vapor4life king starter kit reviewThe Vapor King Starter Kit is now available for only $15.99. Obviously, for only $15.99, users don’t expect much, but what they get is indeed a classic e cig, one of Vapor4life’s first models in fact. The Vapor King Starter Kit comes full with 1 battery, wall charger and 5 cartridges. It’s certainly a simplified kit, but for those who are extremely new to e cigs and looking for a test run outside of commonly poor performing disposable options, the Vapor King is a great budget friendly place to start. Even though this is very simplified vaping kit, Vapor4life still makes a wide degree of options available to you including battery color, battery switch type, battery size as well as cartridge flavor and strength. The available battery sizes for the Vapor King are 180 mAh, 280 mAh and 380 mAh. If you’re an e cig newbie, don’t be frightened by opting for the XL 380 mAh, as it isn’t big enough for us to warrant an ‘armed sized’ rating at 103 mm long, but will deliver solid battery life for less charging headaches. In terms of cartridge strength, Vapor4life has a recommended indicator on the 1.8% level, which is probably a good call. If however, you are or were a smoking phenomenon, consider stepping it up to the 2.4% or even 3.6% levels.