wow v kit reviewThe WOW Vapor V Kit is now available for purchase at for $69.99. Vapor4life has officially released their new e cig line called WOW Vapor. Furthermore, their first e cig starter kit in this new brand extension has been coined the ‘V Kit’. The V Kit has been designed to feature not only the very latest in compact e cig technology, but certainly it’s very own innovative and elegant yet sophisticated design in both it’s device and carrying case. The overall design of the WOW Vapor V Kit E Cig is not dissimilar to the Vapor Zeus of old aesthetically, but packs much more of a punch via 5 volts of potential battery power and newer more efficient cartomizers. Perhaps what is most inspiring aspect of this new design is the chrome like elegant and sleek carrying case. While Blu was one of the first to offer a charger pack and carrying case to hold batteries and cartomizers, WOW Vapor has managed to suddenly ‘out-do’ them with extremely easy on the eye design. Another often overlooked aspect of e cigs is the mouth piece, which the WOW Vapor V Kit offers a new soft & chewable version to be more pleasing and comfortable on your teeth and lips than the industry standard of shear hard plastic.

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It’s also worth noting that the entire marketing concept around their new WOW Vapor V Series is ‘The Road to ZERO Nicotine’. Thus, with nearly every purchase related to the V Series, whether it be purchasing the kit itself, extra cartomizers or e liquid bottles, you will receive a free bottle of WOW Vapor e liquid with zero nicotine. At this time, all WOW Vapor e liquid relating to the V Series comes standard as 1.8% nicotine be it cartomizers or e liquid. Overall, the WOW Vapor V Kit by Vapor4life comes with everything the user needs to hit the ground running. Full with great battery life, pleasant flavors and an amazing case design, the only thing that you’ll need is MORE CARTOMIZERS!