Electronic Cigarette Buyers Guide 2015

electronic cigarette buyers guideImportant Note: We’ve recently released our 25 Best E Cig Picks for your consideration. While you may indeed come across some great e cigs below, we’d urge you to look through our aforementioned article.

When it comes to finding the right electronic cigarette for your needs, it all comes down to your budget, your level of vaping experience and your size preference.

Obviously, there are a countless number of electronic cigarettes available on the market in any range of price, complexity and size, so the first step is indeed determining exactly what you need in an e cig. Spending hard earned money on such a personal device that isn’t suited for your individual needs/preferences is a total waste.

Thus, we’ve put together what we think is a pretty great e cig buyers guide for 2016 below.

Keep in mind that the e cig market as a whole is growing by leaps and bounds and will continue to do so in the coming months and years.

However, we do our best to provide not only the latest and the greatest systems available, but e cig systems that have proven to stand the test of time and will deliver solid vaping experiences for any level of vapor user.

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Understanding Different Types of Electronic Cigarettes & Vaping Systems:

  • Disposable E Cigs: Specifically designed to be similar in size and shape to traditional cigarettes. The average battery life (depending on usage) is one day. It should also be mentioned that most disposable e cigs feature the same battery size or (mAh), but often differ in nicotine strength. Disposables of course cannot be refilled. Priced around $8 to $15 individually or $29 to $50 for 5 and 10 packs.
  • Compact E Cigs: Small devices designed to look and feel as similar to real tobacco cigarettes as possible. Compact E Cigs feature small batteries and predominantly use cartridges. Though, many compact systems can in fact be upgraded to accept a small sized tank system, making it a bit of a hybrid. Priced around $40 to $70.
  • Tank Based E Cigs: Larger than compact systems but typically smaller than a MOD, tank systems offer medium to larger sized tanks and batteries for efficiency vaping. Tank Systems usually offer a number of battery options, the physical size of the battery increasing with the amount of power provided (typically defined as mAh). Priced anywhere from $70 to $130.
  • Mechanical MOD E Cigs: Often large devices with large tanks for e liquid and huge batteries. Usually provides opportunity to upgrade parts and components. Mechanical MOD batteries are usually the biggest and baddest on the market but are also physically large in size as well. Typically priced anywhere from $130 to $300+.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes for Newbies & Emergencies

top 5 disposable e cigs by vapestaff
Perhaps you’re a total newbie to the fine world of e cigs. Consider the list of our top 5 disposable e cigs below as your beginner’s guide to finding your perfect solution to quite smoking tobacco cigarettes.

kings disposables by njoy reviewKings by NJOY:
Price: $29.99 (5 Pack) – $479.99 (100 Pack) , Battery Sizes: 90mAh, Nicotine Strength: 2.0%, 3.0% and 4.5%

NJOY offers a phenomenal disposable e cig by way of it’s ‘Kings’ line. NJOY Kings happen to feature the most available nicotine percentage out of our entire selection. Perhaps more importantly, NJOY King Disposables happen to be available at nearly every major corner store or gas station on the planet. Kings come in 3 different flavors including Menthol, Gold and Bold. Also worth pointing out is that each flavor has different nicotine strengths, Menthol 2.0%, Gold 3.0% and Bold 4.5%.

disposables by blu cigs reviewDisposables by Blu Cigs:
Price: $39.95 (4 Pack), Battery Sizes: 90mAh, Nicotine Strength: 2.0% and 2.4%

Blu Cigs offers Disposable e cigs in basically every store in America. Unfortunately, it’s our position that these disposables actually do more harm than good. On one hand, the fact that their so widely available in retail markets is obviously a good thing, on the other hand, their performance is sub-par at best. They seem to be poorly designed and lack the ability to deliver any sort of satisfying nicotine hit whatsoever. If your ever in a bind and your corner store doesn’t feature NJOY Kings, opt for a these, but grab at least 2 per day until you can find something better.

fling disposables by white cloud e cigs reviewFlings by White Cloud E Cigs:
Price: $5.95 (Single) – $325 (100 Pack), Battery Sizes: 90mAh, Nicotine Strength: 0%, .6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4%

Flings by White Cloud E Cigs are a fantastic newcomer to the disposable e cig industry. While their battery life is relatively the same as all disposables at 90mAh, they in fact offer a number of different nicotine strengths and even more importantly feature a ‘semi-soft’ tip (filter part of the e cig). Being long time users of compact systems that run from cartridges, we can tell you that a cartridge with a soft tip is a phenomenal idea. Flings are priced perfectly and are great to have when traveling (namely by plane), as you won’t have to worry about dripping and hey, their cheap.

wow disposables by vapor4life reviewWOW Disposables by Vapor4life:
Price: $7.99 (Single) – $699.99 (100 Pack), Battery Sizes: 100mAh, Nicotine Strength: 2.6% and 3.6%

WOW Disposables by Vapor4life are a fantastic solution for those in need of a high performing throw-away unit. With 2.6% and 3.6% nicotine strength offerings and a slightly larger 100mAh battery, we couldn’t help but add them to our top 5 disposables. WOW Disposables are available in singles, 5 packs, 10 packs, 50 packs and even 100 packs. They are also available in either Menthol or Regular Tobacco flavors. For those of you who are looking to rid yourselves of tobacco and nicotine forever, consider purchasing the 100 pack and never looking back.

disposables by v2 cigs reviewDisposables by V2:
Price: $19.99 (5 Pack) – $54.99 (10 Pack), Battery Sizes: 90mAh, Nicotine Strength: 1.8%

V2 Cigs offers disposables, but it’s very clear that they’ve put relatively zero innovation into them as compared to their compact and tank systems. Not to say that their bad in any way, in fact they’re certainly better than Blu Disposables, but they literally only offer 2 flavors and 1 order size, which is a 10 pack. Most disposable e cigs can be purchased in a much wider range of flavors and quantities. Some people are die-hard V2 Cigs and would be upset at such a review, but the truth is in fact the truth.

Compact Electronic Cigarettes to Make The Switch from Tobacco

top 5 compact systems by vapestaff
Compact systems are obviously ideal because of their physical size. However, not all compact systems are created equally, battery life and vapor production are still top priority.

g6 by halo cigs reviewG6 by Halo Cigs:
Price: $44.99, Battery Sizes: 180mAh and 280mAh

The G6 by Halo Cigs is a compact cigarette that is available in 65mm (180mAh) and 78mm (280mAh) battery sizes. Similar to it’s big brother (the Triton) the G6 is also available in a wide array of colors. It primarily uses cartomizers (also known as cartridges), but has the ability to accept a Halo Mini Tank as well. We certainly prefer the 78mm batteries, though slightly longer, the increased life is substantial. G6 batteries are also available in either a manual or automatic option (we strongly prefer the automatic versions).

njoy rechargeable vapor cigarettesRecharge by NJOY:
Price: $29.99 – $124.99, Battery Sizes: 110mAh

NJOY Rechargeable vapor cigarettes are available at nearly every corner store in the United States. Starting at only $29.99, NJOY Rechargeable compact vapor cigarettes are one of the best options for users looking to enter the world of vaping. NJOY Rechargeable vapor cigarettes are compact in size and are designed in a very sleek and stylish manner. They’re available in Economy, Standard, Premium and Super starter kits, each one offering more accessories and equipment. On a side note, they use what are known as ‘flavor chambers’ as ‘refills’ or cartomizers.

ex series by v2 cigs reviewEX Series by V2 Cigs:
Price: $79.99 – $179.99, Battery Sizes: 280mAh

The EX Series by V2 Cigs is one of the best compact e cig lines available on the market. It’s slightly more expensive than the Halo G6, but offers a more innovative and higher slightly higher performing design. The EX Series is available in a handful of colors/wraps and features advanced cartridges which hold more e liquid than the typical amount and a viewing glass in which the user can see how much e liquid is actually left.

vapor titan by vapor4life reviewTitan by Vapor4life:
Price: $29.99 – $74.99 Battery Sizes: 210mAh, 310mAh and 420mAh

The Titan by Vapor4life is available in a handful of colors/skins and three different battery sizes. It’s also worth noting that like the G6 by Halo Cigs, the Titan features both automatic and manual options (as mentioned earlier, we prefer automatic batteries). The Titan made our top 5 compact e cigs list due to it’s 420mAh battery option, which happens to be one of the longest lasting of all compact e cigs.

deluxe by south beach smoke reviewDeluxe by South Beach Smoke:
Price: $59.99 – $159.99, Battery Sizes: 200mAh and 280mAh

Deluxe E Cigs by South Beach Smoke are for those of you out there who prefer a simple yet effective solution. The Deluxe by South Beach Smoke are only available in one color (that’s white with yellow like cartridges) to mimic real tobacco cigarettes as closely as possible. Probably the biggest upside of South Beach Smoke is the fact that they offer great value on their cartriges compared to the competition. The Deluxe is available in Deluxe Standard, Deluxe Plus, Deluxe Ultimate and Deluxe Couples Kits. Essentially the bigger the Deluxe Kit, the more accessories and cartridges you get a better deal on than purchasing them separately.

cirrus 3x by white cloud e cigs reviewCirrus 3X by White Cloud E Cigs:
Price: $53.97, Battery Sizes: 280mAh

The Cirrus 3X by White Cloud E Cigs is fairly new to the market. Never the less the Cirrus 3X is a solid solution at a very economically friendly price point. The Cirrus 3X is available in a few different finishes as well as colored tips and comes standard with 3 long lasting 280mAh batteries. It’s also worth pointing out that the Cirrus 3X cartridges are available in a wide range of nicotine options for those who’s goal it is to wean themselves from nicotine all together.

Tank Based Electronic Cigarettes for Efficient Vaping

top 5 tank systems by vapestaff
Tank Systems are a perfect upgrade from users who have tried and loved compact e cigs only to want more battery life and more vapor production.

v2 pro series 7 starter kitPro Series 7 by V2 Cigs:
Price: $149.99, Battery Sizes: 1800mAh

The V2 Pro Series 7 is our #1 ranked overall electronic cigarette and deservingly so. It’s 1800mAh battery literally lasts for days on end before needing to be recharged and it’s 2.4 mL e liquid tank will last a solid day and a half before needing to be refilled for most ‘pack-a-day’ smokers.

triton by halo cigs reviewTriton by Halo Cigs:
Price: $54.99, Battery Sizes: 400mAh, 650mAh, 900mAh and 1300mAh

A tank system that offers great overall performance at a relatively cheap price, the Triton tank system is perfect for first time tank users who happen to be on a tight budget. It’s also worth noting that the Triton is available in a wide array of colors and battery sizes.

vape kits by njoy reviewVape Kits by NJOY:
Price: $49.99 – $164.99, Battery Sizes: 650mAh and 1000mAh

Tank systems that offer powerful 1000mAh batteries (in their premium and super kits), NJOY Vaping Kits are a solid option. NJOY doesn’t seem to offer batteries sold separately, however if your battery should malfunction, their customer service is pretty friendly to deal with.

pro series 3 by v2 cigs reviewPro Series 3 by V2 Cigs:
Price: $59.99, Battery Sizes: 650mAh

The Pro Series 3 is perfect for those who desire maximum performance but are also concerned about having a system that is not too large, relatively speaking. The Pro Series 3 features a compact design (for a tank system) while still providing a giant 650mAh battery. It is available in 3 different colors and has an optional loose leaf tank upgrade.

platinum pro by vaporfi reviewPlatinum Pro by Vaporfi:
Price: $58.97, Battery Size: 650mAh

The Platinum Pro is a solid performing tank system with it’s 650mAh battery and 2.5mL clear tank. At only $60, this is one of the best bang for your buck e cigs. It’s in fact capable of running cartomizers and is compatible with a number of Vaporfi accessories such as other tanks and batteries. It’s slightly more bulky than your average tank system.

zeus by vapor4life reviewZeus by Vapor4life:
Price: $69.99 – $94.99, Battery Sizes: 650mAh, 900mAh and 1300mAh

Vapor4life’s Zeus Kit offers a number of battery options, colors and happens to be relatively compact for a tank system. Vapor4life has put an emphasis on it’s ‘tips’, labeling them smile-mizors, essentially pointing out their comfort on the lips when vaping. Also worth noting is that the 1300mAh battery has been known to last close to 24 hours.

Electronic Cigarette MODs for Advanced Vaping

top 5 mechanical mods by vapestaff
Consider upgrading to a mechanical mod if in fact you’ve used other e cig systems such as standard tank and compact systems only to desire yet more VAPOR.

vaporfi vox ii mod starter kitVOX II MOD by Vaporfi:
Price: $199.99, Battery Size: 2500mAh

The Vaporfi VOX II MOD Starter Kit is one of the best MOD electronic cigarette systems available on the market. It is replacing the older VOX 50 MOD with newer and upgraded components and packs a punch with it’s giant 2500mAh battery. The VOX II is a great option for those buying their first ‘MOD’ because it comes with everything you need to hit the ground running, this is compared to having to purchase a number of components separately. The VOX II allows you to easily adjust a number of settings including wattage and voltage to achieve optimal levels of vapor production and throat hits. Furthermore, the VOX II is relatively small and compact (easily fits into your pocket) as compared to other leading MOD systems.

ar mods by vapor hub reviewAR Mechanical MOD by Vapor Hub:
Price: $179.99 – $350, Battery Sizes: 1600mAh, 2000mAh, 2250mAh, 2600mAh and 3500mAh

AR Mechanical MODS are the ultimate solution for you vape heads out there. The AR was aesthetically designed after the AR 15 Assault Rifle as the developers are in fact fun enthusiasts. The AR is available in the Cannon and 1.5 Versions. The Cannon features the larger battery out of the gate with the 26650 body size. The Version 1.5 is slightly cheaper with less battery size in the 18650 body. AR MODS are available in a number of awesome finishes and color schemes and of course tons of ways to custom mod and upgrade on your own.

fbt uptown by henley vape reviewFBT Uptown MOD by Henley Vape:
Price: $190, Battery Sizes: 2000mAh

The FBT Uptown is a fantastic mod for first time MOD users who in fact want a distinctly custom look and high performing device at a great price. For those of you who don’t know, ‘FBT’ stands for FU CKB IG TOBACCO, which is pretty much all of our positions as ex-smokers. The FBT is available in both Uptown and Downtown versions. The Downtown version happens to be slightly less expensive at $165 and is priced this way simply because it’s the older model. Again, either the Uptown or Downtown are perfect units for first time mod users.

limitless mods by vapor hub reviewLimitless Sleeve MOD by Vapor Hub:
Price: $99.99 – $200, Battery Sizes: 2300mAh and 2500mAh

Limitless Sleeve MODS by Vapor Hub are again perfect MODS for first time mod users. They feature a phenomenal price point, battery life and perhaps most importantly, style. While the Limitless Sleeve MOD has a solid foundation as a mechanical mod, it’s claim to fame is in fact the removable sleeves, thus the name, ‘Limitless Sleeve’. The idea was to simplify the users ability to customize the look of their mod in an efficient way. They are also available in a number of finishes (namely aluminum, copper and wood) as well as a wide array of colors.

munstro by henley vape reviewMunstro MOD by Henley Vape:
Price: $225, Battery Size: 2500mAh

The Munstro by Henley Vape is a beast of a unit and should typically be purchased by slightly more advanced vapor who prefer a robust amount of vapor production. The Munstro comes standard with a brass, copper and stainless steel tubes, each one etched with a wicked logo. The Munstro also comes with a cool solid wood stand to neatly store any tubes that are not in use. After purchasing the Munstro, the only thing that you’ll need to be sure to do is stock up on e liquid!

the rig by henley vape reviewThe Rig MOD by Henley Vape:
Price: $180, Battery Sizes: 2300mAh

The Rig by Henley Vape is a perfect vaping solution for anyone who has become familiar with tank systems and wants to upgrade to a more fulfilling solution at a decent price. The Rig is available in either brass, copper, stainless steel or black steel and features a rather large 2300mAh battery. The Rig was one of Henley Vape’s (a growing e cig brand out of New York) first designs and has proven to stand up to the test of time and the test of vape lovers all around the USA.

Electronic Cigarette & Vaping System Buyers Guide Summary