vaporfi rebel 2 starter kit reviewThe Vaporfi Rebel II Starter Kit is essentially the same high grade stainless steel casing featured in the original Rebel but with an emphasis on upgrading the atomizer, battery capacity and e liquid tank capacity/design. If the original Rebel was a hybrid between a tank system and mechanical MOD, the Rebel II is essentially a full blown mechanical MOD system. It comes with both a large 750 mAh battery and an incredible 2800 mAh battery. If your the type of serious e cig user who has trouble finding a system that can keep up with the amount of vapor that you like to intake, you’ve met your match with the Rebel II. The 2800 mAh battery takes the available performance to the next level only by the Rebel II’s ability to control it’s gigantic 4.0 mL e liquid tank via it’s advanced clearomizer dual coil juice flow controlled system. In a nutshell, if you’ve become a vapor freak about amps, volts and wattage, the Rebel II was designed just for you via it’s digital readout display. It’s also note worthy that the Rebel II (like the original Rebel) is capable of accepting a wide variety of standard e cig device components. Particularly, the Rebel II is 510 and EGO thread compatible and can accept a range of other Vaporfi tanks. At $179, (the same price as the original Rebel), we’d take the more advanced and higher performing Rebel II due to it’s upgrades mentioned above. Also, the Rebel II is a bit more stable when balancing on it’s base, the original Rebel had a very top heavy design which would lead to a lot of accidental drops. Lastly, the Rebel II seems to be a bit better in dealing with leakage as compared to the original Vaporfi Rebel.