where can you buy halo cigsMaybe you’ve heard the buzz…

‘Halo Cigs are AMAZING’…

Wondering where can you buy Halo Cigs?

Currently, Halo Cigs are predominantly sold online at the official Halo Cigs Website.

However, Halo Cigs is a rapidly growing brand. They have in fact recently moved their headquarters to sunny Gainesville, Florida from the frozen north that is New Jersey. While they are a private company and none of us are really privileged to inside Halo Cigs news, it’s very apparent that they have every intention of expanding into a retail store near you.

If you’re in the position to purchase a new e cig starter kit, Halo Cigs is the place to go. For you select few out there who wine about purchasing things online, consider the fact that if your opt for the Halo Triton tank system (voted our #1 best tank e cig system on the market), you only really need to place an online order once, to actually purchase the starter kit. After that, you’re free to go and buy any e liquid you please, to run through it’s 2.4 mL tank. You could for example use NJOY e liquid, which has great reviews and is relatively fairly priced. Most importantly, it’s available at nearly every corner store in the United States.

We would of course encourage you to buy Halo E Liquid, namely the Tribeca Flavor, as it has become world renowned for it’s smooth taste and irresistible notes of light tobacco and caramel.

For those curious, you can to expect to only go through one 30 mL sized bottle of e liquid ($20) per month when using the Triton (regardless of the brand or flavor). This is of course compared to using the Halo G6, which typically uses cartridges (that you would need to purchase online). The G6 is a much more compact e cig, but isn’t nearly as efficient as the Triton, nor does it come close in terms of battery life. However, it’s an apple to oranges comparison as we do in fact rank the G6 our #1 best compact e cig system, due to it’s low price and high quality for it’s compact class. You can expect to pay right around $250 per month on cartridges for the G6. (It should also be known that the G6 can in fact run on a mini-tank, which would make it more affordable.) Our thought though is that you might as well upgrade to the Triton when you’re more worried about performance and efficiency than sleek looks and small sizes.

If you’d like to learn more about the Halo Cigs Company, check out our Halo Cigs Review. If you’re seeking more information on Halo Starter Kits, view our Halo Triton Review and or Halo G6 Review.

In a nutshell, Halo’s primary source of distribution is through their website itself. They do offer a phenomenal Wholesale and Individual Distributorship program for those interested in selling Halo Cigs. Which I might add, is a phenomenal product to add to your shelves. Especially being that the leading electronic cigarette marketer ‘Blu’ is becoming overwhelmingly notorious for faulty products. Making Halo Cigs, (a growing electronic cigarette company that has a cult like following on the internet) one of the best solutions for your electronic cigarette purchasers if not the very best in the United States today.

Halo Cigs Retail Outlook

Halo Cigs is a steadily growing company in an electronic cigarette industry that happens to be at the beginning of a boom. As more and more people are making the switch from real tobacco cigarettes to vapor or electronic cigarettes, the hand full of american e cig companies that are doing it right, will be able to surf the wave of the boom. While Halo Cigs are primarily sold online today, it’s not ridiculous to think of seeing Halo Cigs at your local gas station by this time next year. It will obviously depend totally on the executive management of Halo and what their growth strategy is, but Halo is certainly setting itself up to be in a position towards the top of the electronic cigarette industry (or at the least a proper sized chunk).

Halo E Cigarette Wholesale & Individual Distributorship Program

Own a store or a website and want to resell one of the fastest growing and most popular electronic cigarettes on the market? Look no further than the Halo Cigs Wholesale Program. Halo products are made in the United States so rather than having to deal with the typical hurdles of importing junk from China, go with a great American company in Halo Cigs. Also, the Halo Wholesale Program has a tiered pricing structure. This allows both the small businesses to take advantage of a fast growing brand with low minimum orders and large stores to benefit from discounts on bulk orders.

Whichever route you decide to go, if you choose Halo Cigs, be sure to use one of our Halo Cigs Coupon to save a ton of money on your new starter kit.