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Vista Vapors is a growing vaping company with a big focus on vape juice, as well as offering a nice range of hardware, including a simple e cig manufactured by the brand itself. Vista Vapors’ Single E Cig is a nice, beginner-friendly device, powered by a 900 mAh battery and capable of holding 2ml of e liquid. It’s also priced very fairly, like most products across the Vista Vapors site, making this brand a great choice for newbies and those who want to get the most value on their orders of vaping goods. The brand’s e liquid is made in the USA and there are over 180 different flavors to choose from, so variety is another big selling point of Vista Vapors.

With free shipping on orders over $50, a cool rewards program to help you save cash, lots of affordable e juice options and some decent sales and promotions, it’s clear that the folks behind Vista Vapors want to help you save cash. This Minnesota-based brand is all about value, so if that’s something that matters to you, we can definitely recommend them. While reviewing Vista Vapors, we were reminded of another highly-rated brand: Vaporfi. With even more e liquid flavors and hardware variety, Vaporfi is another excellent place to shop, and you can learn more about them in our Vaporfi Review. Be sure to check out our Best E Cigs too if you’d like to see our favorite devices.

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Vista Vapors Review of Pros and Cons

For Vista Vapors, we found a few key pros, as well as a few cons to talk about while reviewing this brand. Starting on a positive note, Vista Vapors offers an impressive range of e liquids, with over 180 different flavors. The brand also offers a huge amount of variety, letting customers choose flavor strengths, VG/PG blends, nicotine strengths and even being able to mix their own e liquid blends, with thousands of possible flavor combinations.

The variety of Vista Vapors e liquids is a great selling point of this brand, and it offers a nice array of hardware too, with good options for beginners and several super mods for more advanced users too. On the downside, some of that hardware is produced by lesser-known, low quality manufacturers, and some of the brand’s e liquids are a little lacking in strength and quality as well. This brand has awesome prices, but you might find the quality levels to be lower than other vape stores.

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Vista Vapors Pros

  • Over 180 e liquid flavors.
  • Beginner-friendly hardware.
  • Lots of options.
Vista Vapors Cons

  • Some low quality hardware.
  • Some e liquid flavors lack strength.
  • Paid shipping on orders below $50.

Vista Vapors Review Summary

vista vapors review summary

As we have previously mentioned throughout this Vista Vapors review, the two things that really stand out about this brand are value and variety. E juice bottles start at just $4.99 with Vista Vapors, and you can buy the brand’s excellent entry-level e cig for a great price too. Hardware is generally fairly priced, and even the brand’s premium e liquid bottles aren’t as expensive as many other premium grade brands. Of course, the quality of Vista Vapors’ juices might not match up to certain other brands, but we tested out plenty of flavors and enjoyed the majority of them, even if they can’t quite match up to the e liquids sold by Vaporfi. We also loved the fact that you can choose between lots of different bottle sizes and nicotine strengths when purchasing any e liquid, as well as having the option to boost the flavor for a little extra cash or even change the VG/PG ratio depending on your own tastes. It’s always good when companies give their customers more options, and Vista Vapors definitely provides us with a lot of choices.

In terms of hardware, the brand has a nice array of options. As we said earlier, the brand’s own Single E Cig is a solid choice for beginners, and other entry-level options include the eLeaf iStick and Suorin Air. Intermediate and advanced e cig users can invest in all sorts of great devices like the SMOK ProColor and T-Priv, the Kanger TopBox Nano and the Vaporesso Target Pro. Amigo is another highly featured brand throughout the Vista Vapors site, with Amigo begin a China-based brand offering slightly lower quality but more affordable devices, so if you don’t mind investing in Chinese vaping hardware, there are plenty of Amigo options on Vista Vapors. Once again, we have to compare the brand slightly unfavorably to Vaporfi, as Vaporfi offers more hardware options from more trusted, American brands. Overall, Vista Vapors isn’t a bad choice if you’re looking for unique e liquid flavors, good prices, and some beginner-friendly options.