When it comes to electronic cigarettes, one has many different options to choose from. While capitalism in general is certainly encouraged, buyers should beware of ‘fly-by-night’ companies operating in the electronic cigarette industry. Frankly, any Tom, Bob or Sam can place an order online into a China warehouse to purchase bulk electronic cigarette components. This is almost entirely what this growing industry is experiencing at the present time. Wanna be entrepreneurs are placing bulk orders overseas, slapping their logo’s in cheap untested products and selling them to all who will entertain the transaction. Obviously, a number of problems stem from this concept.

Electronic Cigarette Warranties

Any reputable electronic cigarette business will offer practical warranties and or refunds on their products. Halo Cigs for example offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all equipment. Many ‘fly-by-night’ companies on the other hand do not. They simply care about making a sale and moving on to the next sucker who can be fooled by fancy packages and slick marketing buzz words. Always make sure the electronic cigarette company you are choosing offers a trust worthy refund policy.

Overall Quality & Consistency

As electronic cigarette users we typically find a company we like and stick with them for years on end. This especially true of ‘smokers’ who have for example been smoking Marlboro or Camel for 20 some odd years. Why is this? Simple, we are creatures of habit. We typically find something we like and stick with it because we know what we are getting each and every time, we know we won’t be disappointed because we’ve found something we like and it does the trick every single time. Quality electronic cigarettes (much more so than typical tobacco cigarettes) are hard to find. There are literally only a handful of trusted electronic cigarette companies that you should consider making your own. One of them and perhaps the best of them all is a growing electronic cigarette company out of New Jersey called Halo Cigs.


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