cosmic fog vapor review

Cosmic Fog Vapor is an exciting e-liquid company that puts a big focus on providing the absolute best products for its customers. This company, like so many others, is based in the beautiful region of Orange County in the state of California. In these location, a team of dedicated mixers and testers work hard each and every day to create some truly exciting taste sensations. The company prides itself on the fact that it spends up to ten months working on the development of each individual flavor, and this is something we really appreciate too. There are a lot of unscrupulous vape juice companies out there who simply churn out low quality flavors without sufficient testing. Cosmic Fog has managed to prepare a great little menu of ten scrumptious flavors that won’t grow stale with repeated use. It’s always important to see good business ethics and we’re glad that Cosmic Fog puts so much time and effort to make their juices as good as they can be.

Another way in which the company helps to guarantee a high standard of quality is through thorough testing. The company’s founders and mixing team actually use the products they make for several weeks before putting them up for sale. The idea is that, if the employees themselves aren’t prepared to use and enjoy the product on a daily basis, then it simply isn’t good enough to be sold to the general public. This is another excellent philosophy that deserves to be respected. In addition, this company has a lot more going for it than a great sense of ethics. Cosmic Fog’s vape juices are rich and flavorsome, mostly comprised of 50/50 blends that provide intense flavors with a little bit of a kick. Every individual will have his or her own taste preferences, so it’s impossible to know whether or not you’ll enjoy those sorts of blends, but we can safely say that the flavor fusions on offer are truly delicious.

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Cosmic Fog Vapor Review of Pros & Cons

It’s pretty hard to criticize this company. We always appreciate when manufacturers take the time to truly evaluate and test their own products in such a thorough way. Cosmic Fog, like so many other e-liquid companies, could so easily spend less time on development in order to place more focus on marketing and making easy money. Instead, this is a team of people who are 100% focused and motivated to create the most wonderful assortment of products they possibly can. That sort of dedication has to be commended.

If we had to find one or two little drawbacks to level at Cosmic Fog, the first one would probably be the prices. In this business, you get what you pay for, so it’s not really unfair for this company to charge $23 for its 30ml bottles as they are made from such high quality ingredients. However, not everyone will be able to afford to purchase these products on a regular basis. There’s also the problem that comes with a lack of variety. This company focuses exclusively on fruity and dessert-inspired taste sensations, so traditional tobacco lovers might be left wishing for more.

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Cosmic Fog Vapor Pros

  • Good array of tasty flavors
  • High quality ingredients
  • American made
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Cool company logo
  • Great website
Cosmic Fog Vapor Cons

  • The prices could be a problem for some people, but the company does offer 15ml bottles for just $13.
  • A heavy focus on desserts and fruits might disappoint menthol or tobacco fans, but this is really a question of personal preference rather than a legitimate criticism.

Cosmic Fog Vapor Review Summary

cosmic fog vapors review summary

Cosmic Fog is a growing brand that has a really exciting collection of flavors to offer. The company’s dedication to offering the finest juices is more than admirable. We keep coming back to this point, but we can’t understate its importance. Too many companies fail to put their products through proper testing, resulting in unsatisfied users. With Cosmic Fog, you can be entirely sure that you’ll be purchasing products of super quality, every single time. We certainly recommend picking up a few of their smaller 15ml bottles to discover your favorite tastes.

Cosmic Fog is a company we admire. It’s always good to see honest business principles in action and this company is filled with them. People need to be very passionate about what they do in order to spend up to ten months working on a single product, so you can be sure that the men and women at Cosmic Fog are wholly dedicated to offering the very best experience for you, the customer. The company’s lineup is already nicely fleshed-out, with ten great flavors to choose from. Fans particularly rave about the Milk & Honey flavor and we’re inclined to agree with them. As you can guess from the title, this juice features creamy milk and silky smooth honey, all topped off with a hint of marshmallow to create a truly scrumptious vaping experience. Cosmic Fog’s bottles are also very nicely named and decorated. The company’s logo is a humorous cloud of fog that is sure to lift your spirits, while names of individual juices include things like Kryptonite and Euphoria.

Cosmic Fog doesn’t just focus on dessert flavors either. They have a particularly tasty fruity concoction known as The Shocker. This juice combines sweet strawberries with various exotic extracts to create a refreshing medley. The company has also recently released an exclusive lineup of three new flavors, known collectively as the Lost Fog Collection. This mouth-watering trio is filled with exciting new essences like honey cream, sherbet and Gaviota strawberries to offer some really unique flavors that are definitely worth trying. It’s also nice to see that this fancy new collection isn’t any more expensive than the standard bottles. In terms of how well these flavors all taste, we can safely say that the mixers at Cosmic Fog really seem to be experts in their field.