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Direct Vapor is an electronic cigarette company that’s all about offering an incredible range of high quality products for remarkably affordable prices. No matter what level of ‘vapor you are, Direct Vapor has got every one of your needs covered. This brand very quickly gained a lot of popularity and hasn’t stopped growing since its original creation in mid 2015. The current Direct Vapor product line is simply immense and the company does a fantastic job of offering premium quality items week in and week out, giving you the best e cig options to choose from regardless of when you start vaping.

Direct Vapor is headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida and is certainly classed as one of the fastest growing players in the electronic cigarette world. The company features the leading vaping brands, e-liquids, tanks and accessories in the industry. This company also puts a huge focus on premium mods or advanced electronic cigarettes. In fact, the mod selection on Direct Vapor is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Tons of temperature control and mechanical mods are available, along with a great range of tanks, batteries, accessories and even more simple starter kits.

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Direct Vapor Review of Pros and Cons

It’s no wonder that Direct Vapor has quickly become such a popular brand. What’s really important is that the company manages to offer affordable prices without skimping on the quality of its products. If you shop with Direct Vapor, you won’t be buying cheaply-constructed equipment that falls apart after a couple of weeks or any sort of ‘clones’ (which happen to be flooding the market). Instead, you’ll be getting high quality products that improve your vaping experience without emptying your wallet and that happen to be 100% genuine. It’s a win-win situation for both the company and the customers. You get great products and Direct Vapor builds up a loyal following of customers. The prices are really attractive, with premium starter kits and mods starting at roughly $49.99.

What also stands out about this company is the range of goods it has to offer. On the Direct Vapor website, you’ll see pages and pages of products to choose from, allowing you to make the right decisions to really satisfy your own personal vaping needs. If you’re thinking about shopping for vaping devices with Direct Vapor, here are some other points to consider:

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Direct Vapor Pros

  • Incredible range of products
  • Really great prices
  • Free shipping
  • High quality goods
  • Effective premium mods
  • Super starter kits
  • Lots of color options
  • Powerful batteries
  • Every accessory you could ask for
  • Regular deals and promotions
  • Price match guarantee
  • Decent range of e-liquids from top brands like Space Jam, Cosmic Fog and Vaporfi
Direct Vapor Cons

  • Honestly, we’re struggling to find any real issue with this brand. The price match guarantee and low prices all around mean you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. In addition, the huge range of products means that there aren’t really any holes to be found in the Direct Vapor vaping device lineup.

Direct Vapor Review Summary

direct vapor review summary

Direct Vapor has earned not only our attention, but our respect. It’s rare to find a company that genuinely offers great prices without any hidden fees or problems underneath. Direct Vapor is dedicated to providing great vaping equipment and experiences without charging a ridiculous amount of money. The company manages to do this by working together with leading vaping brands and manufacturers. This way, the brand is able to keep a steady cash flow and, more importantly, earn the loyalty of its customers. After your first purchase with Direct Vapor, you’ll see the incredible quality of these products for yourself and will surely want to stock up on their crazy e liquid selection. The whole process is helped along with free shipping, a very well-organized website and friendly customer support. After dealing with Direct Vapor for some time, we can assure you that every order has gone smoothly and our satisfaction with the company’s products has always been without question. If you’re eager to save some cash while still enjoying the best vaping devices on the market, check out Direct Vapor.

Our job is to scour the internet and the world to find the very best vaping brands and tell you about them. After looking far and wide and analyzing a lot of different companies, we can safely say that Direct Vapor is one of the best we’ve come across. Quite simply, we really like this brand and where it’s heading. While other companies will offer low prices for low quality items, Direct Vapor helps you to save money without compromising on quality. The company offers some really fantastic premium mods, from companies like Kangertech and Eleaf, which can vastly improve your vaping experience. There’s also a really nice selection of starter kits that contain everything you need to get going out of the box.

What’s also impressive is that Direct Vapor actively displays customer testimonials right there on the official site. A quick glance at that page just goes to show how much people like this brand. Customers talk about a lot of positive things including their own personal satisfaction with Direct Vapor products, the impressive standard of customer service offered by the Direct Vapor staff, and the vast range of items up for sale. Other reviews are equally positive, with lots of customers praising this brand for managing to charge competitive prices for some of the very best items available on the market. People are particularly pleased with Direct Vapor’s premium mods device selection.