blacknote e liquid review

Black Note is a very unique e liquid company in an incredibly diverse market. Black Note infamously only features tobacco based e liquid flavors, which is frankly a much welcomed trait for many ex traditional tobacco smokers who are looking for nothing more than simple yet effective tobacco tastes. Not only does the Black Note Company set itself apart in terms of it’s product offers, they happen to be one of the most professional and user-friendly e liquid companies we’ve ever dealt with. Through Black Note’s unrivaled tobacco e liquid taste and quality ingredient sourcing, to their sophisticated packaging, shipping rates, custom label creation, charitable donations and recycling program, Black Note is setting the bar for how American e liquid companies should operate.

Black Note hails from California, where it bottles and ships all of it’s product from. However, unlike pretty much 100% of it’s competition (the rest of the e liquid market), Black Note sources it’s ingredients from the highest quality & frankly finest tobacco cultivars in the world, namely out of Italy. Which of course goes hand in hand with one of their company pillars of offering 100% Small Batch N.E.T (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) as opposed to featuring artificial flavors or sweeteners, which tend to quickly break down atomizer/coil builds and perhaps more importantly, not feature as pure of tobacco taste.

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Black Note Review of Pros & Cons

Well, with Black Note it’s pretty much all pros and no cons, surprisingly, as many e liquid companies are easy to pick apart on any multitude of levels. With Black Note, it’s all about product authenticity and product quality.

Unlike other companies in the e cig/e liquid industry, Black Note only offers e liquid. Therefore, they’re able to put 100% of their attention on creating the best tobacco based flavors possible. It seems to always be the cse that when a company or business focuses on just one niche rather than a whole handful, they’re able to provide higher quality products. Black Note is essentially the epitome of high quality e liquid in the United States.

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Black Note Pros

  • Free Shipping
  • 1 – 3 Day Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Recycle Program
  • Custom Label Option
  • Charitable Donations
  • Vapor Production
  • Overall E Liquid Quality
  • Flavor Selection
  • Throat Hit
Black Note Cons

  • We can’t find any, which is surprising because we’re pretty critical.

Black Note E Liquid Review Summary

black note notebook tobacco e liquid review

Black Note makes it easy for you to become familiar with their coveted e liquids via the Notebook Collection. The absolute best thing you can do to find the perfect Black Note tobacco e liquid flavor that will sing to your flavor palette is to order the Notebook. The Black Note Notebook features their entire tobacco e liquid lineup of all 8 flavors. Each flavor is a 7.5 mL bottle and is filled with your choice of nicotine percentage. Nicotine percentages being 0%, .3%, .6%, 1.2%, 1.8% & 2.4%. After trying each Black Note flavor for yourself, you’ll easily be able to distinguish which tobacco flavor or flavors are your favorite and frankly being worthy of full 30 mL e liquid bottle purchases. Lastly, be sure to save your tubes and bottles so that you can send the into Black Note for proper recycling, heck you’ll even receive free liquid for doing so.

Black Note e liquid is much more than your ordinary tobacco based e liquid. Black Note has taken the bull by the horns so to speak in the e liquid market and is creating vaping awesomeness one bottle at a time. Black Note recognizes that American consumers are slowly but surely making a change from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic vaping devices and their doing everything in their power to ensure that transition is a smooth one. Electronic cigarette users can easily find any number of artificially based e liquids ranging from the fruitiest to the boldest or even the craziest blends of sweet flavors. However, most electronic cigarette users find it very difficult to find a solid tobacco flavor that closely mimics their traditional cigarettes of yesteryear. Black Note is simply filling that unfilled gap in the e liquid market in a genius and precise manner.

Essentially, Black Note features 8 different premier tobacco based e liquid flavors (each of which individual reviews can be found above). Just like everything else, every person has their own unique flavor palette. Some will find Black Note’s Prelude to be the best e liquid they’ve ever tried and other will prefer more bold or rich tobacco notes. In order to find which Black Note e liquid most closely matches you’re perfect match, the best solution is to order Black Note’s Notebook (details below). Furthermore, at this time, Black Note only offers one Menthol flavor via the Solo flavor. However, while most other e liquid companies offer a plethora of Menthol options that never seem to quite fill that traditional flavor profile, Black Note has kind of nailed it in a traditional sense via Solo. There’s no crazy additives or sweeteners to mask imperfections, Solo is a phenomenal choice for Menthol enthusiasts.