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ZIG ZAG Vapor is a very longstanding and experienced brand. This company got started over 100 years ago, originally beginning way back in 1879 by a pair of French brothers who produced their own cigarette papers. Over the years, the brand continued to grow and evolve, changing with the times. Even as the vaping industry began to boom, Zig Zag welcomed these new innovations with open arms. The company still produces cigarette papers and cigar wraps, but has now also branched into the e cig world, offering a couple of interesting vaporizers and a tasty lineup of e liquids.

With so much history behind the brand, Zig Zag Vapor is one company you can trust. The brand’s 650 device is a great entry-level option for beginners, while the 335 is a little more advanced and works as a great intermediate option. If you’re looking for a more advanced device like a TC mod, you may have to shop elsewhere, and we recommend learning more about one of our favorite brands in our Halo Cigs Review. And if you’d like to learn about the devices we love the most, check out our list of Best E Cigs.

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ZIG ZAG Vapor Review of Pros and Cons

When it comes to Zig Zag Vapor, we’ve found a few pros and a few cons regarding this brand. Starting on a positive note, the company offers two really good devices, with one appealing to beginners and the other being a good option for intermediate e cig users. Zig Zag Vapor’s e liquids are also flavorful and high quality, and the brand has high standards of quality in general.

The downside to shopping for Zig Zag Vapor devices is that you can’t buy directly from the brand. Instead, you’ll have to find these products in vaping stores around the nation or on other vaping sites, meaning you’ll need to shop around to find the best deal. The prices for Zig Zag products can be a little high too. We also have to note the brand’s lack of variety. There are just two devices and six e liquids here, whereas other companies like Halo are able to offer many more options.

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ZIG ZAG Vapor Pros

  • Two great devices.
  • Strong battery power.
  • Tasty e liquids.
ZIG ZAG Vapor Cons

  • Can’t buy directly from Zig Zag.
  • Prices a little high.
  • Lack of variety.

ZIG ZAG Vapor Review Summary

zig zag review summary

Zig Zag Vapor is a great place for beginners to shop for their first e liquid device, and intermediate users might take an interest in the brand’s 335 vaporizer too. The 335 is actually a 3-in-1 device, capable of vaporizing loose tobacco, nicotine wax and e liquids. Featuring a long-lasting 1,200 mAh battery, a 2.5ml e liquid tank and smart technology for ideal temperatures, it’s a great option, even the price is a little high compared to similar devices, such as those offered by Halo. The 650 is also a very solid and reliable device. With a cool design, a 1.6ml clearomizer and a very good 650 mAh battery, this is one of the strongest entry-level e cigs money can buy right now. Many other brands simply don’t offer the same sort of power and performance in their beginner-friendly options, so if you’re new to vaping and want to start with something simple that still packs a punch, the Zig Zag Vapor 650 isn’t a bad choice.

Zig Zag Vapor’s range of e liquids aren’t bad either. The flavor menu is pretty limited right now, and we’d be glad to see more options added in the future, but there are some winning formulas here. The brand’s Clove flavor, for example, does an amazing job of recreating an authentic clove cigarette experience, complete with a myriad of sweet and spicy notes. As a company that has specialized in tobacco for so many years, it’s no surprise that Zig Zag Vapor’s Traditional tobacco blend is another winner, with a solid, multi-layered flavor and plenty of vapor production. You can find more complex e liquids elsewhere and many more choices if you choose to shop with other brands like Halo, but Zig Zag Vapor remains a good option. Overall, this is a brand with so much history behind it and we’re happy to see Zig Zag embracing the e cig movement wholeheartedly by producing a couple of excellent devices and a nice range of e liquids. Next we’d love to see even more options added in the future to help this brand compete with the industry leaders.