vaporfi vox mini mod reviewThe Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD is one of Vaporfi’s newest offerings and is essentially for those looking for high performance out of their electronic cigarette, but not necessarily the most expensive. At only $109.99, the VOX Mini MOD Starter Kit is a great option for those looking to upgrade to a trustworthy vaping system, with great battery life, customizable options and at an affordable price. Furthermore, the size of the VOX ‘Mini’ MOD is likely more in line with what novice users are seeking in any device regardless of it’s battery life and or options. For those who are still on the fence about upgrading to a more advanced system with so many ‘specs’ and ‘features’, don’t let them scare you. While the VOX Mini MOD certainly packs a punch, it’s relatively simple to use and can easily be ‘dialed-in’ to your personally liking. Along the same lines, for you tech lovers out there, the VOX Mini MOD features an adjustable 7 to 40 watts of vaping power via it’s built in 35 amp 2500 mAh battery, can handle .3 to 3 ohm atomizer resistance and of course features a nice LED screen as well as a standard pass-through charger for use while being charged.

Again, there are many electronic cigarettes on the market to choose from. Determining what is the best e cig for you is our goal and we would encourage anyone who is shopping around for a more advanced vaping system that is easy to use but relatively compact in design and reasonably priced to highly consider the new VOX Mini MOD.

Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD Compared To The VOX II MOD

Much like the Vaporfi VOX II MOD, the Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD works beautifully with a range of Vaporfi ‘tanks/atomizers’. In fact, any of the following Vaporfi ‘tanks/atomizers’ are compatible as stated by Vaporfi. (You can of course explore other tank options, just know that you’re doing so at your own risk and be sure to double check the specifications in terms of ohm resistance and device threading.)

Recommended Vaporfi Tanks/Atomizers: (Sold Separately)

For more information on most of the tanks listed above, check out our Vaporfi VOX II MOD Review. For those of you who strongly prefer the more simple options, consider the Platinum II, Rocket or Rebel tank options, they happen to be a bit cheaper as well.

*It’s also worth noting that the Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD features an auto ohm resistance meter specifically for the RBA/RDA.

Vaporfi VOX Mini VS VOX II MOD Size Comparison

vaporfi vox mini mod vox ii mod size comparison
E Cig size matters to some (including us) and the difference in physical size of both the VOX Mini MOD and the VOX II MOD can be found below.

Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD Size:
81.5mm x 35mm x 22mm

Vaporfi VOX II MOD Size:
94mm x 43mm x 24mm

*It’s obviously important to point out that the above dimensions are of the devices only, not including the tank of your choice, which can significantly impact the overall height of your device.

Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD Review Summary

vaporfi vox mini mod review summary
The Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD is well worth your consideration, especially if you’ve graduated perhaps from disposable or compact based e cigs and are seeking something more powerful in terms of battery life, vapor production and e liquid capacity. For those who haven’t used any sort of tank/atomizer based e liquid system before, just know that the VOX Mini MOD does require you to fill the tank (of your choice) with the e liquid flavor (of your choice). In most cases, this is an extremely simple task as most tanks easily open and allow you to fill with e liquid via the including e liquid eye dropper that does in fact come with basically all e liquid bottles. Furthermore, using e liquid and tanks in this manner is far more efficient than using cartomizers or disposable e cigs. For example, one can expect to typically go through just one 30 mL bottle of e liquid (with an average cost of $20) every 30 to 45 days. This is of course compared to needing to go through roughly 7 to 10 cartridges (with an average cost of $15) every week when using compact or ‘rechargeable’ based systems and lastly when compared to going through a disposable e cig (with an average cost of $10) every single day. Outside of the ridiculous amount of cost savings associated with tank based electronic cigarettes, one can expect high performance vaping which can bring a whole new light to the e liquid flavor of your choice. The VOX Mini MOD is a phenomenal system, packed with all the options that even the most advanced users would envy, all packed into an easy to use compact type box mod system.

The VOX Mini MOD easily compares to the Vaporfi VOX II MOD and the V2 Cigs Pro Series 7 as one of the best overall e cig systems available on the market. Learn more about the specifics of the Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD.