vaporfi vice reviewThe Vaporfi Vice was recently released along side the Vaporfi Edge, both advanced yet easy to use vaping systems. Essentially, the Vice is a step up in terms of battery life, vapor production and overall performance compared to Vaporfi e cigs of old (the Pro, Pro II, Platinum Pro & Rocket for example). However, it should be known that while the Vice is considered an advanced vaping device compared to the old Vaporfi lineup, it’s still a very easy electronic cigarette to use. The Vaporfi Vice is a perfect option for those looking for a new and high performing system who also happen to be on a relatively tight budget. At only $99.99, the Vaporfi Vice Starter Kit is fairly priced, is constructed of high quality materials and comes with everything you need to start vaping out of the box (that is of course except for your favorite e liquid, you’ll need to purchase that separately). The Vice features a 2200 mAh battery and a 2.5 mL e liquid tank and utilizes what is known as an atomizer to function. Atomizers for the Vice can be purchased in a pack of 5 for only $14.99. We’ve found the best results from using the Vaporfi Vice 0.5 ohm atomizers in terms of vapor production from standard e liquid ranging between 50/50 PG/VG to 70/30 PG/VG. It should also be known that one atomizer (for the typical user) will last approximately 2-3 weeks before needing to be swapped out with a new atomizer. It should also be known that changing atomizers is an extremely simply task that takes merely 2 minutes to complete (literally unscrewing the old atomizer from the Vice tank and screwing in the new one).

Be sure to use our Vaporfi Coupon when purchasing the Vaporfi Vice Starter Kit in order to save as much money as possible. It will indeed discount your entire order. Additionally, be sure to purchase at least 1 – 30 mL bottle of e liquid and we strongly recommend stocking up on at least 1 – 5 pack of Vice atomizers. Lastly, be sure to check out our most up to date list of our Best E Cig Picks of 2016. (The Vaporfi Vice made our list, if you’re curious).

Vaporfi Vice Review of Specifications

Compared to the overall Vaporfi lineup, the Vice certainly ranks in the top third. It would actually rank higher in our opinion if it wasn’t for the recent release of so many other high performance e cigs via Vaporfi and the VOX 100 TC MOD (Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Review), VOX II MOD (Vaporfi VOX II MOD Review), VOX Mini MOD (Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD Review) & Edge (Vaporfi Edge Review) starter kits. Check out our detailed Vaporfi Review to learn even more about the Vaporfi Company & the many different e cigs in their lineup.

With that being said, the Vaporfi Vice is still a phenomenal option for those looking to upgrade from an existing smaller device. Whether your upgrading from a compact or mini electronic cigarette, smaller battery or just an old system, the Vaporfi Vice delivers fantastic battery performance & vapor production. However, one of the best features of the Vaporfi Vice is the overall size. While most high performance/sub-ohm e cigs are bulky or awkward in overall size and feel, the Vice is delightfully and relatively compact for easy use while ‘out and about’ or while on the go.

Vaporfi Vice Specifications

  • 2200 mAh 3.4 to 4.2 Volt 510 Threaded Vice Battery
  • Vice Sub-Ohm Adjustable Airflow 2.5 mL Tank
  • Extra 1.2 ohm & 0.5 sub-ohm Vice Tank Atomizers
  • Vaporfi Vice USB Wall Adapter & Charging Cord
  • Vaporfi Vice User Manual

Vaporfi Edge Specifications

  • 1800 mAh 100 watt Edge Battery
  • 510 Thread Drip Tip Adapter
  • Edge Sub-Ohm Adjustable Airflow 7 mL Tank
  • Extra 0.2 ohm & 0.5 sub-ohm Edge Tank Atomizers
  • Vaporfi Edge USB Wall Adapter & Charging Cord
  • Vaporfi Edge User Manual

Vaporfi Vice Compared to Edge

vaporfi vice and edge comparison review
The Vaporfi Vice & Edge aren’t really that different. In a nutshell, the Edge is basically a ‘beefed up’ Vice, as they Edge has a larger battery, larger e liquid tank and of course, a bulkier overall size. It’s safe to say that you can pretty much consider the Vice & Edge the same type of electronic cigarette. Again, the Vice is just more of an entry level option compared to the Edge. However, for most ‘newbies’ the Vice still delivers plenty of vaping power. Moreover, the Edge is more concerned with ‘sub-ohm’ levels of vaping and a large difference in maximum output wattage. The most obvious difference between the two devices is the e liquid tank sizes. The Vice is compact (fits nicely in your pocket) and features a 2.5 mL tank compared to the Edge that features an enormous 7 mL tank which is one of the largest we’ve actually come across.

Vaporfi Vice Review for Troubleshooting

vaporfi vice review for troubleshooting
Honestly, the Vice is a very simple vaping device to use and maintain. We didn’t come across any specific problems or issues when reviewing the Vice and don’t anticipate you having any problems from standard usage. With that being said, we always make an effort to help ‘newbies’ out when we can, because frankly, ‘we’ve been there too’.

Refilling Your Vaporfi Vice Tank
When refilling you’re Vice Tank with the e liquid of your choice, be sure to clean all threads that come in contact with that e liquid. This is especially important for newbies to understand because when we were new to this sort of tank based electronic cigarette, we found ourselves unable to remove the tank from the battery when needing to refill it. This was of course due to the fact that when we previously filled the tank, we didn’t clean up the over-spill and the result was a ‘sticky’ mess and the inability to unscrew the tank from the battery. Now, as we’ve become ‘experts’ we’re sure to use a paper towel and clean all threads after filling the tank with e liquid. If you find yourself unable to unscrew your Vice Tank from your Vice Battery with your hands, we once had to use a pair of pliers. It’s certainly not recommended, but in some cases you won’t have another choice.

Priming Your Vaporfi Vice Tank/Atomizer
Additionally, when changing out your Vaporfi Vice Atomizer, it’s important to ‘prime your tank’. What this means is that when you screw in your brand new atomizer add refill your e liquid, you need to let it sit for a bit before using it. This is known as ‘priming’ in the vaping world and it refers to letting the e liquid saturate the atomizer. If you don’t ‘prime’ your atomizer (give a small amount of time for your atomizer to become saturated with e liquid), you’ll most likely find yourself vaping a ‘burnt like’ taste. It’s very simple, refill your e liquid tank, screw in your new atomizer and let it site for roughly 3 – 5 minutes before using at all. Another common thing that we do after installing a new atomizer is shake the tank a little bit to help the e liquid satuate the atomizer.

Vaporfi Vice Review of Overall Size

First off, to us, the physical size of electronic cigarettes is a very important factor. What good is an extremely high performing electronic cigarette if you can’t easily throw it in your pocket or use it on the go. The Vaporfi Vice is quite compact compared to other vaping devices in the same class (2200 mAh).

The Vaporfi Vice is 5 3/8″ in height or (136 mm), which very easily slips into your pocket and can frankly be used very inconspicuously in public.

Vaporfi Vice Review Summary

vaporfi vice review summary
All in all, the Vaporfi Vice is a great entry level vaping option. People that have the Vaporfi Vice on their radar are most likely those who have only used compact e cigs (like the Vaporfi Express option for example) or who have a very old pen style device. Users will find comfort in all aspects of the Vice, from battery life and vapor production to ease of use and maintenance. When users are ready to make the next jump in advanced electronic cigarettes in terms of vapor production and battery life, they’ll most likely dig into Vaporfi’s coveted VOX Series.