Blu Cig Not Working

The truth about the awfulness of Blu Electronic Cigarettes.

blu cig not workingTired of you’re Blu Cig not working? Welcome to the club…

In fact, we took over a dozen Blu Cig Starter Kits through their ‘sub-par’ paces for an entire year, only to find that each was faulty after only a few days of use.

Not only would the actual batteries and charger packs not work correctly, but finding a pack of Blu cartridges that worked, was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Which was disturbing & costly, given the fact that we live in a major city and would expect to find at least ‘fairly’ fresh merchandise.

Since switching to a better e cig, we no longer have to worry about bad Blu Cigs battery life, charging problems or Blu Cigs cartridges not working.

All in all, we found that Blu Cigs Classic Starter Kits would only work correctly for around 1 month or less. Which happens to be about the worst performance record of any rechargeable e cig system on the market.

Sadly, basically all Blu Cigs products should be considered ‘disposable’, because they’re garbage after only a few uses.

Oh, yeah, Blu Cigs disposables never work as they should either…

Nonetheless, we no doubt found a much better electronic cigarette:

The G6 by Halo Cigs features the same sleek and compact design of Blu and is roughly the same price for a starter kit.

However, after extensive research, we found that the G6 outperforms Blu on every single level.

blu cig starter pack not working

Blu Cigs Starter Pack:

  1. (Real) Blu Battery Duration: 30 – 45 Minutes
  2. (Real) Blu Cartridge Duration: 30 – 45 Minutes
  3. (Real) Blu Monthly Cartridge/Refill Cost: $400 – $500
  4. Blu Starter Kit Price: $34.99
blu cig not working

Halo Cigs G6 Starter Pack:

  1. (Real) G6 Battery Life/Duration: 4 – 6 Hours
  2. (Real) G6 Cartridge Life/Duration: 4 – 6 Hours
  3. (Real) G6 Monthly Cartridge/Refill Cost: $200 – $300
  4. G6 Starter Kit Price: $44.99

If you’ve used Blu Cigs for any length of time, you probably recognize the following scene:

There you are, sitting in your car, almost shaking to screw together your newly bought $15 Blu refills to your battery so you can get your ‘fill of nicotine’. It’s done, you managed to connect it and take a relatively long drag…

But, what is this? How could this be…

The battery is blinking & it appears to be dead?


You literally just charged it for 2 – 4 hours…

You fret not because, you’ll just connect your ‘trusted’ secondary Blu battery, that’s been charging for hours.

Again, you scramble to connect it as you’re driving home…

Lucky for you, this battery is working (for the time being) but the ‘brand new’ cartridge isn’t working.

Guess what…

You just spent $15 hard earned dollars on a package of Blu cartridges that won’t be working anytime soon.

Rather than go all the way back to the store you purchased the ‘5 pack’ at, you’ll hold the faith that the whole thing will magically start working soon.

We’re here to tell you, it won’t. You’ll instead be entirely frustrated for yet another few days of using faulty Blu Cig batteries, charging kits and cartridges.

You’ll struggle to get a handful of decent ‘hits’ out of the entire $15 five pack while using batteries that won’t hold a charge.

You might even hold the faith for a few weeks or even months, purchasing countless Blu cartridges and going through them like Tic Tacs because they won’t perform or at least won’t last nearly as long as they should.

You’ll become increasingly irritable, because let’s face it, your cravings are not being met.

Making the admirable decision to switch to ‘vapor’ has so far led to a swift kick in the groin. & if you continue trying to use Blu Cigs to transition ‘away from tobacco cigarettes’, you’ll find yourself begging for electronic cigarette mercy or more likely, back in the hands of your favorite analog/paper cigarette brand.

However, we have personally swam these waters and are here to help.

It’s unfortunate that Blu Cigs never work for a few reasons.

  1. They’re widely available.
  2. The size is similar to tobacco cigarettes.
  3. Theoretically, they are fairly priced and would cost less than tobacco cigarettes.

Wouldn’t it be ‘great’ if they actually did provide long lasting battery life and throat hits similar to real cigarettes?

The theory behind Blu Cigs is certainly worthy of your time, especially if you’re a long time tobacco smoker looking to finally kick the habit.

If Blu Cigs haven’t discouraged you from electronic cigarettes all together (they unfortunately chase away a large percentage of what would be successful ‘switchers’), we’re half-way home.

It just so happens that ‘Blu Cigs’ are not the only e cigs in town…

Our personal voyage into the world of electronic cigarettes originally led us to Blu Cigs as well.

After spending thousands of dollars on faulty Blu products, we decided to give a different e cig brand a shot.

Specifically, the G6 by Halo Cigs.

halo g6 starter kits

The Halo G6 is a perfect option for those who originally fell in love with Blu Cigs only to be heartbroken by it’s inability to function correctly.

  1. The G6 is very similar in size to tobacco cigarettes (just like the Blu Cig design).
  2. G6 batteries however, actually last a few solid hours before needing to be recharged.
  3. Equally as important, G6 cartridges work 100% correctly every single time.

It’s available in a huge array of colors and is easily affordable at only $44.99 for the starter kit. Halo also features an abundant amount of promotions via Halo Cigs Coupons and reward points that can actually be used towards e cig products (unlike Blu Cigs whom never offer discounts and feature rewards like chairs, fanny packs and umbrellas).

Over a 6 month study, we found the G6’s monthly cost to be right around $250 as compared to Blu Cigs, which cost roughly $400 per month.

Both systems use cartridges, however cartridges by Halo (as aforementioned), actually work and can be refilled with your favorite e liquid flavor a few times before needing to be thrown away.

If there’s any glimmer of hope we can give you, it’s by way of the G6. As the G6 is the sole reason that we were personally able to make the vapor transition once and for all. If you’d like to learn more about the G6, check out our detailed Halo G6 Review.

For those of you who are ready to go ‘all-in‘ and are looking for the most efficient way to vape long term, consider a tank system.

Tank systems are simply defined as filling a ‘tank’ with e liquid as opposed to screwing on individual cartridges.

We have found tank systems to be far more cost efficient than compact systems that utilizes screw on cartridge.

Specifically, we recommend the Triton by Halo Cigs.

halo triton starter kits

The Triton is a great option for anyone tired of messing around with small batteries or cartridges and that flat out wants a powerful e cig system.

  1. The Triton comes with two batteries that each offer more than 200% the amount of power and life found in Blu Cigs.
  2. Triton tanks hold 2.4 mL of e liquid, which means you’ll only need to refill it around once every two – three days.
  3. The Triton won’t leave you stranded from nicotine cravings or fumbling around with faulty cartridges.

Like the G6, the Triton is available in a wide range of colors and is very reasonably priced at $64.99. Similarly, Halo has special offers on their e liquid all the time, which will knock the bottom out of your ‘monthly cost’.

Also, after a 6 month study, we found the average cost of using the Triton to be less than $50 per month. Most e liquids come in 30 mL bottles and are priced around $20. We were consistent ‘pack-a-day’ smokers and found ourselves going through just under 30 mL every month.

Literally the only other thing you’ll have to keep in mind when using the Triton (besides having enough e liquid on hand) is replacing your tank every couple of months as the wicks get over saturated over time and the coil gets clogged. However, new tanks are only $7, so it’s a welcomed expense to keep your system performing at it’s best.

If you’d like to learn more about the Triton, check out our detailed Halo Triton Review.

For those of you who prefer ‘throwing money away’ on Blu batteries and cartridges that don’t work (never have and never will), here’s some more information.

*UPDATE: The original video made by Blu Cigs (that we originally referenced below) has been recently removed by Blu Cigs. Perhaps they got wind of what we think about their corporate response to Blu Cigs Not Working. Below the video that is no longer working, is a brief summary of what it entailed.

In response to Blu Cigs not working, Blu Cigs released a corporate video (above) in which a Blu Cigs employee claimed that by doing these things, ‘it may resolve your issue’.

  • Roll the cartridges in your hands. (Like your stranded on a desert island trying to start a fire.)
  • Hit them against a hard surface. (Most of us have tried this, repeatedly.)
  • Put it in your mouth and blow into it. (Sounds like a bar joke to us.)

Needless to say, these are laughable answers to what are entirely faulty products.

We’ve spent the last 2 years covering and reviewing all the best e cig devices and brands across the United States and ‘not once’ have we ever come across similar answers regarding faulty products.

Oh yeah, and if you go the route of trying to get a replacement through Blu, plan on headache after headache as you’ll need to personally print and fill out a detailed defective product worksheet as well as handle shipping the faulty products back to Blu and waiting 4 – 6 weeks.

No thanks…

Since, switching from Blu to Halo, we’ve been able to truly enjoy vaping without the hassle of constantly trying to fix cheap batteries or locate a store that sells cartridges that work. For more information on comparing these two e cig brands, check out our Halo Cigs vs Blu Cigs article.

If you too decide to opt for a far better performing e cig system, you’ll most likely find yourself actually enjoying vaping rather than just being flat mad and wanting to throw you Blu ‘against hard surfaces’.

Blu Marketing Works But Blu Batteries & Cartridges Never Work

The fact is, not all e cigs are created equally.

Blu Cigs are just plain poorly designed, especially compared to other leading brands.

From Blu batteries not working to Blu cartridges being faulty and Blu starter packs not charging, Blu Cigs leave ‘much‘ to be desired.

It’s a shame because Blu Cigs have fantastic availability, are pleasantly compact in size, feature a nice/clean tobacco flavor and always have ‘awesome marketing’ (below).

While we can all appreciate great marketing, none of us should stand for sub-par products. Especially when you have to pay through the nose for something that doesn’t work.

If you haven’t noticed, Blu has finally caught onto the fact that consumers are not happy with their products and have began to squirm.

They are quietly beginning to release the Blu Plus versions of their starter packs and even Blu Plus ‘cheap rechargeable‘ kits, directly along side their old starter kits.

Actually, it looks like the same batteries that once sold for $40 in the standard Blu rechargeable kit are now being sold along side of those same kits as $15 ‘rechargeable kits‘. The keywords are ‘rechargeable kits’, as we all know, they never work correctly and begin to malfunction after only one or two charges.

What’s most likely happening is they’re replacing their disposable line (which never worked well) with dirt cheap standard Blu batteries to clear up warehouse space. Marketing them as ‘rechargeable’ for only $15, you can bet that those things will last about 3 days before needing to be tossed.

In other words, the new Blu Plus ‘rechargeable kit’ for $15 is actually setting up to be the new Blu Cig disposable, which makes perfect sense…

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you haven’t picked up on it yet, you’r not going to be happy with your Blu Cig, ever…

If you’ve purchased a Blu starter kit, you might get a week out of it before it stops working all together or at best works about 50% power.

The sooner you realize that Blu is junk, the more money you’ll save and the less aggravation you’ll experience.

Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes in theory and we as ex-smokers or future ex-smokers are generally on-board.

As long time smokers, we need alternatives that we can count on to get us through the day. After-all, the whole idea of e cigs is to be a viable alternative to traditional cigarettes. Not to just look cool (though it helps) but to satisfy our nicotine cravings and possibly even ween us from harmful chemicals (even nicotine) all together.

blu cigs advertising works blu cigs batteries and cartridges do not

Where company’s like Blu are winning in marketing battles, their losing ‘massively‘ in customer retention rates.

Does the fact that Blu ‘sold out‘ to a giant European corporate tobacco conglomerate have anything to do with their dreadful product quality?

‘Most definitely’.

Interested in learning more about who own’s Blu Cigs? Check out our Blu Cigs Review.

Chances are you’ve probably seen a Blu Cigs commercial or two on TV.

One of these ads may have very well been your introduction into electronic cigarettes themselves.

The fact is, Blu Cigs does an incredible job in the world of marketing and advertising…

However, in the real world (as opposed to commercials & over the top marketing tactics) Blu Cigs are among the worst performing electronic cigarettes on the market today.

From Blu Cig batteries not working, chargers not charging, charging cords not working and cartridges not working, ‘Blu Cigs not working‘ should perhaps become the new slogan for the company.

If your Blu Cig is not working for any of the following reasons, don’t feel special, it’s extremely common. After extensively testing Blu Cigs for a 6 month study, we found the following results.

  1. 10 out of 10 Blu batteries began not working correctly after 1 week.
  2. 9 out of 10 Blu starter packs began not charging correctly after 2 weeks.
  3. 8 out of 10 Blu cartridges/refills didn’t work upon purchase.
  4. 5 out of 10 Blu charging cords began not working correctly after 2 months.

You literally can’t make the switch to Halo fast enough…

halo cigs beats blu cigs

Solutions For Blu Cig Not Working

Unfortunately, many people trying to quit smoking turn to Blu and receive nothing more than unsatisfactory results due to faulty products and simply return to buying their traditional cigarette brand of old.

The #1 thing you can do is switch to a better brand such as Halo Cigs.

Furthermore, it’s not your Blu Cig charging pack!

It may seem as though your Blu Cig charging pack isn’t functioning properly, however it is almost 100% because your Blu Cig batteries are not working.

Bare with us here…

After testing dozens of Blu Cig packs and kits, we found that by using our new batteries in old packs, they would charge (or appear to), which was at first a little weird, because we thought the charging packs were the faulty items…

However it became clear after nearly every test that new batteries did take a charge in old charging packs, leaving us to conclude that the batteries themselves were junk as they could not ‘hold a charge‘ for any decent amount of time.

The bottom line regarding your Blu Cigs pack is that it’s probably fine. Unless of course the plastic ‘tab’ that is suppose to hold the battery firmly against the charger has worn out (which often happens).

If you don’t believe us, feel free to buy another Blu Cig battery and test your old pack by charging your new battery with it. You can spend a huge amount of money on Blu Cigs trying to find out what exactly is malfunctioning.

You will eventually come to the conclusion that it’s not the Blu E Cig packs that go bad, it’s the batteries themselves.

blu cig doesnt work

Detailed analysis of Blu Cig cartridges not working.

We all know the adage of you get what you pay for, however Blu is one of those products where even paying through the nose doesn’t mean you’ll get a product of quality or frankly a product that will even work ‘at all’.

When you purchase a pack of 5 Blu Cig cartomizers, you have a roughly 50% chance if they’ll work or not.

Why is this?

How could this be?

They are ‘brand new‘…

It seems to be a matter of freshness and or storage.

In our personal Blu experience, we found certain retailers such as 7/11 to provide relatively consistently fresh and working Blu cartridges.

However, we cannot begin to tell you the amount of money we wasted on buying Blu cartridges/refills from retailers such as Walgreens and or large gas station chains only to find that they were not working…

Surely it’s completely dependent on your local area, Blu’s account managers and the volume that particular local retailer goes through.

Either which way, as consumers, it is not our problem.

If Blu Cigs can’t provide products that are in working order, they should not be selling products in the first place.

This is not some random rant to just slam Blu, we actually wanted Blu to work, we liked the compact size and sleek look.

This is just the facts that we have come to learn from wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Blu products…

How can you tell if your Blu cartridges are not working properly? (A funny question for those who are all too understanding of what we mean.)


If you open a brand new pack of cartomizers that you just purchased for $15 and are ready to get your nicotine fix only to find that with each puff, you get nothing but angry, chances are ‘your not getting any nicotine at all (also known as a throat hit) and your literally just puffing vapor‘.

If on the other hand you open your brand new Blu cartomizer pack and hear a bit of crackling as you take a puff and feel the nicotine hitting the back of your throat, congratulations, you are a winner, you managed to find a pack that actually works.

Enjoy it!

Remember you’ve got a 50/50 shot that the next $15 that you throw down on Blu cartridges will be a complete waste of time and money because most don’t work at all…

Blu Cig batteries not working or charging?

On top of Blu cartridges being a crap shoot as to whether or not they’ll work, the next problem that you’ll run into with Blu is their batteries not working or apparently charging.

In our extensive experience, you’ll be lucky if your Blu batteries work as they should for a week or two.

After that short time period, they will begin to become weaker and weaker until charging them doesn’t do anything at all, let alone deliver any sort of e liquid and or nicotine.

Usually, at the 1 month mark, you’ll find yourself pulling your own hair out as you insanely juggle charging each of your two Blu batteries only to get about 5-10 minutes of life out of each.

Blu Cigs has phenomenal marketing and has really made a name for itself, frankly I think it paved the way for many other electronic cigarette companies to sprout up, but they flat out don’t work and it’s unacceptable. It would be one thing if the average consumer ran into a charging snag here and there, but we literally tested tons of starter kits all with horrible results.

The best solutions to fixing this entire ‘Blu Cig not working mess‘ is to switch out of them completely and into a brand and e cig that works correctly all the time.

Expecting & deserving more in electronic cigarettes.

If you’ve come to electronic cigarettes to get your nicotine fill or to quit smoking all together, you’ve made the right decision.

We personally smoked Newports for 7+ years and decided to take the stand for ourselves.

As ‘tech guys’, we figured that technology had to be at or near a point of replacing traditional tobacco cigarettes and in our minds, it was probably at least healthier than literally burning paper, tar, tobacco and hundreds of other unknown ingredients.

We started with Blu because frankly they were well marketed and widely available.

However, after wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Blu starter kits and cartridges we naturally began to investigate their incredibly poor performance and ultimately find better brands and solutions.

After extensive trials and research on all the most popular electronic cigarettes, we’re happy to introduce what we think is the best all around e cig brand on the market today…

Halo Cigs.

Halo provides real electronic cigarettes that actually work as advertised.

While quitting smoking is a difficult task, (especially if you’ve been a long time smoker) electronic cigarettes are definitely the best chance you have.

As it stands, nearly every single e cig brand on the market has so many different type of e cigs, it can be confusing.

Halo Cigs, on the other hand, offers two simple options in the compact G6 & full sized Triton.

Halo Cigs, The PC Editors Choice Award Winner for 2014 & 2015

halo cigs vs blu cigsHalo Cigs have cemented a solid reputation in the electronic cigarette industry.

PC Magazine recently nominated Halo for an Editors Choice award, which aren’t given out without proper consideration.

You’ll certainly find loads of reviews and information relating to Halo Cigs all across the web.

Perhaps the best thing you can do from this point however is visit Halo’s Official Website.

You’ll be able to view all of their products and FAQs to see exactly which e cig solutions is perfect for you.

Wrapping up a windfall of e cig problems…

The only answer for the Blu Cig brand is to go back to the drawing board and actual offer electronic cigarettes and accessories that work.

Perhaps finding a new supplier for your equipment or actually putting some time into testing what you currently have would be the best place to start.

Then again, who knows, we’re certainly not electronic cigarette manufacturing genius’s, we’re just your long lost customers who found a much better brand.

Bye Bye Blu!

FAQ’s About Blu Cig Not Working

1. Why is my Blu Cig Not Working?

You Blu Cig is not working or charging because either your battery and or cartridge is faulty from the factory or during stagnant shelf life. As outlined above, this is very common with Blu Cigs and you should switch to a better e cig as soon as humanly possible if you don’t want to waste your life savings on Blu Cigs that are constantly Not Working & Not Charging.

2. Why is my Blu Cig Disposable Not Working?

You Blu Cig Disposable isn’t working for the same reasons as outlined in faq number 1, they flat out come from the factory faulty or die on the shelves of your local retailer. Give it up, Blu is sadly dying a slow and painful retail death.

3. Why is my Blu Cig not producing vapor?

Guess what, your Blu Cig is not producing vapor because the stupid little thing is broken. Solution, buy another one until the same thing happens in 2 weeks. Better solution, by a better e cig as outlined throughout the rest of this article.

4. Why is my Blu Cig not lighting up?

Your Blu Cig is not lighting up because it’s generally a piece of trash made in China. A well established issue outlined above around Blu products generally not charging and flat out not working.

5. My Blu E Cig won’t charge, why?

Every aspect of your Blu Cig Not Working or Charging is answered by the fact that they are cheap store bought faulty Chinese products. You have two choices, you can continue to buy more Blu Crap or you can buy proven quality e cigs.

Response to Blu Cig Not Working Solutions

We’ll now take the time to go through the 5 available solutions that Blu offers when their customers resolve to find out why their Blu Cig is not working. Frankly, you’d think that they’d be spending more time on developing and fixing their products rather than building a new website. I mean of course the website looks great and they always have phenomenal pictures of pretty women on tons of marketing material, but seriously their products suck so it’s impossible to get geeked about using it.

1. Check Your Battery
Seriously? Check your battery is the number one solution to get the most out of your Blu Cig. Wow, thanks Blu, didn’t think of ‘checking my battery’, how genius of an idea. Guess I’ll start checking my battery every 5 seconds because it is never working or charging correctly, ever. Place the e cig in my mouth backwards? Is that a joke? Okay people, any electronic cigarette company that directs you to put your e cig into your mouth backwards and blow is not one worth using, case closed.

2. Check Your Cartridge
Another break-through here ladies and gentlemen. When your Blu Cig isn’t working, which is well, always, check your cartridge… I feel like whoever wrote these Blu Cig Solutions is some beach bum blonde dude somewhere playing ‘futball‘ with a coconut. Thanks Blu, next time, which is all the time, that my Blu Cig isn’t working right, I’ll check the cartridge. Blu recommends banging the cartridge on a hard surface upon ‘checking it’. Another prime red flag from any company, is when they recommend beating their products against a hard surface to get them to work right. Another complete joke of a paragraph on this useless Blu Cig Not Working Solutions Resource.

3. Check Your Smoke Juice
Oh, you want me to ‘check my smoke juice’ dude? Right on, I’ll check my smoke juice bro! You mean of course to check it by breaking it open? Because it’s a sealed cartridge, I can’t ‘check it’, dude… Have no fear, Blu delightfully recommends to put your cartridge between your two palm and roll it back and fourth quickly like your trying to start a fire in order to get your e cig working properly. The only fire I’m going to start is a fire to throw everything Blu Product Not Working related directly into with extra gasoline. I wonder if my ‘e juice’ will be working good then.

4. Check Your Atomizer
First off Blu, your general consumers don’t even know what an atomizer is. Second off, they shouldn’t have to check anything. It’s not their fault that your atomizers aren’t working. An e cig company should be able to produce a working freaking atomizer to their paying customers. Oh somethings clogging up my cartomizer? That’s funny, I just bought this pack and every other Blu E Cig cartridge that isn’t working brand new from the store. Just another fact proving that Blu Cigs are never working as they should.

5. Get in Touch With Blu E Cig Support
Okay, the only solutions that Blu get’s right about their products not working is recommending getting ahold of them for support. However, in doing so (yes we’ve done it) you’ll find that in order to be reimbursed for anything Blu involves faxing, yes faxing in some ridiculously long form. Do yourself a favor and don’t deal with Blu Cigs for anything. Don’t buy their faulty and not working products and know that you won’t have wasted money and hours of your life.

Halo Vs Blu Comparison
halo vs blu cost comparison

blu cigs suck

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