vapor cube review

Vapor Cube is an interesting vaping brand with a lot of room to grow. This brand has big aspirations and aims to be a great place to shop for all your vaping needs, but right now it only sells a couple of devices and a limited range of clearomizers, coils, batteries, and other accessories. Vapor Cube’s biggest sellers are the Hohm Wrecker and Hohm Slice TC mods. Both of these devices offer some great features and functionality, and can be recommended to intermediate or advanced e cig enthusiasts, but we’d love to see more variety added to this store soon.

Vapor Cube is a bit of a strange brand right now as the company’s website talks about a lot of featured brands and products that haven’t yet been added to the catalog. You can’t buy many things from Vapor Cube at the moment, but this is a growing brand with a potentially bright future ahead of it. We’re excited to see how the company develops, but if you need vaping supplies right now, you might want to consider shopping with one of our most highly-rated companies: Vaporfi. Check out our Vaporfi Review to learn more, and read through our list of Best E Cigs to learn about the devices we like the most.

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Vapor Cube Review of Pros and Cons

We’ve noted some pros and cons list for this brand to help you decide whether you’d like to shop with them or not. On the plus side, Vapor Cube offers some interesting options for intermediate e cig users. There are some reliable mods here, including the Hohm Wrecker and Hohm Slice, as well as some options from trusted brands like Kanger and Sigelei. Vapor Cube offers good prices and big discounts during its sales.

This is a brand with a lot of room for improvement. Vapor Cube hopes to forge partnerships with many leading manufacturers in the hardware and e liquid worlds, but the company’s site is pretty empty right now, so we hope they make some progress soon. Many of the links on the website go nowhere, and the brand’s product catalog is very limited at the moment, with no e liquids and very few device options.

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Vapor Cube Pros

  • Good intermediate hardware.
  • Big sales and specials.
  • Lots of room for improvement.
Vapor Cube Cons

  • Very small range of products.
  • No e liquids.

Vapor Cube Review Summary

vapor cube review summary

We like the idea that Vapor Cube is thinking big and clearly has plans to forge partnerships with a lot of the big names in the vaping industry, but we hope to see some progress made soon. Right now, the only real reason you’d want to shop with Vapor Cube is to buy either the Hohm Slice or Hohm Wrecker devices. The brand does sell a couple of other simple Sigelei and Kanger mods, as well as tanks and accessories, but you can find way more options at other sites, like Vaporfi, for example. We’ve been keeping an eye on Vapor Cube for quite a while now and a lot of the brand’s website seems to have been in development for a long time, with “Coming soon” labels on most of the sections. The company’s homepage boasts of a long list of brands, including dozens of premium e liquid providers, but none of them actually feature in the product catalog just yet.

We always appreciate when companies show ambition and aim high, so Vapor Cube deserves credit for hoping to establish itself as a top vaping store, but the brand needs to start showing some signs of progress if it doesn’t want to be left behind. The Hohm Wrecker and Hohm Slice devices are decent options for intermediate e cig users, both featuring resistant designs, good battery power and precise temperature control, but they won’t be enough on their own to keep this company afloat. The vaping industry is increasingly competitive and shoppers need more reasons to check out Vapor Cube, so we hope the company makes some necessary changes soon. Right now, the website is filled with dead end links and promises of products that don’t exist. It’s clear that Vapor Cube is a work in progress, so we can only recommend this company to people who are interested in the devices we’ve already mentioned. If you’re looking for a reliable online store for all your vaping needs, we’d recommend sticking with Vaporfi instead.