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Blu Cigs is currently owned by a British multinational tobacco company centered in the United Kingdom. However, they are in fact operating out of their own ‘headquarters’ in Charlotte, North Carolina. Blu Cigs was formally owned by Lorillard Tobacco Company before being spun off in a giant tobacco merger with Reynolds American. Blu Cigs is extremely well known for being widely available in retail stores (over 127,000 of your local gas stations etc) and of course also conducts business online. Blu Cigs has made great strides in the electronic cigarette industry. In our opinion, Blu Cigs was one of the first e cig companies to gain real marketability and in turn started what is now an e cig craze around the globe.

We all remember the somewhat ground breaking commercials featuring Stephen Dorff, this in our opinion was the real beginning of e cigs becoming socially acceptable and even looked at as trendy. Paying respects to the early steps and tremendous marketing efforts taken by Blu sadly leaves us wanting more. Recently however, Blu has in fact made some significant changes including offering their amazing e liquid flavors available for sale individually, rolling out the new My Blu E Cig, as well as the new Blu Pro – both of which are tremendously better e cigs than the old rechargeable and disposable options. If you’re still searching for that perfect e cig, be sure to check out those that made our Best E Cigs list. Additionally, one of the lesser known but great options to shop e cigs and vapor products is Direct Vapor. Learn more about Direct Vapor in our Direct Vapor Review.

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Blu Cigs Review of Pros and Cons

We’re sort of on the fence concerning Blu at the moment. The fact that Blu Cigs burst onto the scene at the time that they did, in the way that they did and under the corporate leadership that they had at that time allowed them to become tremendously successful. However, their flagship rechargeable e cig packs were quickly found to be of poor quality. Since that time, they’ve made significant strides in the right direction. For example, Blu now bottles and offers their e liquid for sale – which they surprisingly didn’t do before. They’re also bringing more powerful and reliable devices to the market – see Blu Pro.

Blu Cigs has recently come out with a new rechargeable e cig option known as the Blu PLUS Rechargeable. Honestly, it’s pretty much the same exact unit except for it’s built to actually last longer than 30 minutes like the prior version did. The literally claim that the blue battery is brighter, the batteries last longer, the packs charge the batteries faster and that the tip is more like a cigarette. I’m not sure exactly what they mean regarding ‘the tip’ and frankly have no idea why they are claiming to have a tank when in fact they use cartridges. Now part of a multi-million dollar corporate tobacco company, Blu should be able to refund the millions of shady rechargeable kits sold over the past couple of years.

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Blu Cigs Pros

  • Product Availability
  • The Black Classic Tobacco Flavor
  • Very Sleek & Compact Design
  • Blu E Liquid
  • Blu Pro
Blu Cigs Cons

  • Past Poor Battery Life
  • Past Poor Charging Time
  • Past Poor Cartridge Quality
  • Poor Rewards Program (Chairs, Umbrella’s & T-Shirts, No E Cig Merchandise)

Blu Cigs Review Summary

blu cigs review summary

Truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot that we loved about Blu E Cigs in the past, especially when contrasted with comparable brands in the same class. The one good thing that Blu Cigs has always had going for them is product availability and brand name recognition. However, do to the fact that Blu Cigs quality was poor for a number of years compared to it’s competition, that availability and recognition only goes so far. If however, you’re ever in a bind, and you have no choice but to purchase a Blu Cigs Disposable, Disposable Recharge Kit, Blu Cigs Classic Starter Kit or the new Blu Cigs Plus Starter Kit, just buy it knowing that it’s not going to last near as long as it should and start shopping for a more quality brand. With all that being said, Blu e liquid is absolutely phenomenal and we recommend it to everyone that will listen. Additionally, the Blu Pro Kit, isn’t terrible either – will certainly get the job done – at least for a few months.

We’ve personally given Blu Cigs more of a fair share than almost any other e cig company/brand. Being that their so widely available and easy to purchase at your local corner store, they were in fact our introductory into the world of e cigs. However, after suffering through tons of batteries that didn’t perform as marketed, charging packs that failed to charge in a relatively descent time and cartridges that frankly never worked as they were suppose to, we have thus developed an overall opinion of the company. There are so many other brands that work better, it’s hard to push anyone into the direction of Blu Cigs. However, with all that being said, Blu Disposables aren’t all that bad. If for example your ever in a bind for a few hours and need a quick fix, pick up a disposable. Bare in mind that it will most likely only last a few hours, but it will hold you over for a short period of time.

The number of faults with Blu E Cigs is vast. For starters, Blu batteries have low mAh compared to similar e cig brands in the same class and frankly are poorly designed and manufactured, leaving you high and dry when trying to use for any longer than a couple of weeks (for starter kits, everyone can accept only getting one day out of disposables). Furthermore, after extensive use of all Blu Cigs products, we often find charging cables and the actual charging box to malfunction. Lastly, Blu Cigs cartridges are really on the expensive side, especially for soon to be ex-smokers who are looking to stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes (they’ll inevitably go through 2 – 3 cartridges per day minimum). At $15 for a 5 pack of cartridges that malfunction 50% of the time, Blu Cigs in our opinion should only be used before ultimately upgrading to a better electronic cigarette system.