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Henley Vape E Liquid Review

Henley Vape E Liquid is quite a big name in the vaping industry, but you might not have known that this brand has actually released its own great-tasting line of e-liquids. In the past, Henley has developed a reputation for providing the very best quality vaping equipment. The company first came into the public eye
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Henley Vape Standard MOD Review

Henley Standard MODS are a fantastic alternative for those looking to get more performance out of an e cig system but prefer not to spend crazy money on mechanical mods or face the need to rebuild their own mechanical mod. You’ll find far more battery life in Henley’s Standards MODS than any ‘run-of-the-mill’ tank system
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Henley Vape Mechanical MOD Review

Henley Mechanical MODS are top of the line, the most famous of those being their ‘FBT’ line. The FBT line features a Downtown and Uptown version, the Uptown version being slightly more expensive but made of newer and bigger parts/components. When it comes to mechanical mods, it’s all about have the most conductive and highest
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Vapor Hub E Liquid Review

Vapor Hub E Liquid is the good stuff, if you’ve ever vaped with the cheap stuff, you know what we mean, if you haven’t, trust us, you want the good stuff. The scary fact is, most e cig companies simply outsource their e liquid ingredients if not their entire e liquid formula to China. The
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Vapor Hub Limitless Sleeve MODs Review

Vapor Hub’s Limitless Sleeve MODS are a great option for those users who are fairly new to e cig MODS who also happen to love the idea of easily changing the look and style of their system via easy on/off sleeves. Limitless Sleeve MODS are available in a huge array of colors and materials, each
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Vapor Hub AR MODs Review

Vapor Hub’s AR Mechanical MODS are frankly our favorite MODS and our overall favorite e cig systems as advanced users. The name AR MOD stems from the fact that the designers are full on gun enthusiasts and have chosen to design the AR 26650 and 18650 according to the look and feel of an AR-15
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Vapor4life WOW E Liquid Review

Vapor4life’s WOW Vapor E Liquid is available in a huge array of flavors. From the most basic tobacco and menthol flavors to ranges of desert and candy flavors that you didn’t even know existed, WOW E Liquid is one of the best e liquid options on the market. Furthermore, WOW E Liquid is also available
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Vapor4life WOW King Disposables

Vapor4life’s WOW King Disposable E Cigs are a perfect solution for those looking for a high performing disposable e cig that packs a large nicotine percentage. WOW King Disposables in fact pack a 3.6% nicotine level, which is probably the first best place to start when trying to quit smoking. When smokers try to make
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Vapor4life EGO Review

The Vapor4life EGO Premium Starter Kit is available for only $69.99, which is a pretty typically rate for this type of unit. Like most e cig companies, Vapor4life has no doubt added an EGO option to their inventory as many consumers upgrading from standard e cigalikes find the efficiency and cost effectiveness worth while in
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Vapor4life King Kit Review

The Vapor King Starter Kit is now available for only $15.99. Obviously, for only $15.99, users don’t expect much, but what they get is indeed a classic e cig, one of Vapor4life’s first models in fact. The Vapor King Starter Kit comes full with 1 battery, wall charger and 5 cartridges. It’s certainly a simplified
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Vapor4life Titan Review

The Vapor4life Titan Premium Starter Kit is available for purchase for a hugely discounted $39.99. The Titan Starter Kit by Vapor4life is indeed one of their first starter kits from when the company first started selling vapor products. The Titan has always been sort of the younger brother to the bigger and badder Vapor Zeus.
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Vapor4life Zeus Review

Vapor4life Zeus Premium Starter Kit is available for purchase starting at $84.99. The Zeus Starter Kit is one of Vapor4life’s flagship e cigs and has gained much respect among the sometimes harsh critique of the e cig community. While the Vapor Zeus is considered a compact e cig, which are typically known for short battery
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Vapor4life WOW V Kit Review

The WOW Vapor V Kit is now available for purchase at for $69.99. Vapor4life has officially released their new e cig line called WOW Vapor. Furthermore, their first e cig starter kit in this new brand extension has been coined the ‘V Kit’. The V Kit has been designed to feature not only the
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Blu Cigs Cartridges Review

Blu Cigs Cartridges fail to work 90% of the time when buying them from the store. It seems as though when purchasing Blu Cartridges online they seem to have a better performance rating than buying them from the store. However, if you have owned a Blu Rechargeable for any length of time, you know how
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Blu Cigs Disposables Review

Blu Disposables are actually not that bad for complete newbies to be introduced to the world of electronic cigarettes. In fact, we were first introduced to e cigs via Blu Disposables. After being convinced that e cigs were indeed a viable option to tobacco cigarettes we obviously searched for more efficient, performance driven and economical
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Blu Cigs Plus Review

Blu Cigs Plus Starter Kits are a relatively new offering for Blu. It seems as though they finally heard the general public’s disgust with their poorly performing Rechargeable Kits and decided to do something about it. The Blu Plus is suppose to deliver twice as much everything including battery life, charging time and cartridge e
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Blu Cigs Classic Review

Blu Cigs Starter Kits are available in a variety of versions, including the Standard Rechargeable, Premium Rechargeable & Premium 100 Rechargeable Kits. Sure, each of these kits have minor differences such as a social function, longer battery length and available wall charger. However, these kits all seem to perform below par. We provide a full
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V2 Cigs E Liquid Review

V2 Cigs E Liquid is one of the leading players in the rapidly evolving vaping industry. This company’s products are sold in countless stores and retail locations all around the United States and other countries. A brief visit to the company’s website helps any visitor to understand what a professional outfit V2 Cigs really is.
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V2 Cigs Cartridges Review

V2 Cigs Cartridges (also known as cartomizers or refills) are available for their classic and ex model types. While all model cartridges are good quality, the classic and ex versions cannot be refilled as they are air tight to prevent leakage. However, V2 has recently unveiled a new line of cartridges known as ex blanks.
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V2 Cigs EX Series Review

The V2 Cigs EX Series features an upgraded rechargeable starter kit offering stemming from the widely revered and accepted classic version. V2 Cigs has always been a brand of innovation, perhaps much more than any other company. Thus it wasn’t surprising to catch wind of V2 coming out with an upgraded version of their flagship
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V2 Cigs Classic Series Review

The V2 Cigs Classic Series features a number of versions. From the standard classic, couples classic & ultimate classic to the standard ex, couples ex and ultimate ex to their entirely new line named the V2 pro series. Each starter kit comes with all the necessary equipment to hit the ground running on your new
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NJOY E Liquid Review

NJOY E Liquid is in fact quality stuff, especially compared to imported junk from China (as most e cig brands dabble in). NJOY E Liquid is available in a nice variety of flavors including the ‘regular 10’, Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla Bean, Double Espresso, Butter Crunch, Single Malt Scotch, Blood Orange, Pomegranate, Peach Tea and
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NJOY Flavor Chambers Review

NJOY Flavor Chambers, (also known as cartridges, cartomizers or refills) happen to be of very high quality compared to the competition. NJOY’s Vapor Chambers are available in 5 different fantastic flavors. We particularly like that NJOY has narrowed down their flavor variety to a handful rather than trying to offer every flavor under the moon
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NJOY Kings Review

NJOY King Disposables are among the best disposable e cig options on the market. Here’s the thing about disposables, they are obviously for newcomers to the world of e cigs and aren’t exactly designed to deliver the very best vaping experience possible. They are simple designed as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. We in
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NJOY Recharge Review

NJOY Standard Rechargeable Kits or more commonly known as their Compact Kits are also available in 4 different versions. Those versions are Economy, Standard, Premium and Super Rechargeable Kits. As their Vaping (tank systems) Kits offer a variety of accessories, so to do their Rechargeable Kits. Normally, users looking for rechargeable kits are fresh off
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NJOY Vaping Review

NJOY Advanced Vaping Kits or (tank systems) come with everything you need to hit the vaping ground running. For whatever reason, NJOY has deciding to use the words ‘Vaping Kit’ instead of tank kit or system, although we’re here to let you know that in fact their ‘Rechargeable Kits’ quality in word terminology as ‘Vaping
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Vaporfi E Liquid Review

Vaporfi E Liquid is available in a huge variety of flavors. They literally have combinations of flavors that you wouldn’t even dream of as well as the classics that most of us ex long time smokers prefer. Vaporfi e liquids are easily navigable and filterable via the e liquids section of their website. If you
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Vaporfi Cartridge Review

Vaporfi Pre-Filled Cartridges are just fine for those poor souls who are still using them. Compact e cigs are typically the first place that newbie’s find themselves in the wonderful world of electronic cigarettes, that or of course the dreaded disposables. These are fine places to enter the world of e cigs, but be careful,
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Vaporfi Boom Review

The Vaporfi Boom Hookah Starter Kit is a very innovative vaporizer device by Vaporfi. Traditional hookahs have been around for ages, but until recently, most people haven’t even thought about having a vapor hookah. For those who love to sit around the coffee table and share a hookah or frankly bring one to be sort
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Vaporfi Orbit Review

The Vaporfi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Starter Kit is perfect for anyone who is looking for a high performing but relatively inexpensive dry herb vaporizer. While we don’t exactly carry any dry herbs on hand, we purchased one for our close ‘friend’ to try out and to review for us. Having not used a dry
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