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VaporL is an online vaping store based out of China. There are plenty of US-based vaping stores too, and there are several benefits, as well as several possible disadvantages, to shopping with Chinese brands like this one. On the plus side, the prices tend to be lower, and VaporL does offer some really affordable options and frequent sales. On the other hand, shipping and order processing can be a little slower than with American stores, and the customer service isn’t always as helpful or responsive. VaporL aims to offer great levels of customer care and the best possible prices around to encourage customers to shop with them.

This company got started back in 2011 and has enjoyed plenty of success, especially in recent years as more people seek to invest in vaping hardware for the lowest prices they can find. VaporL specializes in hardware, so you won’t find any e liquids up for sale on this brand’s site. If you do want to buy e liquids along with your hardware and prefer to shop with a US-based site, we recommend Direct Vapor. Check out our Direct Vapor Review to learn more, and be sure to read through our list of Best E Cigs for some great device recommendations.

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VaporL Review of Pros and Cons

When it comes to VaporL, we’ve found a few major pros and cons to consider. On the plus side, this brand is all about value. You can save a lot of money shopping with VaporL, especially during sale periods. Certain devices are way cheaper on VaporL’s online store than they would be with other brands, so if you’re working with a small budget or just want to get the best bang for your buck, this is a good brand to shop with.

The negatives we have for VaporL include the fact that, since this is a China-based brand, you might have to wait a little longer for your order to be processed and delivered. VaporL does make big efforts to speed up the delivery process, but it simply can’t compete with a US-based company like Direct Vapor. The lack of e liquids is another negative point for this brand, and the VaporL website is quite poorly designed and difficult to navigate, so we’d love to see it updated.

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VaporL Pros

  • Great prices.
  • Big discounts.
  • Lots of hardware options.
VaporL Cons

  • No e liquids.
  • Slow shipping.
  • Bad site design.

VaporL Review Summary

vaporl review summary

We’ve reviewed several China-based vape stores and suppliers, and VaporL is definitely one of the better options we’ve seen. Let’s be honest here, the number one reason most Americans would choose to shop with a Chinese brand over an American one is to save money, so it’s good to see that VaporL does manage to provide some very low prices throughout its product catalog. The brand also runs lots of sales throughout the year. Whether it’s Easter, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, or some other holiday, you can be sure that VaporL will be celebrating the occasion with some big discounts and deals. So, the next time a major holiday comes along, we do recommend you check out VaporL’s site and see what sort of discounts they’re offering. The brand’s general prices aren’t always better than US-based sites, but the discounts and deals add a lot of value.

For beginners, VaporL offers a small but reliable range of devices including the Aspire PockeX and Joyetech eGo AIO. Intermediate and advanced customers have plenty of options, including some of our favorite devices like the Vaporesso Revenger and SMOK G-Priv 2. As well as offering some lesser-known brands, the site also features plenty of the industry’s most popular names like SMOK, Kanger, Wisemc, Innokin and more. There are also plenty of great tanks and accessories too. It’s a shame that VaporL doesn’t provide e liquids, and most US shoppers will be satisfied shopping with a US brand like Direct Vapor, but VaporL still isn’t a bad choice. In order to stay relevant and offer even tougher competition for companies like Direct Vapor, VaporL needs to improve its site design and perhaps consider offering some e liquids or more hardware variety.