best pod vapes
Pod style e cigs have really taken off in recent years, becoming highly popular not just with new e cig users, but with advanced users too. Renowned for their small designs, convenient nature and excellent ease-of-use, these devices have proven to be perfect for modern people with busy lifestyles, fitting snugly in even the smallest of pockets and not requiring complicated procedures like refills, repairs and part replacements.

With a pod e cig, all you need to do is snap on a new pod and start vaping straight away. The simplicity of these devices means that they can’t compete with the bigger mods in terms of complex features and battery life, but they’re still exceptionally efficient and convenient.

Pod style vape devices also tend to be very affordable, and all you need to worry about buying in the future is additional pods, so these are great options for people who want to keep their vaping costs as low as possible. If you’re searching for a new pod device, we’ve tried to make things as simple as possible by highlighting four of the very best.

These devices are each made by different manufacturers, and all of them offer exceptional levels of performance, style, and convenience, packing big flavors and solid throat hits in every puff. If you’d like to see how these devices stack up against our all-time favorites, take a look at our list of Best E Cigs.

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BO Vape

best pod vapes bo vape
The BO Vape pod device is a very popular pod e cig that has proven to be exceptionally popular with former smokers in helping them make the transition to e cigarettes. At $44.99, this is one of the more expensive devices on the list, but it fully justifies its price tag with sleek, futuristic aesthetics and really flavorful vape pods, available in a myriad of really tasty flavors.

This brand’s pods are also among the biggest available, and twice as big as those offered with the Juul pod device, holding a whopping 1.5ml of liquid in total. This means you have to reload the device less often and you won’t have to spend as much on extra pods either, so even though the BO Vape pod has a relatively high price tag, it could prove to be a money-saver in the long-term.

My Blu

best pod vapes myblu
At only $19.99, the My Blu pod e cig is the cheapest entry on our list today, making it ideal for beginners or those of you who want to get the best bang for your buck and keep your costs as low as possible. Despite having a small price tag, the My Blu device is very impressive, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. This device really excels in terms of its battery, which can last for a full day of intense vaping on a single charge.

Even better, the battery is able to charge back up in less than half an hour, so even if you do need to charge it, you won’t have to wait too long to start vaping again. The My Blu liquidpods snap onto the device easily and provide some really tasty and rich flavors that don’t fade over time. If you want a great value device, this is the one to pick.


best pod vapes phix
The Phix Vape Kit costs $44.99 and might be one of the best-looking pod devices available right now. You only need to take one glance at this awesome device to see how stylish and futuristic it looks, with sharp angles and a sleek matte finish. This device is made up of a 280 mAh battery, which is quite sizeable for a pod device, and individual flavor pods, which are able to hold 1.5ml of e liquid, lasting longer than many rival pods. The Phix is a big bigger than many other pods, like the Juul or BO Vape, but is still compact and convenient enough to fit snugly in any pocket or purse.

The bigger size of the Phix also has the advantage of helping individual vape pods last longer than rival e cigs, and the pods with this device can pack some truly memorable flavors, with the Original Tobacco blend being a real winner with former smokers, and the excellent Spearmint option being a good choice for menthol fans.


best pod vapes juul
The Juul device had to be included on this list, as it’s easily the most popular pod e cig out there at the moment. In fact, the Juul has a real monopoly of the market and has proven to be by far and away one of the most successful e cigarettes of all time. This pod device is actually the most expensive on the list, with the starter kit valued at $49.99, but we’ve tested it out ourselves and can assure you that it’s worth every single cent.

Like the other devices on our list, the Juul pod e cig is compact, convenient, and highly performant, providing some particularly strong throat hits that former smokers tend to strongly appreciate. The Juul is really easy to use and has a very sleek look, with its handy Juul Pods simply snapping on and off at will and offering unparalleled vaping experiences.

The 4 Best POD Vapes Summary

best pod vapes summary
There are plenty of reasons why you might be interested in purchasing a new pod vaping device. Primarily, these kinds of e cigs hold a lot of appeal for current smokers, as they’re really easy to use and provide more nicotine and stronger throat hits than many other e liquids and e cigs. But these devices can be great for more intermediate and advanced e cig users too.

Even if you already own more powerful and complex mods, it’s still worth it to invest in a pod as a good backup or a useful travel device. Devices like the Juul and Phix have proven exceptionally popular, while the BO Vape and My Blu pods also have plenty of benefits and even more affordable price tags. All of these devices share high levels of performance and sleek style, and they’re all highly rated by countless customers.

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