best cigalike vapes
Cigalike devices are the recommended first step for any smoker on the road to transitioning to e cigarettes. These devices are built and stylized to look and feel just like regular cigarettes. They don’t feature any buttons, with the user simply needing to take a drag on the end of the device to activate it, just like with a real cigarette.

When taking your first steps into vaping, you might be overwhelmed with all the choices and device styles that are suddenly opened up to you, but, like with anything, it’s important to take the right first step and not push yourself too far, too soon. The transition to vaping can be a difficult one for some people, so it’s vital to move gradually, and cigalikes really are the best place to start.

Offering better experiences and longer lifespans than disposables, these devices show you what vaping is all about and often have very low price tags too. We want to help you choose the very best devices, so we’ve taken the time to highlight the four best cigalikes you can buy right now, making it quick and easy for you to check out the advantages of each e cig and make a smart decision.

All of these devices are easy-to-use, affordable, and enjoyable. When you’re ready to take the next step and move on to more complex devices, take a look at our full list of Best E Cigs.

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best cigalike vapes halo cigs g6
Halo Cigs has always excelled when it comes to making innovative, reliable devices, and this brand’s G6 cigalike is a real winner, offering the perfect introduction to vaping and even appealing to more advanced e cig users as a useful backup to their more complex devices.

Looking just like a cigarette, the G6 comes in a bunch of different battery colors to help you personalize the device to suit your style. While many other cigalikes are made with cheap materials, the G6 looks and feels like a premium product, featuring a Thermoflow heating system to provide comfortable, full-flavored drags.

The G6 stands out among cigalikes for its style, functionality, and value, costing only $35. For that price, you’re getting two devices, five cartomizers, and two chargers, so it’s a really full-featured package.

V2 EX Series

best cigalike vapes v2 ex series
The V2 EX cigalike captures everything we love about this brand in one simple, stunning package. This isn’t just a regular cigalike, this is a premium device with highly efficient and effective technology under the hood. Priced at $59.99, the V2 EX Series Starter Kit offers two chargers, two batteries, and a whopping 10 flavor cartridges.

This device really excels in terms of battery power, featuring a 280 mAh battery that can last for around 300 puffs in total before requiring a quick charge. V2’s dedication to quality and close attention to detail shines through in the cartridges too, which feature a handy e liquid gauge on the side to let you see how much juice you’ve got left.

With leak-proof builds and more puffs than most other rival brands, V2 EX cartridges really stand out and are provided in four great flavors that former smokers will definitely appreciate, including three tobacco blends and one menthol variety.

Vapor Zeus

best cigalike vapes vapor4life vapor zeus
At $69.99, the Vapor Zeus is the most expensive device on our list, but it’s also the classiest. You only need to look at this device to realize that it’s a little special when compared to almost any other cigalike on the market. The Vapor Zeus has been designed for maximum comfort and really satisfying vaping experiences, even featuring a chewable tip for smokers who tend to nibble on their cigarettes over time.

This device, available in multiple colors, also stnads out for its impressive batteries. When choosing to buy a Vapor Zeus, you’ll have the choice between three different battery sizes, but even the smallest one is pretty powerful at 650 mAh. For a little extra cash, you can go all the way up to 1,300 mAh. This device also features refillable cartomizers, so you can actually buy your own e liquids and fill up the Vapor Zeus with any flavors you like.

Essentially, this means that this particular cigalike is able to offer much more variety than many others and is perfect for people who really want to see all the different benefits of vaping and experiment with different juice flavors.

White Cloud Cirrus

best cigalike vapes white cloud cirrus
White Cloud’s Cirrus has always been regarded as one of the better cigalikes out there, and this device continues to impress to this day. With starter kit prices beginning as low as $39.95, this is one of the more affordable devices on our list, and you can customize your kit in lots of different ways to include different battery strengths and flavors, as well as adding in accessories like extra adapters and carry cases.

Where White Cloud excels over other brands is in it its variety. When you invest in this device, you’ll have the choice between lots of different cartridge flavors, including tobacco, menthol, fruit, and even dessert options. As for the device itself, this cigalike is sleek and very satisfying to use, provide solid throat hits and satisfying vapor production.

Even the simplest batteries are able to last a full day and only need about an hour to charge back up, and the device has proven popular with countless smokers in the past.

The 4 Best Cigalike Vapes Summary

best cigalike vapes summary
Cigalike devices fill a very special role in the vaping industry and are often a smoker’s first experience of vaping. That experience needs to be a good one in order to help convert the smoker from traditional cigarettes to safer e cigarettes, so it’s vital that if you’re looking to invest a cigalike, you choose the right one.

The four devices listed above are the best at offering high quality vaping experiences in small, simple packages. They’re all very easy to use and highly affordable. The White Cloud Cirrus and Vapor Zeus stand out in terms of flavor variety and options, while the G6 and V2 EX provide fewer cartridge options but lower price and very satisfying vaping experiences, with excellent technology helping to provide solid throat hits and impressive vapor production on each puff.

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