zig zag e liquid review

ZIG ZAG E Liquid stands out in the vapor world as one of the better brands for smokers who are looking to make the switch to the vaping world. Many e liquids offer totally different experiences to traditional tobacco, and that’s part of what makes vaping so exciting and dynamic, but it can also be an overwhelming experience for smokers to make the switch. While reviewing Zig Zag e liquids, we saw that this brand is going above and beyond to make it easier and simpler for smokers to adapt to their new e cigs and have a comfortable introduction to the world of e liquids. How does the brand do this? Well, it offers a small and simple but effective range of high quality e liquids, complete with flavors that former smokers will love like Clove, Menthol and Traditional tobacco blends. Another brand that offers a great range of super flavors for former smokers is Black Note, and you can learn more about them in our Black Note E Liquid Review.

Zig Zag goes one step further in its ambitious plan to help former smokers love these products; this brand produces its e liquids with a 2:1 ratio of PG and VG. PG is what helps to provide the throat hit in an e liquid, and is often overlooked by e liquid companies. Many seem to focus on high VG blends to provide the richest flavors and thickest vapor clouds, but PG is an important part of the experience too, especially for those smokers who are just taking their first tentative steps into the world of e liquids. The team at Zig Zag understands that, and has taken the time to put plenty of PG in its e liquids, guaranteeing that each of them offers that powerful throat hit that smokers often miss when they first test out an e cig. As we reviewed Zig Zag’s e liquids and tested out their Clove and Traditional flavors, we saw that they are able to offer an authentic experience that many other brands simply can’t match, and we strongly recommend this brand to those who are new to the vaping world. In addition, if you’d like to learn more about other e liquids we love, take a look at our Best E Liquids.

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ZIG ZAG E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

In reviewing Zig Zag e liquids, we identified a few key pros and a couple of cons worth noting about this company. On the plus side, Zig Zag provides a nice menu of high PG e liquids, offering strong flavors and solid throat hits for fully satisfying vaping experiences. As mentioned earlier, we think these products have a lot of appeal to former smokers.

On the downside, Zig Zag products are only available in 10ml bottles, which can be a little inconvenient, and they are priced pretty highly. They’re not the most expensive brand we’ve ever seen, but not the cheapest either.

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ZIG ZAG E Liquid Pros

  • Bold flavors.
  • Strong throat hits.
  • Good for former smokers.
ZIG ZAG E Liquid Cons

  • Only available in 10 mL.
  • Lack of variety.
  • High prices.

ZIG ZAG E Liquid Review Summary

zig zag e liquid review summary

While reviewing Zig Zag’s e liquids, we were happy to see that these products have been designed to appeal to former smokers who want to make the healthy transition to the vaping world without missing out on those solid throat hits they’ve grown accustomed to. With a nice selection of bold flavors and high PG blends, Zig Zag has carved out a little niche for itself in the e liquid industry and is doing a fine job, even if we’d love to see more flavors and options added to the menu in future. So many former smokers complain that e liquids are too soft and lacking in throat hit, but you won’t have to worry about that when using Zig Zag’s juices.

Another positive thing we noted while reviewing Zig Zag is that even though this brand only has six flavors for now, it has still managed to pack a reasonable amount of variety into that small menu. Simple, classic flavors like Menthol and Traditional tobacco are surefire winners, and the brand’s Clove is a faithful recreation of clove cigarettes, but the Zig Zag mixers have gone a little more exotic with their other flavors, including the delicious Dragonberry and Island Breeze. The former mixes dragon fruit with a range of forest berries in a highly refreshing blast, while the latter combines pineapple and coconut notes in a soothing tropical smoothie. They’re both great flavors and we encourage you to give them a try for yourself.