white cloud e liquid review

White Cloud E Liquid offers and exciting and varied selection of flavors, ranging from simplistic entries like classic tobaccos and menthols to more complicated concoctions with multiple ingredients. This is a premium e liquid brand offering over two dozen flavors and our White Cloud e liquid review should tell you all you need to know about these products, helping you decide whether or not you should be grabbing some bottles for yourself. White Cloud is an exciting, evolving presence in the e liquid world and has been around since the industry began, using years of experience and time-honed techniques to offer some very interesting premium e liquids in an impressive variety of nicotine strengths, ranging from 0% all the way up to 5.4%. If you’d like to compare White Cloud’s products with the very best in the business, check out our Best E Liquids to learn more.

White Cloud offers a great range of flavors, with all sorts of exciting ingredients like fruits and caramels helping to fill out the menu, but after reviewing the full range of White Cloud products, we can say that this brand really excels in the tobacco department. Former smokers or those who are looking to make the switch to vaping will massively appreciate these e liquids, with a range of tobacco blends on offer in six different flavors. If you’re looking for a sweet, subtle tobacco, the Atlantic Cut e liquid is the one for you. Meanwhile, if you prefer deep notes and earth strength, you’ll adore White Cloud’s Apache. Additional tobacco blends like Original and Cavendish offer their own unique experiences, and White Cloud does a great job of offering something for everyone. If tobacco-based flavors are among your favorites, we have to recommend one of our favorite brands: Black Note. You can learn more by reading through our Black Note E Liquid Review.

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On a side note, it should known that we tested all e liquid flavors with Vaporfi SMOK Series MODs & Halo Reactor Series MODs. (Both of which we consider to be top of the line and indeed some of the best e cigs available online.) For more information on these e cig/vaporizer lines, we encourage you to check out Vaporfi and Halo Cigs for yourselves. Furthermore, don’t forget to use our Vaporfi Coupon & Halo Cigs Coupon to save as much money as possible on your new vapes!

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White Cloud E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

We’ve got a lot of pros to talk about in regard to White Cloud, as well as a few minor cons. On the plus side, this seller offers a great and varied selection of good quality e liquids at competitive prices, with a nice focus on the sorts of tobacco-based liquids former smokers will appreciate. On the downside, the site doesn’t run too many deals or promotions, and while reviewing White Cloud e liquid, we found that some of the more exotic flavors are lacking in strength, but this is a subjective matter.

Overall, White Cloud is a solid e liquid creator and we can recommend them to our readers. No matter whether you’re interested in tobacco, menthol, fruit or more unique flavors, White Cloud has something for you. With reasonable prices, fast shipping and smart customer service, White Cloud has a lot to offer.

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White Cloud E Liquid Pros

  • Broad selection.
  • Excellent tobacco flavors.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Fast shipping.
White Cloud E Liquid Cons

  • Lack of promotions and sales.
  • Basic packaging.
  • Not free shipping.

White Cloud E Liquid Review Summary

white cloud e liquid review summary

White Cloud is one of the most experienced e liquid brands currently operating in the industry and that experience shines through in its products. These e liquids have evidently been prepared with a lot of care and attention to detail. High quality ingredients have been used in each bottle. It’s rare for us to find a premium e liquid creator offering such a lot of variety, but White Cloud has accomplished that feat. Not only does this brand provide a great range of over two dozen individual flavors, it also goes one step further by allowing customers to choose from a vast range of nicotine strengths in each e liquid. This is definitely one of the key pro points that struck us while reviewing White Cloud e liquid.

We’ve discussed the great quality of White Cloud’s tobacco-based e liquids, but the company also produces plenty of other great flavors, so let’s take the time to highlight a few of them and help you make smart decisions if you choose to place an order. If menthol is your favorite kind of flavor, Mint To Be is an awesome choice, combining classic menthol with a burst of spearmint. Fruit fans will love the mix of cranberries and apples in The Orchard, and we had a lot of fun testing out White Cloud’s Whippin’ Good e liquid while reviewing these products, mixing together creamy, custardy notes with a hint of vanilla. We encourage you to give them a try and find your own favorites from White Cloud’s lineup.