blu cigs starter kit review Blu Cigs Starter Kits are available in a variety of versions, including the Standard Rechargeable, Premium Rechargeable & Premium 100 Rechargeable Kits. Sure, each of these kits have minor differences such as a social function, longer battery length and available wall charger. However, these kits all seem to perform below par. We provide a full review of Blu Cigs Not Working correctly and are happy to inform you to steer clear of these starter kits. If your in a bind and don’t have the resources to buy a better starter kit, be sure to purchase one instead of opting for their disposables, that can get very costly very quickly. Blu Cigs just came out with a ‘Plus’ version as outlined below and we honestly haven’t tried it yet. Cross your fingers though, and shop around for basically any other rechargeable e cig featured on our website.