best disposable electronic cigarettesDisposable e cig systems are a great introduction into the wide world of vapor. For under $20, anyone can test out vapor e cigs to see if it’s something that might work for them in an effort to stop smoking. However, they can get costly quite quickly for those who like vaping in general and it’s highly recommended that you upgrade to either a compact or tank system to save money on refilling. While most disposable e cigs feature roughly the same battery sizes, ranging from 90 mAh to 100 mAh, the spec to look for is the nicotine percentage. For example, NJOY features disposables with as much as 4.5% nicotine and Vapor4life has a disposable that has 3.6% nicotine while most others are around only 2.0%.

Better Understanding our Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette Choices

Lets face it, disposables are basically for newbies only, as most disposable e cig users quickly convert to compact or tank e cigs & e liquids for the cost savings. However, the importance of the disposable is certain note worthy. In fact, disposables are for most, the introduction to the world of vapor all together. Disposables are perfect for the newcomer to e cigs because they are simply a cheap introduction into what vapor and e cigs are all about. On the other side of the coin, disposables are the most expensive way to vape at roughly $10 per day for the average ~pack-day smoker. Disposables are a great gift idea for that special someone that you’ll be hinting at (literally) to make the switch to a solution that doesn’t stink like traditional tobacco cigarettes. The most important aspects of being considered for the best disposable e cigs is price, availability, throat hit and battery life.

If you’re interested in the next step up from disposables, check out our best compact electronic cigarettes. If you’re more in the market for higher performing e cigs, check out our best tank electronic cigarettes, best mod electronic cigarettes and even best new electronic cigarettes. If you’re looking for a device that you can use both in the comfort of your own home and while out and about at high performing levels, check out our best overall electronic cigarette. If you happen to be firstly considering the actual e cig brands themselves, check out our best electronic cigarette brands. Lastly, after you pick your favorite e cig system, you’ll need e liquid. View our best e liquid flavors to see a few of our current favorites.

Use Disposables or Upgrade To Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

If however you’re wondering if you should just upgrade to a rechargeable, tank or mod system, we’d urge you to do so. Disposable e cigs are great for about a week before you realize how much money you could have saved by just upgrading to a more efficient vaping system.

NJOY King Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

best e cig njoy kings disposables
NJOY King Disposables are, in our book, the best available disposable e cigs on the market. It’s not just because they’re so widely available or have fancy packaging though, it’s because they feature some of the largest nicotine percentages of all the disposables on the market at 2%, 3% and even 4.5% levels!

5 Pack Cost: $29

Blu Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

best e cig blu cig disposables
Blu Disposables reluctantly made it to #2 on our list because of the fact that they are so widely available. While they won’t last at full strength for over a few hours and standard use, they are certainly better than slipping back into old tobacco habits. We suggest you keep it real with the regular tobacco flavor though.

4 Pack Cost: $39

White Cloud Fling Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

best e cig white cloud flings disposable
If White Cloud E Cigs is emerging as anything in the e cig market, it just might be one of the best new Fling Disposable E Cig. Flings are down right scrumptious, mostly because of their incredibly soft and chewable tips or mouthpieces. They are also available from 0% to 2.4% nicotine levels for those looking to quit.

10 Pack Cost: $39

WOW King Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

best e cig vapor4life wow vapor disposables
Vapor4life has been pushing their WOW King Disposable e cigs for quite some time. They are in fact fantastic e cigs, but are (for most of us) only available online. For those who have a strategy of quitting with disposables, definitely consider using the WOW Kings as the have the best battery life of every tested disposable.

10 Pack Cost: $49

V2 Cigs Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

best e cig v2 cigs disposables
V2 Cigs is known for a lot of things in the e cig industry, from innovated new products to good ole work horse e cigs. However, V2 Cigs is not known for their disposables. They do however (in the deep corners of their website) offer 10 packs of V2 Disposables and like all of the V2 e cigs, they work great but only come in 1.8% nicotine.

10 Pack Cost: $38