vapor hub limitless sleeve mod reviewVapor Hub’s Limitless Sleeve MODS are a great option for those users who are fairly new to e cig MODS who also happen to love the idea of easily changing the look and style of their system via easy on/off sleeves. Limitless Sleeve MODS are available in a huge array of colors and materials, each of which has been meticulously perfected to sustain performance. It’s also worth pointing out that Limitless Sleeve MODS are available in both aluminum and copper tubes, though copper tubes are slightly more expensive than the aluminum alternative. Equally as important, each MOD is designed and manufactured right here in the USA.

When choosing between the Limitless Aluminum and Copper Sleeve MODS, you’ll notice a significant difference in price. In fact, the Copper version weighs in at $179.95 and the Aluminum version is priced at only $119.95. This is due to the huge push towards making all MOD e cig parts/components out of conductive material to increase performance. You should also be aware of the fact that if you opt for the Copper version, you’ll have a few options to choose from. Those options include upgrading to silver plated copper springs, adding gold plated magnets and choosing between the 18650 Vamped 40 Amp Black, the 18650 Vamped 40 Amp Copper or the MXJO batteries.