Cheap Blu Cig Refills are not the solution. We switched from tradition tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes back in early 2013. When we first made the switch, we started using Blu Cigs. While we loved the entire process of vaping as compared to smoking, we quickly found out that it would be an expensive switch. It’s hard to put a price on your own health, which lead us to continuing paying for Blu refills week after week, which in turn became extremely expensive. After getting royally mad about spending so much money on an inefficient and expensive electronic cigarette in Blu, we deciding to fully research the e cig industry to find a better, cheaper and frankly more efficient system. We actually published an entire article on Blu Cigs not working correctly.

We’ve tested dozens of different ecigs available in the market and had the absolute best findings both in quality and price with Halo Cigs. Halo Cigs offers two different types of ecigs, they are known as the G6 and Triton. The G6 is a very compact unit and is almost identical in terms of size to the standard Blu Starter Kit ecig. However, the G6’s battery life and overall performance is far better than Blu. The G6 uses standard cartomizers, (also known as cartridges or refills) as well as the ability to be converted to accept e liquid via a Halo Mini-Tank. The Triton is Halo’s bigger unit that is by far the best solution on the market in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness. The reason that the Triton is so efficient is because it runs primarily from E Liquid rather than using refills or cartomizers, (although it does accept certain types of cartomizers for those who like the sleekness of refills, albeit a more expensive solution).

In summary, you shouldn’t be looking for cheap Blu Cig Refills. You should be looking for a better system all together. That system happens to be the Halo Cigs Triton E Cig System and you can save yourself money on it by using a Halo Cigs Coupon from our directory. Again, to save money with e cigs, you should be using a system that runs from E Liquid. Also, when purchasing the Halo Cigs Triton electronic cigarette system be sure to purchase your E Liquid at the same time as purchasing your starter kit as the starter kit does not come standard with E Liquid. We all know that worst thing possible would be to finally have you new coveted ecig arrive at your door and not be able to use it because you forgot to purchase E Liquid with it. You will also find yourself in the position to start trying various E Liquid flavors which is a whole fun thing to do in itself.

Happy Vaping!