet and bold and is something that can be vaped everyday as compared to some flavors that are frankly too sweet. Once you’ve taken a liking to electronic cigarettes and e liquid in general, you’ll most likely be wanted a more efficient and cost effective system. This leads us to graduate to Halo’s full sized Triton tank system electronic cigarette. For those of you who don’t know, a tank system differs from a cartridge system in the delivery and storage of e liquid. Cartridges are perfect to use while ‘on-the-go’ as they are easily swapped be twisting them on or off from your G6 battery. Tank systems on the other hand are literally empty tanks that are manually filled with the e liquid flavor of your choice. Tank systems are generally larger but offer a more cost effective solution than cartridges and of course offer batteries that are larger and last longer than the compact G6 for example. After you finally figure out that Halo Cigs is the way to go, the only chore you’ll have left to do is order as much e liquid as possible!

In closing, electronic cigarettes are here to stay. As ‘selfie’ won the Oxford Dictionary word of the year in 2013, ‘vape’ has won in 2014 and is officially a mainstream word and will continue to grow into the future. The only real question left is which electronic cigarette brand is worthy of calling your own? If you like the idea of throwing money away, by all means, give Blu or any other wannabe e cig brand your business only to be let down. If however you like to make smart purchases, choose Halo Cigs as your brand. As mentioned above, start with the G6 and migrate to the Triton a month or so down the road. Before you know it, you’ll be smoke free and able to tell your family and friends that you finally quit! As an added bonus, you can use our Halo Cigs Coupon to save on any order you place.

Happy Vaping,
Vapor Staff