blacknote bravura reviewBlacknote Bravura offers an excellent all-day vape option for people who enjoy smooth experiences and traditional tobacco flavors. Bravura is a Perique blend, so will particularly appeal to fans of the famous Louisiana tobacco. This e-liquid offers a remarkably natural flavor and also delivers noticeable yet faint fruity notes which help to add to the experience. The faintest hint of sweetness may be discernible to some, but Bravura is, above-all-else, an earthy and serious savor. The presence of Perique tobacco adds a strong body to the mixture, allowing users to safely experience the sensation offered by some of the very best tobacco money can buy. For former smokers, this liquid is a dream come true, filled with deep, dark notes that will certainly appeal to a good range of palates.

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Blacknote Bravura Overall Taste:
Bravura offers an earthy, musty sort of taste. Anyone familiar with Perique tobacco will feel right at home with this particular bottle. The presence of red burley in the mixture helps to provide a touch of fruity sweetness, but this is quickly overwhelmed with the unique sensations of high quality tobacco.

Blacknote Bravura Throat Hit:
As with much of the Blacknote collection, Bravura offers the sort of hit we really appreciate. It’s not too rough, but you’ll still feel it with each vape. The Blacknote team has done a great job here. Vapers will experience a good hit, without being overwhelmed by it, allowing you to enjoy the full extent of the flavor every time.

Blacknote Bravura Vapor Production:
Bravura is made from equal amounts of PG and VG. This means that it will produce a reasonable amount of vapor, while also offering a good intensity in the flavor and the solid throat hit we mentioned above. (It’s also important to note that your own vapor production may vary depending on the equipment you use.)

Blacknote Bravura Product & Shipping Costs:
We can’t say that this is one of the cheapest e-liquids you’ll ever buy. As with the rest of the Blacknote collection, a 30ml bottle of Bravura will cost you $29. Obviously, some people will see that as a very expensive price, but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to vape juices. You could decide to spend $20 on another bottle, but you’d surely be getting lower quality ingredients and a less enjoyable product overall. In addition, most vaping enthusiasts can make a 30ml bottle last them for a month or even longer, so when you really look at the cost on a broader scale, it’s easy to see that $29 isn’t too bad. Blacknote also helps to ease the process by offering free shipping.

Blacknote Bravura Product Availability:
Blacknote is one of the most reliable companies you could hope to deal with. Some companies don’t manage their time and resources effectively, leading to ‘Out of Stock’ labels appearing all over their websites. Fortunately, that will never be the case with Blacknote. This is a brand you can trust, so you’ll be able to head over to the official site at any time and find all of the products you desire available for purchase.

Introducing Blacknote Bravura Via Notebook Collection

blacknote bravura notebook collection

One thing we might recommend when it comes to this particular brand is to investigate the Blacknote Notebook Collection. The company has generously designed this nice little sampler set, offering every single one of the Blacknote flavors in bite-size 7ml bottles. This way, you can test out every single savor, Bravura included, to determine which one you really like the best. You will then be able to confidently make a larger purchase of a 30ml bottle of Bravura, or you might even discover some other flavors that really appeal to you. We actually recommend the entire Blacknote menu and find it very hard to choose between these great bottles, so it’s certainly a good idea to give the Note Collection a try.

Blacknote Bravura Review Summary

Overall, Blacknote Bravura offers an intense Perique tobacco flavor that everyone from new vapers to old smokers can enjoy. The liquid has been beautifully balanced and developed to offer an incredible experience that is well worth experiencing.