white rhino reviewWhite Rhino E Cigs is an up and comping brand, featuring a huge array of herbal vaporizers, e cigs and most notoriously, e liquid. If you’re interested in purchasing E Cigs and related items, you may have come across the White Rhino brand name while shopping online. This company has made quite a name for itself over the years, primarily for supplying a nice range of tasty e-liquids, but White Rhino also sells a lot of accessories, herbal vaporizers and other gear to attract quite a wide set of customers. In this review, we’ll take a look at the ups and downs of the White Rhino brand in order to help you decide whether or not you should be shopping with them. The vaping industry is becoming more and more important in the modern world, with lots of new companies springing up on a regular basis and plenty of new developments hitting the scene each day. With so much competition, can White Rhino really keep up? Honestly, we have our doubts.

White Rhino, as a company, got started back in 2010 and has therefore been in business for a good number of years. The brand’s headquarters are located in Salt Lake City in the state of Utah. The company prides itself on offering good quality customer service, along with efficient products and, of course, the famous line of well-crafted e-juices. While some aspects of the White Rhino business are certainly worthy of merit, others leave a little to be desired, especially when compared to other leading brands out there. Having tested and tasted countless vape juices over the years, we have to say that White Rhino’s line of flavors is quite exceptional, with the Remix flavors in particular standing out. However, the company’s herbal vaporizers and other E Cig equipment can be weak, unreliable and frankly imported junk.

White Rhino is a solid option for those strictly looking for great e liquids or advanced vaporizers for herbs. However, for those looking for solid e cig starter kits or advanced e liquid vapor systems, we’d recommend V2 Cigs & Halo Cigs. Specifically, the V2 Pro Series 7 and Halo Reactor are phenomenal vaping systems for e liquid. Read our V2 Pro Series 7 Review and Halo Cigs Reactor MOD Review to learn more. Additionally, be sure to utilize our V2 Cigs Coupon Code and Halo Cigs Coupon at checkout.

White Rhino E Cig Review of Pros and Cons

Now let’s get into a bit more detail by looking at the pros and cons of this particular company. On the plus side, the staff of White Rhino certainly know how to make high quality e-juice. There are some excellent flavor fusions on display here, so we have to commend the company’s mixers for that. The brand’s customer service is also usually friendly and helpful, while the official site has been made with a lot of care.

On the other hand, we can find quite a few flaws with the White Rhino brand. First of all, despite the company attempting to offer competitive prices, some of these goods simply do not offer an attractive level of value. The cost of the vaporizers can vary quite enormously, but the quality isn’t always there. The batteries used in White Rhino vaporizers can be quite weak and a lot of people online have been complaining about leakages from the tanks. These sorts of problems can ruin the whole vaping experience, and people shouldn’t have to pay relatively high prices for sub-standard equipment. Our role is to help you make the best decisions and spend your cash wisely, so we have to cover all of the negative points of this company as well as the positive ones.

White Rhino E Cig Pros

  • Lots of tasty e-liquids to choose from
  • Remix vape juice includes some exciting flavor fusions
  • A lot of different accessories and items to purchase
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Regular promotions and daily deals
  • Disposable E Cigs are available
  • Compact E Cig designs
White Rhino E Cig Cons

  • Not the same quality as other leading brands
  • Relatively high prices that don’t seem justified
  • Weak batteries that wear out quickly
  • Problems with liquid leakage
  • Relatively weak throat hits

White Rhino E Cig Reviews & Customer Testimonials

white rhino e cig review and customer testimonials
Despite some problems, White Rhino has managed to forge its place as one of the most famous names in the E Cig industry and continues to enjoy a lot of success to this day. The company does get plenty of things right and has a respectable attitude towards customer service. We also keep coming back to their e-liquids, but they are worthy of repeated mentions. The selection of juices available with White Rhino is nicely varied and rich in intense flavors. The company has also done a nice job of catering to everyone with its juice selection, providing classic flavors like tobacco and menthol, along with much more complex concoctions to entice sophisticated palates.

While browsing customer testimonials, we can see that people’s opinions on White Rhino are relatively mixed. Some fans of the company speak of quality customer service, reliable goods and a much-welcomed sense of variety in the brand’s catalog. At the same time, critics cite high prices, technical issues and lack of efficiency as their main reasons for avoiding this particular brand in their E Cig shopping. This pretty much sums up our own dealings with the White Rhino company. Sometimes, things can go well with this brand and you’ll appreciate the goods you order. Other times, the company’s inconsistency can be deceiving and you may feel as though you’re overpaying for certain products, especially if they break down with repeated use.

White Rhino E Cig Review Summary

white rhino e cig review summary
We’ve reviewed a lot of different E Cig brands and will continue to give you the information you need to make wise purchasing decisions. When it comes to White Rhino, we can see how this company managed to become such a force in the industry thanks to its fresh ideas and attractive e-liquid menu. At the same time, it looks like certain compromises have been made in terms of manufacture and product quality. To put it simply, there are many other E Cig brands who are making better products than White Rhino. Weak batteries and inconsistent performance are not aspects you want to encounter when using e-cigarettes, so if you’d rather get the most value for your money then you might be better off looking elsewhere.