vapor4life titan starter kit reviewThe Vapor4life Titan Premium Starter Kit is available for purchase for a hugely discounted $39.99. The Titan Starter Kit by Vapor4life is indeed one of their first starter kits from when the company first started selling vapor products. The Titan has always been sort of the younger brother to the bigger and badder Vapor Zeus. However, the Titan is still a well functioning e cig, albeit only offering 200 mAh, 300 mAh and 400 mAh battery sizes. As with most Vapor4life products, you have a wide array of options to choose from when purchasing your premium starter kit. Not only battery size, but battery switch type, battery color, cartridge flavor and strength as well as starter kit carrying case color. The Titan is one of those older models that still lets customers choose between automatic or manual ‘switch types’, we’ve always been a proponent of automatic switches although the common methodology behind offering a manual switch on an e cig battery has a supposed increased or customized vaping experience when opting for manual types.

All in all, for only $39.99 the Titan Premium Starter Kits is one of the best values currently on the market. With it, one will receive, 2 Batteries, USB & Wall Chargers, Pack of Cartomizers and Carrying Case as well as the previously mentioned wide array of options including types, sizes and importantly for some, colors.