vaporfi express starter kit reviewThe Vaporfi Express Starter Kit is their entry level e cig option. Like all e cig brands, Vaporfi too literally features something for every level of vapor user. Vaporfi does not feature disposable e cigs so their Express Starter Kit indeed officially holds the label of their entry level option. At only $29.99, this starter kit is about as cheap as the come. It’s important to note however that anyone who purchases this kit needs to also purchase pre-filled cartridges which are sold separately. The Express Kit features two batteries which are a compact 180 mAh and a slightly longer 280 mAh. As noted above, this kit typically uses pre-filled cartridges which are sold separately in a variety of flavors, however it can also be adapted to fit a mini-tank. This would in turn allow you to purchase e liquid in bulk which is always way more cost effective than using pre-filled cartridges.

Vaporfi is a brand that features many exciting and innovative e cig devices, however the importance of having something very similar in size and shape to traditional tobacco cigarettes is important to beginners. Therefore, if you are completely new to e cigs, give the Express Starter Kit a shot, however if you have used disposables or compact rechargeable before, consider upgrading to any of the many available full sized tank systems that Vaporfi offers to experience more performance, longer battery life and more cost effective ways of vaping.