vaporfi boom vapor hookah kit reviewThe Vaporfi Boom Hookah Starter Kit is a very innovative vaporizer device by Vaporfi. Traditional hookahs have been around for ages, but until recently, most people haven’t even thought about having a vapor hookah. For those who love to sit around the coffee table and share a hookah or frankly bring one to be sort of the feature of a party, consider Vaporfi’s new Boom Vapor Hookah for only $129. The Boom Hookah features a great long lasting and high performing 2200 mAh battery life, two 1.3 mL e liquid tanks and 4 different colored mouthpieces (which add nicely to the party theme that hookahs can be). It’s of course completely dependent upon the number of people and overall usage, but we found that the 1.3 mL e liquid tanks could be larger. However, they are easy enough to swap and and refill once they run dry. We are also finding a number of traditional hookah flavors emerging in the form of liquid but look forward to more companies offering hookah centered flavors, after all there is no sense in running e liquid flavors through a hookah. We are sure that as vapor hookah become more available, so too with the many possible varieties of hookah liquids. In the meantime, in terms of liquid flavors to try, we are running a number of various dessert type e liquids with zero nicotine to provide a uniquely satisfying vaping/hookah flavor. Our current favorite e liquid to run in the Boom is good ole Simply Shisha by Vaporfi.