vaporfi air starter kit reviewThe Vaporfi Air Starter Kit is a great entry level tank system for first time e cig users or those graduating from disposables or even compact rechargeable e cigs. At only $39.99, the Vaporfi Air is one of the cheapest tank systems available anywhere on the market. It features a very sleek and small design for a tank system although the battery size and e liquid tank themselves are smaller than most typical full sized tank systems at 350 mAh and .9 mL. One can expect for a much more cost effective unit than disposables or rechargeable compact systems running on cartridges only but will most likely see around 4-6 hours out of their battery. Another important note is the fact that the Vaporfi Air is so uniquely designed that it can’t use typical replacement parts such as most all other e cig systems on the market. Again, the main draw to this system is the price point of a very sleek tank system. The Vaporfi Air is delightfully available in black or white colors.