It’s certainly crazy to think about, but Christmas 2014 is right around the corner. If you looking for that perfect present for Dad or other loved one (over 18 years old), and they happen to be a ‘smoker’, look no further than Halo Cigs. While they may not have the time or perhaps even the thought of purchasing their own modern electronic cigarette system, it would truly be a gift from the heart, a gift that would last a ridiculously long time, a gift that they will absolutely love and a gift that could potentially change their entire life.

Electronic cigarettes of old were never quite up to snuff, built of quality components or similar enough in size and taste to encourage most classic tobacco cigarette smokers to finally quite their dirty habits. However, over the past few years, electronic cigarettes as a whole have greatly increased in taste, looks and overall social acceptability. Halo Cigs happens to be at the forefront of the new age of e cigs. An age of e cigs that are modern, that function flawlessly and frankly an age of e cig devices that are finally kicking the old tobacco cigarette doors down. Essentially paving the way for long time tobacco smokers to be able to finally make the switch to a less unhealthy alternative.

Be prepared when they inevitably ask you questions about how to use it and have encouraging details to help persuade them to actually open it up and officially making the switch from tobacco. The truth is, electronic cigarettes nowadays are very simple to use. You need a charged battery and e liquid, that’s it. Halo Cigs carries two types of electronic cigarettes which we’ll cover below in order to help choose which one would be best for your stocking stuffer. The best thing about e cigs is that they are incredibly cleaner than tobacco cigarettes, they don’t contain all the additional harmful chemicals. However, if your Dad has been a long time tobacco smoker he’s going to need to know a few things about nicotine. Nicotine is a stimulant and it’s one of the main reasons why tobacco cigarette smokers fall in love with smoking in the first place. Another great aspect of e cigs, particular Halo Cigs, is that you can choose the nicotine level that you’d like comprised in your e liquid itself. Your Dad will certainly need Halo’s Extra High nicotine levels in the beginning, but if he or you is committed to 100% quitting, you can slowly ween them off by purchasing less amounts of nicotine in cartridges and e liquid bottles. Down the road a few months when your Dad has made the physical switch, he can begin using e liquid with no nicotine in it at all.

Which Halo Electronic Cigarette To Buy As A Gift

Halo Cigs carries a compact electronic cigarette called the Halo G6 which is most similar to the size and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette. If you Dad isn’t very open minded about switching from his favorite tobacco cigarette brand, it’s a good idea to go this route. They will be far more likely to actually make the switch to vapor with a similarly sized and functioning device. However, if your Dad is more open minded than most, you could go with the other type of Halo Cig known as the Halo Triton. The Halo Triton is a full sized tank system which allows for maximum vapor production and long term cost effectiveness. The Triton however, is significantly larger than the G6 and traditional tobacco cigarettes. A third option is to buy them both because they’ll be able to initially ween themselves from traditional tobacco cigarettes with the G6 and then have a more cost effective solution at their finger tips in the Triton to help control those large nicotine urges.

Other Electronic Cigarette Stocking Fillers For Christmas

If your going to be purchasing the Halo Cigs G6, Triton or both devices for your pops, it’s of vital importance that you also stock up on e liquid. You can certainly shop around and choose different flavors that you think he might like, but keep in mind that if he’s truly going to be switching for his long term tobacco cigarette habit that he’ll need a similarly tasting flavor in e liquid to do so. We also recommend the Tribeca flavor because is strong enough to satisfy urges but not too sweet as to only be able to use in small doses before getting sick of it. Lastly concerning e liquid, it’s important to point out that the G6 primarily runs from cartridges that can be purchased pre-filled with Tribeca e liquid or any range of flavors and the Triton primarily runs from e liquid flavors that are purchased in more of a bulk fashion via bottles. See our Halo Cigs Coupon page to learn about all the tips and tricks on how to save money using both devices. If your going the G6 route, you should buy at least 3-5 packs are pre-filled cartomizers (also known as cartridges or refills). If your going the full sized Triton route, just purchase 2 or 3 10mL bottles of e liquid.

Halo Cigs VS Blu Cigs

Many of you shopaholics are probably familiar with Blu Cigs from all the commercials and advertising done by the company. Chances are your tobacco cigarette smoking Dad has probably also heard of them and possibly even tried them. They also most likely had a bad experience with Blu and may have even written electronic cigarettes off all together because of their lousy experience. However, not all electronic cigarettes are created equally. We’ve written a 3,000 plus word essay on why Blu Cig Not Working should be the main catchphrase for the pathetically performing company. The fact of the matter is that Blu Cig batteries are terrible and their starter kit charging units hardly ever work properly for more than a few days. This is in fact what prompted us to begin researching all the electronic cigarette brands in the industry and finally find a proper company in Halo Cigs. Halo Cigs batteries last longer, produce more vapor and are flat out like a thousand times better than anything that Blu has ever offered.

We hope that we’ve helped find the perfect stocking stuffer for your Dad this Christmas and encourage you to help him finally quite smoking once and for all. It is possible, I smoked Newports for 7 years before finally making the switch, and it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made my entire life. Thanks for reading and feel free to research more throughout the rest of our website! Happy Holidays!