blacknote cadenza reviewBlacknote Cadenza is a slightly spicy and aromatic Basma tobacco (sun-cured in the mountains of Northeastern Greece) blend. Cadenza is one of those flavors that people tend to love or hate. For those who really value aroma and sophistication in flavor, Cadenza is a godsend. If you’ve ever been around a person (usually an older distinguished gentlemen) smoking a pipe that you can’t seem to stop taking deep ‘whiffs’ of, you know the type of aroma that we’re writing about. While Cadenza isn’t exactly our style for an ‘all-day’ vape, for more distinguished among us, it’s worthy of the label. For me personally, Cadenza is a phenomenal change of pace, especially seasonally. It seems to be the perfect vape to fully experience and soak in fall weather for example. It’s also worth mentioning that I do enjoy an occasional cigar and probably liken Cadenza to it’s experience perhaps more than any other e liquid I’ve ever tried. Again, Cadenza will be perfect for some and ‘not so much’ for others. If you’re frankly new to naturally extracted tobacco e liquids or vaping in general, tread lightly. If on the other hand you’ve been searching high and low for that rich and aromatic flavor in an e liquid, Cadenza is awaiting shipment.

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Blacknote Cadenza Overall Taste:
Cadenza can be considered ‘balanced’ to avid tobacco smokers, although to those not as experienced in rich tobacco flavors, Cadenza is found to be down right, ‘spicy’. Furthermore, for those who enjoy ‘full-bodied’ flavors, Cadenza checks off more boxes in it’s relatively unique niche that basically any other e liquid we’ve ever tried.

Blacknote Cadenza Throat Hit:
Like all 8 Blacknote e liquid flavors, Cadenza hits the mark when it comes to throat hit. There are so many e liquid flavors out there that usually have a pleasant aroma, but don’t deliver that satisfying throat hit that we all have learned to covet. Cadenza’s throat hit is smooth to age old smokers and may even be too much for newbies to the world of naturally extracted tobacco flavors.

Blacknote Cadenza Vapor Production:
Like all Blacknote e liquid flavors, Cadenza’s vapor production scores nicely. Though it certainly depends on the vaping system one is using, Cadenza is sure to deliver a solid amount of vapor upon exhale. We didn’t have any problems in the way of vapor production when using roughly 37 of our available 50 watts.

Blacknote Cadenza Product & Shipping Costs:
Again, Blacknote offers some of the best shipping times for all of their e liquids. Not to forget the fact that shipping Blacknote e liquids is ‘FREE’. At $29 per 30 mL bottle however, Blacknote e liquids are among the most expensive options on the market. Either way, for tobacco flavor enthusiasts, the slightly higher price is well worth it.

Blacknote Cadenza Product Availability:
We’ve never ran into a situation when Blacknote’s Cadenza was out of stock. Blacknote always has a huge amount of product on hand and you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll never run into a situation where you wouldn’t be able to easily pick up another bottle or ‘five’ when in need.

Introducing Blacknote Cadenza Via Notebook Collection

blacknote cadenza notebook collection

If you’re on the fence as to which Blacknote e liquid you should try, perhaps the very best solution is to purchase the Blacknote Notebook Collection itself. This way, you’ll not only be able to give the Blacknote Cadenza e liquid flavor a try for yourself, but you’ll also be able to test all 7 other flavors. You’ll most likely find yourself loving at least 2 – 3 different flavors that you’ll of course begin purchasing in 30 mL bottles.

Blacknote Cadenza Review Summary

Blacknote Cadenza is a full bodied tobacco based flavor. It’s unique spice, sweetness and overall complex flavor notes are literally exactly what some of you are looking for. Some will use it constantly as an ‘all day vape’, others with choose to not purchase it again and if you’re like us, you’ll always have some in your own ‘vapor bar’ to use occasionally like a fine cigar or pipe tobacco.