In reference to electronic cigarette abbreviations and weird words, find the following lesser known e cig terms defined via our e cig glossary below.

E Cig terminology alphabetized for you convenience.

303 Stainless Steel: There’s such thing as steel grades, officially known as the SAE steel grading system. The 303 grade is a stainless steel that differs from others in that is has sulfur and phosphorus, allowing allowing for free machining. Of course all of this means nothing to you, just know that it’s a high quality stainless steel.

508, 510 Threads: E cigs come in many different thread types relative to how the battery connects to the atomizer or cartomizer. Again, most of this doesn’t make any difference for the average user, however for those curious, I digress. The 510 and 508 thread types are most common for compact type e cigs.

18650, 26650 Batteries: Most e cig batteries are lithium-ion, however their other specs can very greatly. 18650 batteries are typically 2.6 inches – 2.7 inches in length depending on the protection circuit. The 18650 is also known as the 168A and can vary from 2200 – 3400 mAh. The 26650 is even larger in physical size and capacity, with a typical mAh of 3300.

Atomizer/Atty: An atomizer is a heating element used to vaporize e liquid. The word ‘atty’ is a slang term often used in the industry.

Authentic MOD: An authentic MOD is just that, authentic. It it widely used in descriptions as many ‘do-it-yourselfers’ have taken it upon themselves to recreate existing designs, usually without the permission of the original designer. Authentic MOD simply means that it’s the ‘real mccoy’. However, you should certainly only purchase mod systems from reputable websites as anyone can write the title of authentic without it actually being so.

Cartomizer: A cartomizer is a slang word commonly used in the industry to define cartridges that feature a built in atomizer. Most modern compact e cigs utilize cartomizers.

Cartridge/Refill/Flavor Chamber: Again, these are all words used to define an e cig cartridge, most commonly used with compact e cigs that is designed to hold e liquid and or an atomizer.

Clearomizer: A clearomizer is a clear tank component of an e cig combined with an atomizer, designed to hold e liquid and of course vaporize it. A clearomizer typically features a coil to to heat the e liquid and wicks to be saturated and transfer vapor through the mouthpiece when in use. Some clearomizers are made to be rebuildable (replacing the coil and or wicks) and some are disposable after generally the wicks wear out from use.

Clone MOD: A clone mod is a slang term generally used in the industry that is to clearly distinguish it’s not being authentic. Often a similar looking e cig mod system, but not made by the original manufacture or designer.

Coil, Coil System: Coil systems are generally defined as an e cig system that uses a coil combined with a wick inside of a clearomizer. Coils feature an air tube through the center of the component in which the user ultimate inhales the produced vapor from. Coils come in a variety of ohm resistance levels designed to heat e liquid to the users desired temperature.

Compact System: We define a compact system as any small or compact e cig. Regardless of the components that make up the e cig, if it’s sleek and small, we call it a compact e cig system.

Controller Chip: A controller chip is a technical term for the simple electronic component or chip found inside of most tank, hybrid and mod systems. Basically the controller chip is designed to handle voltage, wattage, on and off functions, short circuit protection along with a wide array of other basic/advanced e cig functions.

Diacetyl: Diacetyl is a butter flavored organic compound that is well known to be in a variety of foods and liquids. The FDA has given it a ‘GRAS’ official label as an additive to other well known and accepted ingredients. However, diacetyl has recently become well known to not be safe to inhale. Basically all reputable e cig brands know this and clearly state this on their websites and or products. If you’re not sure, always ask the company you’re purchasing from to confirm the particular flavor of e liquid you fancy does not contain diacetyl.

Disposable: We’ve added this to the glossary because (believe it or not) we routinely receive search results where the ‘googler’ was asking why their disposable only lasted one day. With that being said, disposables are made to be used for roughly one day and thrown away. They have extremely cheap batteries that are not made to be recharged and only a certain amount of e liquid in the cartomizer that cannot be refilled.

Dual Coil: See coil defined above. Furthermore, a dual coil is double that.

Leakage: Leakage simple refers to the common problem of some e cig designs that leak e liquid through slight seams of component connections.

mAh: (milliampere hour) Typically associated with how long a given battery will last. Most particularly, it is the most acceptable way of determining e cig battery life.

Mechanical MOD: A mechanical mod is an e cig system that has been built by advanced components and that can be rebuilt with usually a wide degree of universal components.

Ohm: An ohm is defined as a unit of electrical resistance.

PG, VG: PG is the abbreviation for propylene glycol and VG is vegetable glycerin, which are the two prime ingredients in e liquid which allows it to be ‘vaped’.

PG/VG Ratio: Many e liquids come standard as a set pg/vg ratio, such as 50 – 50, or 70 – 30 ratios. The ratio directly correlates to how much vapor is produced and how much flavor is tasted by the user.

Rebuildable Coil: Rebuildable coils are just that, rebuildable coils. In other words, you can replace the coil component with actual coil wire and the wicks with new unsaturated wicks.

Sub Ohm: Also known in the industry as ‘cloud chasing’, sub ohm vaping basically refers to vaping with a specific coil operating at a resistance level of less than 1.0 ohms.

Tank System: We define a tank systems as any e cig that holds e liquid inside of a tank. The primary reasoning for labeling an e cig a tank system is to discern it from a compact e cig that primarily used cartridges are cartomizers.

Voltage Drop: Voltage drop refers to the amount of voltage that is lost when traveling from an e cig battery to the actual atomizer.

Wicks: Wicks are just that, wicks. They are used with e cigs to be saturated by e liquid and ultimately vaporized by the e cig’s atomizer.