vaporfi rebel starter kit reviewThe Vaporfi Rebel Starter Kit is designed for the real tobacco rebels out there who have truly made the decision to switch to vapor over smoke. The Rebel comes with an enormous 2200 mAh battery, a standard 600 mAh battery and features a wide variety of options for those tech savvy users out there. Another one of the better features of the Rebel is the fact that it’s so versatile and is capable of interchanging a number of different components from both other Vaporfi devices and most typical e cig brands. This pushes the Rebel to a level all on it’s own, almost a hybrid between a high performance tank system and a mechanical MOD. The Rebel features a 3.0 mL e liquid tank which will last an entire day for the heaviest of smokers and most likely a couple days for the typical pack-a-day smokers out there. Probably the most impressive aspect of the Rebel is the amount of vapor that it able to produce via the 2200 mAh battery and the dual coil atomizer. Again, if you are a newbie to tank systems, we’d probably point you towards a smaller more manageable system, but for anyone who is looking for a high grade and performing tank system, consider the beautifully designed stainless steel Rebel by Vaporfi!