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E Liquid Brands All E Liquid Brands

In no particular order (besides maybe the first few), immediately below you’ll find e liquid brands that we’re happy to bring to your attention. Feel free to click on any of them to be brought to the corresponding flavor options which are further down this page.

On a side note, the e liquid market is probably one of the most evolving industries there is. There are going to be entirely new e liquid brands and empires that rise and fall for as far as the eye can see. The best thing you can do is find one or two trusted brands and flavors with ‘staying power’ that you can rely on everyday. Of course, exploring the wide world of new e liquid brands and flavors is one of the best aspects of vaping as well.

Halo Cigs E Liquid Flavors Halo Cigs E Liquids

Halo Cigs E Liquid is one of the most popular and thus best selling brands on the market. In many corners of the web, Halo’s Tribeca flavor is known as the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time).

halo cigs tribeca e liquid flavor


Tobacco, Vanilla & Caramel.

Shop Tribeca

halo cigs sub zero e liquid flavor


Menthol, Icy Mint.

Shop Subzero

halo cigs turkish tobacco e liquid flavor

Turkish Tobacco

Mild Sun-Cured Tobacco.

Shop Turkish Tobacco

halo cigs torque 56 e liquid flavor

Torque 56

Heavy Unfiltered Tobacco.

Shop Torque 56

halo cigs prime 15 e liquid flavor

Prime 15

Earthy Cocoa Tobacco.

Shop Prime 15

halo cigs freedom juice e liquid flavor

Freedom Juice

Mild, Sweet Tobacco.

Shop Freedom Juice

halo cigs longhorn e liquid flavor


Bold, Fire-Cured Corojo Cavendish Tobacco.

Shop Longhorn

halo cigs devlin e liquid flavor


Rich Caramel.

Shop Devlin

halo cigs pirates creed e liquid flavor

Pirates Creed

Virginia Latakia Pipe Tobacco.

Shop Pirates Creed

halo cigs voodoo e liquid flavor


Mild Vanilla, Grape, Plum & Spice.

Shop Voodoo

halo cigs black calico e liquid flavor

Black Calico

Cavendish Tobacco, Vanilla Bean.

Shop Black Calico

halo cigs cordoba e liquid flavor


Woodsy Tobacco, Cigar, Caramel.

Shop Cordoba

halo cigs menthol v e liquid flavor

Menthol V

Menthol, Peppermint, Eucalyptus.

Shop Menthol V

halo cigs menthol ice e liquid flavor

Menthol Ice

Menthol, Minty Ice.

Shop Menthol Ice

halo cigs mystic e liquid flavor


Menthol, Crisp, Clean.

Shop Mystic

halo cigs coolmist e liquid flavor


Menthol, Subtle, Sweet.

Shop Coolmist

halo cigs kringles curse e liquid flavor

Kringle’s Curse

Rich Peppermint, Hint of Sweet.

Shop Kringle’s Curse

halo cigs midnight apple e liquid flavor

Midnight Apple

Tobacco, Granny Smith Apple.

Shop Midnight Apple

halo cigs twisted turnover e liquid flavor

Twisted Turnover

Tart Apple Strudel.

Shop Twisted Turnover

halo cigs sugar twist e liquid flavor

Sugar Twist

Sweet Doughnut.

Shop Sugar Twist

halo cigs madagascar sunrise e liquid flavor

Madagascar Sunrise

Vine Grapes, Sweet Lychee.

Shop Madagascar Sunrise

halo cigs malibu e liquid flavor


Piña Colada, Light Menthol.

Shop Malibu

halo cigs belgian cocoa e liquid flavor

Belgian Cocoa

Dried Cocoa, Rich Chocolate.

Shop Belgian Cocoa

halo cigs cafe mocha e liquid flavor

Cafe Mocha

Cappuccino, Sweet Hazelnut.

Shop Cafe Mocha

halo cigs toasted reserve e liquid flavor

Toasted Reserve

Toasted Peanuts, Smooth Salty Butter.

Shop Toasted Reserve

halo cigs shamrock e liquid flavor


Mint, Semi-Sweet Chocolate.

Shop Shamrock

halo cigs fusion e liquid flavor


Unflavored Base.

Shop Fusion

halo cigs evo golden kiwi e liquid flavor

Golden Kiwi

Sweet, Tart Kiwi.

Shop Golden Kiwi

halo cigs evo fruitapalooza e liquid flavor


Cherry, Grape, Orange, Lemon-Lime.

Shop Fruitapalooza

halo cigs evo apple pom smoothie e liquid flavor

Apple Pom Smoothie

Pomegranate, Apple.

Shop Apple Pom Smoothie

halo cigs evo tangerine swirl e liquid flavor

Tangerine Swirl

Ripe Tangerine, Vanilla.

Shop Tangerine Swirl

halo cigs evo solar smash e liquid flavor

Solar Smash

Fresh Berry Tart.

Shop Solar Smash

halo cigs evo spiced apple e liquid flavor

Spiced Apple

Granny Smith Apple & Spice.

Shop Spiced Apple

halo cigs evo cantaloupia e liquid flavor


Crisp, Sweet Cantaloup.

Shop Cantaloupia

halo cigs evo apricota e liquid flavor


Ripe, Turkish Apricot.

Shop Apricota

halo cigs evo hazelnut cappuccino e liquid flavor

Hazelnut Cappuccino

Robust Hazelnut, Cappuccino.

Shop Hazelnut Cappuccino

halo cigs evo cobalt crush e liquid flavor

Cobalt Crush

Creamy Blueberry Pastry.

Shop Cobalt Crush

halo cigs evo pure pomegranate e liquid flavor

Pure Pomegranate

Smooth Mediterranean Pomegranate.

Shop Pure Pomegranate

halo cigs evo nutty caramel e liquid flavor

Nutty Caramel

Pecan, Almond, Cashew & Caramel.

Shop Nutty Caramel

halo cigs evo limelight e liquid flavor


Sweet, Tart Key Lime.

Shop Limelight

halo cigs evo insomnia e liquid flavor


Potent Grape Rush.

Shop Insomnia

halo cigs evo tropical paradox e liquid flavor

Tropical Paradox

Luscious Pineapple, Coconut & Sugarcane.

Shop Tropical Paradox

halo cigs evo cookie karma e liquid flavor

Cookie Karma

Cookies & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Shop Cookie Karma

halo cigs evo grape vape e liquid flavor

Grape Vape

Ripe Red Sweet Grapes.

Shop Grape Vape

halo cigs evo fuzzy summer e liquid flavor

Fuzzy Summer

Peaches & Luscious Cream.

Shop Fuzzy Summer

halo cigs evo purple tundra e liquid flavor

Purple Tundra

Icy Mint Grape.

Shop Purple Tundra

halo cigs evo coastal collider e liquid flavor

Coastal Collider

Fruit Punch Utopia.

Shop Coastal Collider

halo cigs evo blackwoods blueberry e liquid flavor

Blackwoods Blueberry

Wild Smooth Blueberry.

Shop Blackwoods Blueberry

halo cigs evo wild watermelon e liquid flavor

Wild Watermelon

Sweet Ripe Watermelon.

Shop Wild Watermelon

halo cigs evo cryptic blast e liquid flavor

Cryptic Blast

Exotic, Ripe & Juicy Berry.

Shop Cryptic Blast

halo cigs evo spearmint e liquid flavor


Crisp & Sweet Spearmint.

Shop Spearmint

Vaporfi E Liquid Flavors Vaporfi E Liquids

Vaporfi E Liquid is one of – if not the most – expansive lineups in the entire industry. They’ve recently partnered with Cosmic Fog to produce some of the most delicious dessert based flavors we’ve ever tested.

vaporfi strawberry shortcake ice cream e liquid flavor

Strawberry Shortcake

Shortcake Ice Cream.

Shop Strawberry Shortcake

vaporfi very berry slushie e liquid flavor

Very Berry Slushie

Frozen Berry Colada.

Shop Very Berry Slushie

vaporfi vanilla caramel bites e liquid flavor

Vanilla Caramel

Vanilla Ice Cream & Caramel.

Shop Vanilla Caramel

vaporfi grandmas dutch apple pie e liquid flavor

Dutch Apple Pie

Oven Baked Apple Pie.

Shop Dutch Apple Pie

vaporfi raspberry mocha e liquid flavor

Raspberry Mocha

Raspberry, Milk & Chocolate.

Shop Raspberry Mocha

vaporfi grand reserve meringue o tang e liquid flavor

Meringue O Tang

Glazed Doughnut, Lemon Zest Custard.

Shop Meringue O Tang

vaporfi grand reserve catch ya latte e liquid flavor

Catch Ya Latte

Espresso, Milk, Hazelnut & Caramel.

Shop Catch Ya Latte

vaporfi grand reserve island frost e liquid flavor

Island Frost

Pineapple, Coconut, Blueberry & Mint.

Shop Island Frost

vaporfi grand reserve havana beach e liquid flavor

Havana Beach

Tobacco, Caramel & Coconut Candy.

Shop Havana Beach

vaporfi grand reserve cloud candy e liquid flavor

Cloud Candy

Gummy Bears, Cotton Candy & Pomegranate.

Shop Cloud Candy

vaporfi grand reserve pineapple pow e liquid flavor

Pineapple POW

Pineapple, Watermelon & Hibiscus.

Shop Pineapple Pow

vaporfi grand reserve maui menthol e liquid flavor

Maui Menthol

Menthol, Papaya, Guava & Honeydew.

Shop Maui Menthol

vaporfi grand reserve rainbow custard e liquid flavor

Rainbow Custard

Strawberries, Tangerines & Crème Anglaise.

Shop Rainbow Custard

vaporfi classic tobacco e liquid flavor

Classic Tobacco

Classic Refined Tobacco.

Shop Classic Tobacco

vaporfi sahara gold tobacco e liquid flavor

Sahara Gold

Aromatic Small Leaf Tobacco.

Shop Sahara Gold

vaporfi american red tobacco e liquid flavor

American Red Tobacco

Red Bold Tobacco.

Shop American Red Tobacco

vaporfi caramel tobacco ry4 e liquid flavor

Caramel Tobacco RY4

Roasted Tobacco & Caramel.

Shop Caramel Tobacco RY4

vaporfi heavenly clove e liquid flavor

Heavenly Clove

Holiday Clove.

Shop Heavenly Clove

vaporfi tobacco menthol e liquid flavor

Tobacco Menthol

Menthol & Red Tobacco.

Shop Tobacco Menthol

vaporfi double apple hookah e liquid flavor

Double Apple Hookah

Crisp Apple & Shisha.

Shop Double Apple Hookah

vaporfi tobaccolicious e liquid flavor


Tobacco, Caramel & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Shop Tobaccolicious

vaporfi cuban cigar e liquid flavor

Cuban Cigar

Rich Cuban Tobacco.

Shop Cuban Cigar

vaporfi tobacco cherry bomb e liquid flavor

Tobacco Cherry Bomb

Red Tobacco & Cherry Crush.

Shop Tobacco Cherry Bomb

vaporfi pot o gold e liquid flavor

Pot O Gold

Tobacco & Dulce de Leche Caramel .

Shop Pot O Gold

vaporfi white gold e liquid flavor

White Gold

Custard, Tobacco Gold & Vanilla.

Shop White Gold

vaporfi live free e liquid flavor

Live Free

Red Tobacco, Top Shelf Bourbon & Mint.

Shop Live Free

vaporfi simply shisha e liquid flavor

Simply Shisha

Earthy & Exotic Shisha.

Shop Simply Shisha

vaporfi sweet n silky tobacco e liquid flavor

Sweet N Silky

Chocolate, Tobacco & Vanilla.

Shop Sweet N Silky Tobacco

vaporfi sweet tobacco e liquid flavor

Sweet Tobacco

Cuban Cigar & Dulce de Leche.

Shop Sweet Tobacco

vaporfi totally toffee e liquid flavor

Totally Toffee

Red Tobacco & Toffee.

Shop Totally Toffee

vaporfi chocolate cherry tobacco e liquid flavor

Chocolate Cherry Tobacco

Chocolate, Cherry & Tobacco.

Shop Chocolate Cherry Tobacco

vaporfi pear tobacco e liquid flavor

Pear Tobacco

Red Tobacco & Pear.

Shop Pear Tobacco

vaporfi crazy cuban e liquid flavor

Crazy Cuban

Cuban Cigar & Banana.

Shop Crazy Cuban

vaporfi fruit freeze e liquid flavor

Fruit Freeze

Menthol, Watermelon & Raspberry.

Shop Fruit Freeze

vaporfi menthol freeze e liquid flavor

Menthol Freeze

Icy Menthol.

Shop Menthol Freeze

vaporfi mighty menthol e liquid flavor

Mighty Menthol

Menthol Dinner Mint.

Shop Mighty Menthol

vaporfi fresh mint e liquid flavor

Fresh Mint

Menthol Fresh Mint Leaf.

Shop Fresh Mint

vaporfi fire and ice gum e liquid flavor

Fire & Ice

Red Hot Cinnamon & Mighty Menthol.

Shop Fire & Ice Gum

vaporfi peppermint party e liquid flavor

Peppermint Party

Peppermint Candy.

Shop Peppermint Party

vaporfi mountain mint chocolate e liquid flavor

Mountain Mint Chocolate

Chocolate, Mint & Vanilla.

Shop Mountain Mint Chocolate

vaporfi strawberry chill e liquid flavor

Strawberry Chill

Strawberry & Menthol Freeze.

Shop Strawberry Chill

vaporfi watermelon chill e liquid flavor

Watermelon Chill

Watermelon & Menthol Freeze.

Shop Watermelon Chill

vaporfi mango menthol razz e liquid flavor

Mango Menthol

Blue Razzle Berry, Mango & Menthol.

Shop Mango Menthol Razz

vaporfi pearmint patty e liquid flavor

Pearmint Patty

Mint, Pear & Menthol Freeze.

Shop Pearmint Patty

vaporfi peach freeze e liquid flavor

Peach Freeze

Peach, Lemon & Mint.

Shop Peach Freeze

vaporfi peppermint bark e liquid flavor

Peppermint Bark

Peppermint, Toffee & Chocolate.

Shop Peppermint Bark

vaporfi chocomint e liquid flavor


Chocolate & Mint.

Shop Chocomint

vaporfi pear mint e liquid flavor

Pear Mint

Pear & Mint.

Shop Pear Mint

vaporfi loco d irish e liquid flavor

Loco D Irish

Coconut, Toffee & Menthol.

Shop Loco D Irish

vaporfi mint julep e liquid flavor

Mint Julep

Mint & Bourbon.

Shop Mint Julep

vaporfi pina cooler e liquid flavor

Pina Cooler

Pineapple, Coconut & Menthol.

Shop Pina Cooler

vaporfi cool citrus e liquid flavor

Cool Citrus

Orange & Menthol Freeze.

Shop Cool Citrus

V2 Cigs E Liquid Flavors V2 Cigs E Liquids

V2 Cigs E Liquid is classic yet moderately evolving where necessary. The V2 Platinum line is perfect for those who prefer simple yet flavorful notes. Certainly a great collection to choose from especially for those who don’t like to get too ‘fantastical’ in trying dessert based flavors.

v2 platinum red e liquid flavor


Cured Virginia Tobacco.

Shop Red

v2 platinum sahara e liquid flavor


Exotic Turkish Tobacco.

Shop Sahara

v2 platinum congress e liquid flavor


Smooth & Refined Tobacco.

Shop Congress

v2 platinum black e liquid flavor


Sweet Roasted Tobacco.

Shop Black

v2 platinum gold e liquid flavor


Robust Aromatic Tobacco.

Shop Gold

v2 platinum menthol e liquid flavor


Authentic Menthol.

Shop Menthol

v2 platinum peppermint e liquid flavor


Sweet & Spicy Menthol.

Shop Peppermint

v2 platinum bold leaf menthol e liquid flavor

Bold Leaf Menthol

Crisp Menthol & Sweet Tobacco.

Shop Bold Leaf Menthol

v2 platinum green tea menthol e liquid flavor

Green Tea Menthol

Cool Menthol.

Shop Green Tea Menthol

v2 platinum grape e liquid flavor


Vine Ripened Grape.

Shop Grape

v2 platinum cherry e liquid flavor


Sun Ripened Cherry.

Shop Cherry

v2 platinum coffee e liquid flavor


Coffee & Cream.

Shop Coffee

v2 platinum chocolate e liquid flavor


Gourmet Chocolate.

Shop Chocolate

v2 platinum vanilla e liquid flavor


Vanilla Bean.

Shop Vanilla

v2 platinum cola e liquid flavor


Sparkling Cola.

Shop Cola

Black Note E Liquid Flavors Black Note E Liquids

Black Note E Liquid is the foremost leader of actual tobacco flavors. No other e liquid brand even comes close to matching Black Note’s attention to detail when it comes to composing that pure tobacco taste.

black note quartet e liquid flavor


Smokey & Peppery Latakia Tobacco.

Shop Quartet

black note prelude e liquid flavor


Airy & Bright Virginia Tobacco.

Shop Prelude

black note forte e liquid flavor


Rich & Smooth Burley Tobacco.

Shop Forte

black note sonata e liquid flavor


Robust Cavendish Tobacco.

Shop Sonata

black note legato e liquid flavor


Earthy Kentucky Tobacco.

Shop Legato

black note solo e liquid flavor


Minty & Crisp Menthol.

Shop Solo

Five Pawns E Liquid Flavors Five Pawns E Liquids

Five Pawns E Liquid is the crème de la crème of the dessert/gourmet niche. For vapor lovers that happen to have a sweet tooth, Five Pawns is a dream come true.

five pawns black flag risen enriched e liquid flavor

Black Flag Risen Enriched

Decaffeinated Cappuccino, Truffle Cream, Mocha Dusted Black Walnut & Virginia Tobacco.

Shop Black Flag Risen Enriched

five pawns black flag risen original e liquid flavor

Black Flag Risen Original

Decaffeinated Cappuccino, Truffle Cream & Mocha Dusted Black Walnut.

Shop Black Flag Risen Original

five pawns bowdens mate e liquid flavor

Bowdens Mate

Chocolate, Crisp Mint & French Vanilla.

Shop Bowden’s Mate

five pawns castle long e liquid flavor

Castle Long

Kentucky Bourbon, Toasted Coconut, Roasted Almond, Madagascar Vanilla Bean & Caramelized Brown Sugar.

Shop Castle Long

five pawns castle long reserve e liquid flavor

Castle Long Reserve

Toasted Coconut, Roasted Almond, Brown Sugar, Madagascar Vanilla & Kentucky Bourbon.

Shop Castle Long Reserve

five pawns gambit e liquid flavor


Apple Pie, Decadent Caramel, French Vanilla Ice Cream & Whipped Cream.

Shop Gambit

five pawns grandmaster e liquid flavor


Rich Peanut Butter, Banana Cream & Velvety Caramel.

Shop Grandmaster

five pawns lucena e liquid flavor


Spiced Rum, White Peach & Shaved Hazelnut.

Shop Lucena

five pawns queenside e liquid flavor


Orange Citrus & French Vanilla.

Shop Queenside

five pawns symmetry six e liquid flavor

Symmetry Six

Sugared Rhubarb, Strawberries, Oat Grain, Graham Crumble & Vanilla Cream.

Shop Symmetry Six

VUSE Vapor E Liquid Flavors VUSE E Liquids

VUSE E Liquid is few, but shouldn’t be overlooked. VUSE has a long way to go in developing their actual e cigarette line, but their e liquid flavors are on point.

vuse vapor original e liquid flavor


Classic Tobacco.

Shop Original

vuse vapor melon e liquid flavor


Refreshing Melon.

Shop Melon

vuse vapor mint e liquid flavor


Fresh Mint Tobacco.

Shop Mint

vuse vapor nectar e liquid flavor


Silky Fruit Blend.

Shop Nectar

Blu Cigs E Liquid Flavors Blu Cigs E Liquids

Blu Cigs E Liquid was only available in their cartridges (ie to be used with their rechargeable e cigs) until quite recently. Joyfully, they’ve decided to now offer their e liquid separately. Making their amazing Tobacco flavor available to use in your favorite e cigarette.

blu tobacco e liquid flavor


Full Bodied Tobacco.

Shop Tobacco

blu carolina bold e liquid flavor

Carolina Bold

Robust & Rich Tobacco.

Shop Carolina Bold

blu gold leaf tobacco e liquid flavor

Gold Leaf Tobacco

Bright Smokey Tobacco.

Shop Gold Leaf Tobacco

blu menthol e liquid flavor


Spearmint & Peppermint Menthol.

Shop Menthol

blu glacier mint e liquid flavor

Glacier Mint

Spearmint & Peppermint Blizzard.

Shop Glacier Mint

blu vanilla e liquid flavor


Smooth Creamy Vanilla.

Shop Vanilla

blu blueberry e liquid flavor


Ripe Blueberry.

Shop Blueberry

blu cherry e liquid flavor


Bold Tangy Cherry.

Shop Cherry

blu strawberry mint e liquid flavor

Strawberry Mint

Strawberry Mint Blend.

Shop Strawberry Mint

blu caramel cafe e liquid flavor

Caramel Cafe

Buttery Caramel, Espresso.

Shop Caramel Cafe

blu berry cobbler e liquid flavor

Berry Cobbler

Baked Vanilla & Berries.

Shop Berry Cobbler

blu mint chocolate e liquid flavor

Mint Chocolate

Cool Mint & Rich Cocoa.

Shop Mint Chocolate

Mad Hatter E Liquid Flavors Mad Hatter E Liquids

Mad Hatter E Liquid appeals to the sweet tooth in all of us. Specifically, their ‘I Love Donuts’, ‘I Love Cookies’ & ‘I Love Taffy’ flavors have become legendary.

mad hatter i love donuts too e liquid flavor

I Love Donuts Too

Fluffy Doughnut, Powdered Sugar, Blueberries & Sprinkles.

Shop I Love Donuts Too

mad hatter i love donuts e liquid flavor

I Love Donuts

Glazed Blueberry Doughnut.

Shop I Love Donuts

mad hatter i love cookies too e liquid flavor

I Love Cookies Too

Cookie, Strawberry & Caramel.

Shop I Love Cookies Too

mad hatter i love cookies e liquid flavor

I Love Cookies

Cookie, Milk, Strawberry & Caramel.

Shop I Love Cookies

mad hatter i love taffy e liquid flavor

I Love Taffy

Gourmet Taffy, Juicy Peach & Cream.

Shop I Love Taffy

mad hatter i love popcorn e liquid flavor

I Love Popcorn

Crisp Popcorn & Sweet Melted Butter.

Shop I Love Popcorn

mad hatter mr macaron strawberry cream e liquid flavor

Strawberry Cream

Summer Strawberry Shortcake.

Shop Strawberry Cream

mad hatter mr macaron vanilla marshmellow e liquid flavor

Vanilla Marshmallow

Sweet Vanilla & Cloudlike Marshmallow.

Shop Vanilla Marshmallow

mad hatter mr macaron salted caramel e liquid flavor

Salted Caramel

Silky Caramel & Sea Salt.

Shop Salted Caramel

mad hatter blue ade e liquid flavor

Blue Ade

Icy Berry Blend.

Shop Blue Ade

mad hatter red ade e liquid flavor

Red Ade

Tropical Fruit Punch.

Shop Red Ade

mad hatter purple ade e liquid flavor

Purple Ade

Sweet Ripe Grape.

Shop Purple Ade

mad hatter one mad hit juice box e liquid flavor

Juice Box

Sweet Washington Red Apple.

Shop Juice Box

mad hatter 120 cream pop e liquid flavor

120 Cream Pop

Vanilla Ice Cream & Orange Sherbet.

Shop 120 Cream Pop

White Cloud E Liquid Flavors White Cloud E Liquids

White Cloud E Liquid is one of the most underrated in the entire market. They have a robust lineup of flavors and appeal to those who prefer simple and to the point ingredients without all the bells and whistles.

white cloud regular e liquid flavor


Sweet & Robust Tobacco.

Shop Regular

white cloud apache e liquid flavor


Full Bodied Tobacco.

Shop Apache

white cloud atlantic cut e liquid flavor

Atlantic Cut

Tobacco, Maple, Apple & Whiskey.

Shop Atlantic Cut

white cloud bora bora e liquid flavor

Bora Bora

Exotic Tobacco & Pacific Spice.

Shop Bora Bora

white cloud menthol e liquid flavor


Menthol Tobacco.

Shop Menthol

white cloud zero k e liquid flavor

Zero K

Mint, Peppermint Menthol.

Shop Zero K

white cloud cinnamon e liquid flavor


Sweet & Spicy Cinnamon.

Shop Cinnamon

white cloud vanilla e liquid flavor


Vanilla Ice Cream.

Shop Vanilla

white cloud espresso e liquid flavor


Smooth Bold Coffee Bean.

Shop Espresso

white cloud what a melon e liquid flavor

What A Melon

Sweet Watermelon.

Shop What A Melon

white cloud muscat blanc e liquid flavor

Muscat Blanc

White Wine.

Shop Muscat Blanc

white cloud cherry black tobacco e liquid flavor

Cherry Black Tobacco

Robust Tobacco & Tart Cherry.

Shop Cherry Black Tobacco

white cloud cavendish e liquid flavor


Bold Cavendish Tobacco.

Shop Cavendish

white cloud copper kettle e liquid flavor

Copper Kettle

Smooth & Creamy Caramel.

Shop Copper Kettle

white cloud mango tango e liquid flavor

Mango Tango

Tropical Mango.

Shop Mango Tango

white cloud chocolate e liquid flavor


Rich Milk Chocolate.

Shop Chocolate

white cloud mint to be e liquid flavor

Mint To Be

Fresh Spearmint Menthol.

Shop Mint To Be

white cloud whippin good e liquid flavor

Whippin Good

Sweet Vanilla & Creamy Custard.

Shop Whippin Good

white cloud the hive e liquid flavor

The Hive

Sweet Honey & Creamy Milk.

Shop The Hive

white cloud fraise creme e liquid flavor

Fraise Creme

Strawberry & Cream.

Shop Fraise Creme

white cloud cinn a mmm e liquid flavor

Cinn A MMM

Cinnamon Cereal.

Shop Cinn A MMM

white cloud grand ambrosia e liquid flavor

Grand Ambrosia

Light Cinnamon & Juicy Pear.

Shop Grand Ambrosia

white cloud the orchard e liquid flavor


Tart Cranberry & Crisp Apple.

Shop Orchard

white cloud orangelic e liquid flavor


Orange & Sweet Cream.

Shop Orangelic

Cream Vapor E Liquid Flavors Cream Vapor E Liquids

Cream Vapor E Liquid is a little gem we came across in mid 2017. If you’re up for trying out sweet and or dessert based flavors, you must add Cream Vapor to the list.

cream vapor nimbus e liquid flavors


Red Licorice.

Shop Nimbus

cream vapor cirrus e liquid flavor


Fruit Loops.

Shop Cirrus

cream vapor cumulus e liquid flavor


Raspberry, Cucumber & Spearmint.

Shop Cumulus

cream vapor stratus e liquid flavor


Graham Cracker, Berry & Cream.

Shop Stratus

485 Red E Liquid Flavors 485 Red E Liquids

485 Red E Liquid is a line stemming from Cream Vapor which certainly focuses on quality over quantity. With only 2 flavors to date, you can rest assured both of those flavors are worthy of a spot on your vapor shelf.

red 485 raspberry beignet e liquid flavor

Raspberry Beignet

Creole Raspberry Jam.

Shop Raspberry Beignet

red 485 strawberry hibiscus e liquid flavor

Strawberry Hibiscus

Strawberry, Hibiscus & Peach.

Shop Strawberry Hibiscus

Boardroom Vapor E Liquid Flavors Boardroom Vapor E Liquids

Boardroom Vapor E Liquid also stems from Cream Vapor (which happens to be an Arizona based company). Boardroom Vapor flavors are frankly gourmet to say the very least and certainly worthy of a few of your atomizers.

boardroom vapor peanut brittle e liquid flavor

Call to Order

Peanut Brittle.

Shop Call to Order

boardroom vapor pistachio butterscotch e liquid flavor

All in Favor

Pistachio Butterscotch.

Shop All in Favor

boardroom blackberry vanilla brandy e liquid flavor


Blackberry Vanilla Brandy.

Shop Unanimous

boardroom apple pie moonshine e liquid flavor


Apple Pie Moonshine.

Shop Adjourned

Longboard Vapor E Liquid Flavors Longboard Vapor E Liquids

Longboard Vapor E Liquid is yet another line stemming from Cream Vapor. Longboard Vapor e liquid is one of our favorite fruit based flavor lines we’ve ever come across.

longboard vapor kiwi grape e liquid flavor

Kiwi Grape

Kiwi, Grape, & Sweet Thai Sticky Rice.

Shop Kiwi Grape

longboard vapor orange creme e liquid flavor

Orange Creme

Sweet Orange & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Shop Orange Creme

longboard vapor pineapple whip e liquid flavor

Pineapple Whip

Pineapple Vanilla & Whipped Cream.

Shop Pineapple Whip

XEO E Liquid Flavors XEO E Liquids

XEO E Liquid offers an extremely solid lineup of flavors to choose from. In particular, some of our favorite tobacco flavors are in fact XEO’s.

xeo tobacco red e liquid flavor

Tobacco Red

Blended Tobacco.

Shop Tobacco Red

xeo tobacco honey e liquid flavor

Tobacco Honey

Sweet Tobacco.

Shop Tobacco Honey

xeo tobacco gold e liquid flavor

Tobacco Gold

Mild Tobacco.

Shop Tobacco Gold

xeo royal peach e liquid flavor

Royal Peach

Peach Liqeur.

Shop Royal Peach

xeo orchard grape e liquid flavor

Orchard Grape

Pear & Grape.

Shop Orchard Grape

xeo minty grape e liquid flavor

Minty Grape

Sweet Grape & Cool Mint.

Shop Minty Grape

xeo mango tango e liquid flavor

Mango Tango

Tropical Mango Pear.

Shop Mango Tango

xeo coffee arabica e liquid flavor

Coffee Arabica

Arabica Bean Coffee.

Shop Coffee Arabica

xeo chiba kiba e liquid flavor

Chiba Kiba

Cherry & Banana Blend.

Shop Chiba Kiba

xeo cherry lime e liquid flavor

Cherry Lime

Sour Lime & Sweet Cherry.

Shop Cherry Lime

Cosmic Fog E Liquid Flavors Cosmic Fog E Liquids

Cosmic Fog E Liquid has become pretty well known over the past couple of years. They’re known for offering a fantastic line of very unique flavor profiles that certainly appeal to our sweet teeth.

cosmic fog chewberry e liquid flavor


Strawberry & Tropical Fruit.

Shop Chewberry

cosmic fog chilled tobacco e liquid flavor

Chilled Tobacco

Sweet Menthol & Tobacco.

Shop Chilled Tobacco

cosmic fog kryptonite e liquid flavor


Fresh Melon & Sweet Candy.

Shop Kryptonite

cosmic fog milk and honey e liquid flavor

Milk & Honey

Fresh Cream & Sweet Honey.

Shop Milk & Honey

cosmic fog nutz e liquid flavor


Strawberry & Almond Butter.

Shop Nutz

cosmic fog sonrise e liquid flavor


Pineapple & Sweet Kiwi.

Shop Sonrise

cosmic fog sonset e liquid flavor


Pear, Creme Brulee & Caramel.

Shop Sonset

cosmic fog the shocker e liquid flavor

The Shocker

Tropical Fruit Medley.

Shop The Shocker

Lost Fog E Liquid Flavors Lost Fog E Liquids

Lost Fog E Liquid is an extension in the line of Cosmic Fog. Lost Fog similarly to the Cosmic Fog main line, offers incredible flavor profiles in what can most easily be categorized as gourmet flavors.

cosmic fog lost fog dapple whip e liquid flavor

Dapple Whip

Candied Apple.

Shop Dapple Whip

cosmic fog lost fog neon cream e liquid flavor

Neon Cream

Cool, Fruity Sherbet.

Shop Neon Cream

Vapebartender E Liquid Flavors Vapebartender E Liquids

Vape Bartender is an emerging e liquid brand – brought to our attention through V2’s e liquid picks. Almost the entire line can be described as delicately appointed & perfectly balanced.

vape bartender white lady e liquid flavor

White Lady

New York Cheesecake.

Shop White Lady

vape bartender peachy bum e liquid flavor

Peachy Bum

Ripe Peaches & Sweet Nectar.

Shop Peachy Bum

vape bartender honey ball e liquid flavor

Honey Ball

Fresh Honeydew Melon.

Shop Honey Ball

vape bartender fruit tingle e liquid flavor

Fruit Tingle

Fruit & Orange Sorbet.

Shop Fruit Tingle

vape bartender chi chi e liquid flavor

Chi Chi

Piña Colada & Tart Cherry.

Shop Chi Chi

vape bartender irish cappuccino e liquid flavor

Irish Cappuccino

Cappuccino & Caramel.

Shop Irish Cappuccino

vape bartender black nuts e liquid flavor

Black Nuts

Nutty Vanilla & Dark Chocolate.

Shop Black Nuts

vape bartender mohitto e liquid flavor


Tobacco & Pomegranate.

Shop Mohitto

vape bartender ginger ale e liquid flavor

Ginger Ale

Aromatic Turkish Tobacco.

Shop Ginger Ale

Charlies Chalk Dust E Liquid Flavors Charlies Chalk Dust E Liquids

Charlies Chalk Dust E Liquid immediately grabbed our attention. Their amazingly mouth watering packaging and marketing are 100% backed up with fulfilling flavor profiles like we’ve never seen before. Try them all.

charlies chalk dust big belly jelly e liquid flavor

Big Belly Jelly

Watermelon & Blueberry.

Shop Big Belly Jelly

charlies chalk dust jam rock e liquid flavor

Jam Rock

Sweet Sour Apple.

Shop Jam Rock

charlies chalk dust dream cream e liquid flavor

Dream Cream

Vanilla, Hot Fudge & Cinnamon.

Shop Dream Cream

charlies chalk dust head bangin boogie e liquid flavor

Head Bangin Boogie

Frozen Tropical Blueberry.

Shop Head Bangin Boogie

charlies chalk dust milk mustache e liquid flavor

Milk Mustache

Cereal & Fresh Cream.

Shop Milk Mustache

charlies chalk dust wonder worm e liquid flavor

Wonder Worm

Strawberry Kiwi Tart.

Shop Wonder Worm

Ripe Vapes E Liquid Flavors Ripe Vapes E Liquids

Ripe Vapes E Liquid doesn’t do anything overly gimmicky or pretentious with their packaging or marketing. As it should be, their flavors speak loudly and clearly for themselves.

ripe vapes vct e liquid flavor


Vanilla Custard Tobacco.

Shop VCT

ripe vapes pear almond e liquid flavor

Pear Almond

Almond & Pear.

Shop Pear Almond

ripe vapes monkey snack e liquid flavor

Monkey Snack

Peanut Butter & Banana.

Shop Monkey Snack

ripe vapes key lime cookie e liquid flavor

Key Lime Cookie

Key Lime Cookie.

Shop Key Lime Cookie

ripe vapes honeysuckle apple crisp e liquid flavor

Honeysuckle Apple Crisp

Green Apple & Honey.

Shop Honeysuckle Apple Crisp

ripe vapes coconut thai e liquid flavor

Coconut Thai

Coconut & Lemon Grass.

Shop Coconut Thai

MYLK E Liquid Flavors MYLK E Liquids

MYLK E Liquid is the absolute source of and is dominating one unique niche in the e liquid market place. You guessed it, that niche is milk based flavors.

mylk strawberry e liquid flavor


Milk & Ripe Strawberry.

Shop Strawberry

mylk original e liquid flavor


Rich & Creamy Milk.

Shop Original

mylk melon e liquid flavor


Honeydew Melon & Milk.

Shop Melon

mylk green tea e liquid flavor

Green Tea

Green Tea & Milk.

Shop Green Tea

mylk caramel almond e liquid flavor

Caramel Almond

Caramel, Almond & Milk.

Shop Caramel Almond

mylk banana e liquid flavor


Banana & Rich Cream.

Shop Banana

ZIG ZAG E Liquid Flavors ZIG ZAG E Liquids

Zig Zag E Liquid has a loyal customer base, stemming from their utter perfection of their herb paper line of products. While their e liquid line is small, it’s worthy of your consideration and we expect it to increase in variety and quality over the coming years.

zig zag mango e liquid flavor


Luscious Mango.

Shop Mango

zig zag island breeze e liquid flavor

Island Breeze

Tropical Pineapple & Coconut.

Shop Island Breeze

zig zag dragonberry e liquid flavor


Kiwi, Watermelon & Dragonfruit.

Shop Dragonberry

zig zag clove e liquid flavor


Spicy & Sweet Clove.

Shop Clove

Vapor2 E Liquid Flavors Vapor2 E Liquids

Vapor2 E Liquid comes to us as another powerful lineup from V2 Cigs. For those looking for a great distinct lineup to choose from, Vapor2 has the perfect flavor for all types of palates.

vapor2 silver spur e liquid flavor

Silver Spur

Traditional Tobacco.

Shop Silver Spur

vapor2 puff dragon e liquid flavor

Puff Dragon

Dragonfruit & Menthol.

Shop Puff Dragon

vapor2 polar punch e liquid flavor

Polar Punch

Icy Cool Menthol.

Shop Polar Punch

vapor2 moon walk e liquid flavor

Moon Walk

Iced Green Tea.

Shop Moon Walk

vapor2 four seasons e liquid flavor

Four Seasons

Flue-Cured Tobacco.

Shop Four Seasons

vapor2 daisy duke e liquid flavor

Daisy Duke

Sweet Cream Corn.

Shop Daisy Duke

Motley Brew E Liquid Flavors Motley Brew E Liquids

Motley Brew E Liquid is a fun and worthy brand (extending from Vaporfi themselves). When going through the entire Motley Brew line of flavors, you won’t be disappointed as their unique blend of ingredients in each flavor is unmatched.

motley brew old fashioned r and r e liquid flavor

Old Fashioned R & R

Premium Whiskey, Citrus & Sugar Cane.

Shop Old Fashioned R & R

motley brew almost famous e liquid flavor

Almost Famous

Baked Caked, Wild Blueberry, Praline Pecans & Powdered Sugar.

Shop Almost Famous

motley brew brews brothers e liquid flavor

Brews Brothers

Roasted Espresso, Madagascar Vanilla Cream, Butterscotch & Sweet Tobacco.

Shop Brews Brothers

motley brew grateful red e liquid flavor

Grateful Red

Red Apple, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Custard & Salted Caramel.

Shop Grateful Red

motley brew pearadise city e liquid flavor

Pearadise City

Exotic Lychee, Pear, Vanilla Cream & Fresh Mint.

Shop Pearadise City

motley brew froot fighters e liquid flavor

Froot Fighters

Candied Melon Medley & Sweet Watermelon.

Shop Froot Fighters

motley brew crumb dmc e liquid flavor

Crumb DMC

Green Apple, Cinnamon, Crumb Cake & Light Cream.

Shop Crumb DMC

motley brew the drop e liquid flavor

The Drop

Key Lime, Blueberry & Vanilla.

Shop The Drop

motley brew bubble pop e liquid flavor

Bubble Pop

Strawberry, Kiwi, Watermelon & Lemon-Lime.

Shop Bubble Pop

ANML Vapors E Liquid Flavors ANML Vapors E Liquids

ANML Vapors E Liquid quickly became one of our favorite brands to keep an eye on. Their aggressive and unique marketing style surely separates them from the typical crowd. One of our favorite ANML flavors is by far the Thrasher, but they’re all as tasty as can be.

anml vapors slash e liquid flavor


Lemon, Vanilla Custard & Graham Crust.

Shop Slash

anml vapors wolfpack e liquid flavor


Raspberry, Cream & Blood Orange.

Shop Wolfpack

anml vapors thrasher e liquid flavor


White Peach Gummy Candy.

Shop Thrasher

anml vapors grizzly e liquid flavor


Chocolate Chip & Milk.

Shop Grizzly

anml vapors beast e liquid flavor


Creamy Banana Pudding.

Shop Beast

anml vapors reaver e liquid flavor


Tropical Smoothie & Creaminess.

Shop Reaver

anml vapors looper e liquid flavor


Fruity Cereal & Milk.

Shop Looper

anml vapors fury e liquid flavor


Frosted Cereal & Milk.

Shop Fury

anml vapors carnage e liquid flavor


Strawberry Licorice.

Shop Carnage

Alpha Vape E Liquid Flavors Alpha Vape E Liquids

Alpha Vape e liquid started as a very small line but quickly built a large following. Their clever flavor names are equally as clever as their actual flavor profiles.

alpha vapes the dude on ice e liquid flavor

The Dude On Ice

Pineapple, Mango, Menthol & Peach.

Shop The Dude On Ice

alpha vapes the dude e liquid flavor

The Dude

Peach, Pineapple & Mango.

Shop The Dude

alpha vapes hoops e liquid flavor


Honeydew, Cantaloup, Pear & Cream.

Shop Hoops

alpha vapes heist e liquid flavor


Candy Apple.

Shop Heist

alpha vapes sweet tooth e liquid flavor

Sweet Tooth

Vanilla, Graham Cracker & Cookie.

Shop Sweet Tooth

alpha vapes mr miyagi e liquid flavor

Mr Miyagi

Papaya & Plum.

Shop Mr Miyagi

alpha vapes manchu e liquid flavor


Mango & Guava.

Shop Manchu

alpha vapes miss white e liquid flavor

Miss White

Sweet Raspberry & Dragonfruit.

Shop Miss White

Bam Bam’s Cannoli E Liquid Flavors Bam Bam’s E Liquids

Bam Bam’s E Liquid has done it. They’ve actually brought Cannoli’s into the vapor discussion – and for that, we remove our caps and shake hands. A must try for any so daring.

bam bams cannoli original e liquid flavor


Cannoli, Key Lime, Fruity Cereal & Whipped Cream.

Shop Original

bam bams cannoli captain e liquid flavor


Cannoli, Frosted Cereal & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Shop Captain

bam bams cannoli cookies and cream e liquid flavor

Cookies & Cream

Cannoli, Chocolate Cookies & Cream.

Shop Cookies & Cream

Beard Vape Co E Liquid Flavors Beard Vape Co E Liquids

Beard Vape Co E Liquid is let’s face it, one of our favorite brands. From their clean, unique and cool packaging to their tremendous variety of sweet flavors – we are in. Might we recommend #71 to anyone reading.

beard vape co red e liquid flavor


Rich Strawberries & Cream.

Shop Red

beard vape co pink e liquid flavor


Mango & Lychee.

Shop Pink

beard vape co green e liquid flavor


Honeydew, Cantaloupe & Vanilla Custard.

Shop Green

beard vape co blue e liquid flavor


Honeydew, Cantaloupe & Cucumber.

Shop Blue

beard vape co tan e liquid flavor


Chai Latte & Spice.

Shop Tan

beard vape co 71 e liquid flavor


Sweet & Sour Peach.

Shop #71

beard vape co 64 e liquid flavor


Blueberry, Cotton Candy & Hibiscus.

Shop #64

beard vape co 51 e liquid flavor



Shop #51

beard vape co 32 e liquid flavor


Funnel Cake.

Shop #32

beard vape co 24 e liquid flavor


Salt Caramel Malt.

Shop #24

beard vape co 05 e liquid flavor


New York Strawberry Cheesecake.

Shop #05

Element E Liquid Flavors Element E Liquids

Element E Liquid is like the ‘mad scientific’ brand in many niches. Element has a huge following and similarly a huge variety of flavors as well as PG/VG ratios.

element strawberry whip plus watermelon chill e liquid flavor

Strawberry Whip & Watermelon Chill

Strawberry & Cream.

Shop Strawberry Whip + Watermelon Chill

element strawberry whip plus banana nut e liquid flavor

Strawberry Whip & Banana Nut

Strawberry, Cream & Banana Nut.

Shop Strawberry Whip + Banana Nut

element pink lemonade plus pink grapefruit e liquid flavor

Pink Lemonade & Pink Grapefruit

Pink Lemonade & Pink Grapefruit.

Shop Pink Lemonade + Pink Grapefruit

element pink lemonade plus key lime cookie e liquid flavor

Pink Lemonade & Key Lime Cookie

Pink Lemonade & Key Lime Cookie.

Shop Pink Lemonade + Key Lime Cookie

element pink grapefruit plus blueberry e liquid flavor

Pink Grapefruit & Blueberry

Pink Grapefruit & Blueberry.

Shop Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry

element limon plus watermelon chill e liquid flavor

Limon & Watermelon Chill

Limon & Watermelon.

Shop Limon + Watermelon Chill

element key lime cookie plus frost e liquid flavor

Key Lime Cookie & Frost

Key Lime Cookie & Frost.

Shop Key Lime Cookie + Frost

element green apple plus kiwi redberry e liquid flavor

Green Apple & Kiwi Redberry

Green Apple, Kiwi & Redberry.

Shop Green Apple + Kiwi Redberry

element fresh squeeze plus crema e liquid flavor

Fresh Squeeze & Crema

Fresh Squeeze & Crema.

Shop Fresh Squeeze + Crema

FRYD E Liquid Flavors FRYD E Liquids

FRYD E Liquid absolutely burst onto the scene in 2017 with drop your jaw packaging/marketing and most importantly, flavors. Until you’ve tried their ‘Cream Cake’ flavor, you haven’t really lived.

fryd watermelon e liquid flavor


Watermelon & Powdered Sugar.

Shop Watermelon

fryd cream cookie e liquid flavor

Cream Cookie

Cookies, Cream & Chocolate.

Shop Cream Cookie

fryd cream cake e liquid flavor

Cream Cake

Golden Fried Cream.

Shop Cream Cake

fryd banana e liquid flavor


Banana, Butterscotch & Cream.

Shop Banana

Liquid EFX Vape E Liquid Flavors Liquid EFX Vape E Liquids

Liquid EFX Vape E Liquid is a fun brand, producing a few solid flavor choices worthy of your consideration. We’re expecting more from them in the coming years – 2018 and beyond.

liquid efx fried cream cakes e liquid flavor

Fried Cream Cakes

Sponge Cake, Vanilla Cream & Powdered Sugar.

Shop Fried Cream Cakes

liquid efx strawberry fried cream cakes e liquid flavor

Strawberry Cream Cakes

Sponge Cake, Strawberry Cream & Powdered Sugar.

Shop Strawberry Cream Cakes

liquid efx super punch e liquid flavor

Super Punch

Raspberry, Strawberry & Watermelon.

Shop Super Punch

liquid efx orange burst e liquid flavor

Orange Burst

Sweet Citrus Orange Blast.

Shop Orange Burst

MOO E Liquid Flavors MOO E Liquids

MOO E Liquid is down right yummy. If MYLK takes the gold in the ‘milk’ niche, MOO most definitely takes the silver. We strongly recommend trying the Strawberry Cream flavor.

moo vanilla almond e liquid flavor

Vanilla Almond

Vanilla Almond Cream.

Shop Vanilla Almond

moo strawberry e liquid flavor


Strawberry Cream.

Shop Strawberry

moo neapolitan e liquid flavor


Neapolitan Cream.

Shop Neapolitan

moo blueberry e liquid flavor


Blueberry Cream.

Shop Blueberry

moo banana e liquid flavor


Banana Cream.

Shop Banana

Naked 100 E Liquid Flavors Naked 100 E Liquids

Naked 100 E Liquid is a really new & exciting brand to hit the shelves in mid 2017. Based on their huge amount of sales and solid flavor lineup, we definitely expect to be seeing them around for a long, long time.

naked 100 yummy gum e liquid flavor

Yummy Gum

Strawberry Bubble Gum.

Shop Yummy Gum

naked 100 very berry e liquid flavor

Very Berry

Blueberry, Blackberry, Lemon & Sugar Drizzle.

Shop Very Berry

naked 100 sour sweet e liquid flavor

Sour Sweet

Sweet Tart Gummy Candy.

Shop Sour Sweet

naked 100 lava flow e liquid flavor

Lava Flow

Strawberry, Pineapple & Coconut.

Shop Lava Flow

naked 100 hawaiian pog e liquid flavor

Hawaiian Pog

Passion Orange Guava.

Shop Hawaiian Pog

naked 100 green blast e liquid flavor

Green Blast

Honeydew, Kiwi & Apple.

Shop Green Blast

naked 100 frost bite e liquid flavor

Frost Bite

Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Honeydew & Menthol.

Shop Frost Bite

naked 100 amazing mango e liquid flavor

Amazing Mango

Mango, Peach & Cream.

Shop Amazing Mango

naked 100 all melon e liquid flavor

All Melon

Watermelon, Honeydew & Cantaloupe.

Shop All Melon

One Hit Wonder E Liquid Flavors One Hit Wonder E Liquids

One Hit Wonder E Liquid is surprisingly amazing. While their title is sarcastic to say the least, their flavors are insane from top to bottom. We recommend them all, but have a special place for ‘The Man’ flavor.

one hit wonder the man e liquid flavor

The Man

Strawberry & Cream.

Shop The Man

one hit wonder rocket man e liquid flavor

Rocket Man

Yogurt, Blueberry & Granola.

Shop Rocket Man

one hit wonder police man e liquid flavor

Police Man

Marshmallow Cereal & Glazed Doughnut.

Shop Police Man

one hit wonder my man e liquid flavor

My Man

Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate.

Shop My Man

one hit wonder muffin man e liquid flavor

Muffin Man

Sweet Apple & Cinnamon Muffin.

Shop Muffin Man

one hit wonder magic man e liquid flavor

Magin Man

Sweet Watermelon Gummy Candy.

Shop Magic Man

Pachamama E Liquid Flavors Pachamama E Liquids

Pachamama E Liquid is very new to the vaping scene, but they are not to be overlooked. If you’re a fruit fan, you’ve found you’re new must have collection.

pachamama the mint leaf e liquid flavor

The Mint Leaf

Honeydew, Berry, Kiwi & Mint.

Shop The Mint Leaf

pachamama strawberry guava jackfruit e liquid flavor

Strawberry Jackfruit

Strawberry, Guava & Jackfruit.

Shop Strawberry Jackfruit

pachamama peach papaya coconut cream e liquid flavor

Peach Papaya

Peach, Papaya, Coconut & Cream.

Shop Peach Papaya

pachamama mango pitaya pineapple e liquid flavor

Mango Pitaya

Mango, Pitaya & Pineapple.

Shop Mango Pitaya

Vapetasia E Liquid Flavors Vapetasia E Liquids

Vapetasia E Liquid is the parent brand of a handful of secondaries found below. Out of the immediate batch below, Royalty II is an absolute must try.

vapetasia killer kustard e liquid flavor

Killer Kustard

Vanilla & Custard.

Shop Killer Kustard

vapetasia milk of the poppy e liquid flavor

Milk of The Poppy

Strawberry & Cream.

Shop Milk of The Poppy

vapetasia pineapple express e liquid flavor

Pineapple Express

Pineapple & Cream.

Shop Pineapple Express

vapetasia rainbow road e liquid flavor

Rainbow Road

Citrus, Berry & Cream.

Shop Rainbow Road

vapetasia royalty ii e liquid flavor

Royalty II

Vanilla Custard, Nuts & Tobacco.

Shop Royalty II

Vape Parfait E Liquid Flavors Vape Parfait E Liquids

Vape Parfait E Liquid is an extension of the Vapetasia brand. While there are only a couple flavors to choose from at this time, they’re refreshing and unique. Dominating the parfait niche.

vapetasia vape parfait strawberry e liquid flavor

Strawberry Parfait

Honey Granola & Ripe Strawberry.

Shop Strawberry Parfait

vapetasia vape parfait blueberry e liquid flavor

Blueberry Parfait

Honey Granola & Blueberry.

Shop Blueberry Parfait

Fruit N Custard E Liquid Flavors Fruit N Custard E Liquids

Fruit N Custard E Liquid is another from the Vapetasia brand. Their ‘Banana’ flavor happens to be one of our favorite fruit based. We expect this line to grow in the near future.

vapetasia fruit n custard banana e liquid flavor


Banana & Custard.

Shop Banana

vapetasia fruit n custard honeydew e liquid flavor


Honeydew & Custard.

Shop Honeydew

vapetasia fruit n custard mango e liquid flavor


Mango & Custard.

Shop Mango

Vape Hooch E Liquid Flavors Vape Hooch E Liquids

Vape Hooch E Liquid is yet another form the Vapetasia brand. A collection of flavors, all centered around cocktails isn’t such a bad idea is it. Strawberry Daiquiri & Rum Horchata are must haves.

vapetasia hooch mango strawberry daiquiri e liquid flavor

Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry & Mango.

Shop Strawberry Daiquiri

vapetasia hooch rum horchata e liquid flavor

Rum Horchata

Sugar Cane & Rum Essence.

Shop Rum Horchata

vapetasia hooch cucumber pear mojito e liquid flavor

Pear Mojito

Cucumber, Pear, Mint & Rum Essence.

Shop Pear Mojito

KILO E Liquid Flavors KILO E Liquids

KILO E Liquid has become one of the premier dessert based brands in the industry. Virtually their entire line of flavors is amazing and we’re not afraid of admitting it. KILO is directly in line with Five Pawns in terms of meticulous attention to detail.

kilo black series apple pie e liquid flavor

Apple Pie

Caramelized Apple, Cinnamon & Pastry Crust.

Shop Apple Pie

kilo black series birthday cake e liquid flavor

Birthday Cake

Yellow Cake, Cream Frosting & Rainbow Sprinkles.

Shop Birthday Cake

kilo black series honey creme e liquid flavor

Honey Creme

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Sweet Honey & Roasted Nuts.

Shop Honey Creme

kilo black series mik and cookies e liquid flavor

Milk & Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie & Cold Milk.

Shop Milk & Cookies

kilo white series cinnamon roll e liquid flavor

Cinnamon Roll

Buttery Rolls, Sweet Cinnamon & Cream Cheese Frosting.

Shop Cinnamon Roll

kilo white series ice cream sandwich e liquid flavor

Ice Cream Sandwich

Chocolate Cookie & Luscious Cream.

Shop Ice Cream Sandwich

kilo white series marshmallow crisp e liquid flavor

Marshmallow Crisp

Toasted Rice Cereal & Marshmallow.

Shop Marshmallow Crisp

kilo white series white chocolate strawberry e liquid flavor

Chocolate Strawberry

Strawberry & White Chocolate.

Shop Chocolate Strawberry

kilo cereal milk e liquid flavor

Cereal Milk

Fruity Cereal & Milky Cream.

Shop Cereal Milk

kilo dewberry cream e liquid flavor

Dewberry Cream

Honeydew, Mixed Berry & Cream.

Shop Dewberry Cream

kilo fruit whip e liquid flavor

Fruit Whip

Apple, Pear, Berry & Tropical Fruit.

Shop Fruit Whip

kilo kiberry yogurt e liquid flavor

Kiberry Yogurt

Yogurt, Strawberry & Kiwi.

Shop Kiberry Yogurt

kilo tru blue e liquid flavor

Tru Blue

Blueberry Custard.

Shop Tru Blue

Space Jam E Liquid Flavors Space Jam E Liquids

Space Jam E Liquid has become one of the most well known brands in the market and for good reason. Their cleverly named flavors are just the beginning, their variety of amazing ingredients put them steadily in our top ten brands. Their lineup is ever expanding and deserves your attention.

space jam yamato e liquid flavor


Blueberry Muffin.

Shop Yamato

space jam x ray e liquid flavor

X Ray

Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

Shop X Ray

space jam thermal e liquid flavor


Apple, Kiwi & Orange.

Shop Thermal

space jam terrasphere e liquid flavor


Lemon-Lime & Cherry.

Shop Terrasphere

space jam sungrazer e liquid flavor


Glazed Lemon Cake.

Shop Sungrazer

space jam starhunter e liquid flavor


Peach Lemonade.

Shop Starhunter

space jam pulsar e liquid flavor


Wild Cherry & Lime.

Shop Pulsar

space jam pluto e liquid flavor


Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloup & Spearmint.

Shop Pluto

space jam particle x e liquid flavor

Particle X

Blue Raspberry & Sugar.

Shop Particle X

space jam nuria e liquid flavor


Cavendish Tobacco & Vanilla Bean.

Shop Nuria

space jam nostromo e liquid flavor


Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Shop Nostromo

space jam newton e liquid flavor


Light Tobacco Blend.

Shop Newton

space jam meteor milk e liquid flavor

Meteor Milk

Strawberry Ice Cream & Syrup.

Shop Meteor Milk

space jam heliomilk e liquid flavor


Honey & Cream.

Shop Heliomilk

space jam eclipse e liquid flavor


Cavendish Tobacco & Vanilla Bean.

Shop Eclipse

space jam battlestar e liquid flavor


Honeydew Shaved Ice.

Shop Battlestar

space jam astro e liquid flavor


Strawberry & Apple.

Shop Astro

space jam apoch e liquid flavor


Turkish Tobacco & Menthol.

Shop Apoch

space jam andromeda e liquid flavor


Wild Blueberry & Pomegranate.

Shop Andromeda

Cuttwood E Liquid Flavors Cuttwood E Liquids

Cuttwood E Liquid is a really cool brand based out of Irvine, California. Their lineup isn’t the largest, but their attention to detail in developing each flavor is commendable to say the least. If you haven’t tried the now notorious ‘Unicorn Milk’ flavor, you haven’t lived.

cuttwood unicorn milk e liquid flavor

Unicorn Milk

Strawberry & Cream.

Shop Unicorn Milk

cuttwood tobacco trail e liquid flavor

Tobacco Trail

Mild Tobacco & Honey.

Shop Tobacco Trail

cuttwood sugar drizzle e liquid flavor

Sugar Drizzle

Sugary Cinnamon & Cream.

Shop Sugar Drizzle

cuttwood outrage orange e liquid flavor

Outrage Orange

Sweet Orange Twist.

Shop Outrage Orange

cuttwood mr fritter e liquid flavor

Mr Fritter

Apple Cinnamon Fritter.

Shop Mr. Fritter

cuttwood mega melons e liquid flavor

Mega Melons

Mango, Cantaloup & Papaya.

Shop Mega Melons

cuttwood manic mint e liquid flavor

Manic Mint

Peppermint Twist.

Shop Manic Mint

cuttwood livid lime e liquid flavor

Livid Lime

Lime Twist.

Shop Livid Lime

cuttwood boss reserve e liquid flavor

Boss Reserve

Graham Cracker, Roasted Nut, Banana & Cream.

Shop Boss Reserve

cuttwood bird brains e liquid flavor

Bird Brains

Fruit Cereal.

Shop Bird Brains

Lost Art E Liquid Flavors Lost Art E Liquids

Lost Art E Liquid, let’s face it, appeals to purely dessert & candy flavor chasers but does so in a profound way. Space Rockz & Gummy Glu are a couple of our favorite Lost Art flavors.

lost art unicorn puke e liquid flavor

Unicorn Puke

Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream.

Shop Unicorn Puke

lost art the grape white e liquid flavor

The Grape White

White Grape, Candied Apple & Citrus.

Shop The Grape White

lost art space rockz iced e liquid flavor

Space Rockz Iced

Strawberry, Kiwi, Menthol Pop Rockz.

Shop Space Rockz Iced

lost art space rockz e liquid flavor

Space Rockz

Strawberry, Kiwi Pop Rockz.

Shop Space Rockz

lost art slotter pop e liquid flavor

Slotter Pop

Berry Popsicle.

Shop Slotter Pop

lost art ogb e liquid flavor


Blue Raspberry, Orange & Green Apple Popsicle.

Shop OGB

lost art mystery e liquid flavor


Strawberry, Kiwi Candy.

Shop Mystery

lost art gummy glu e liquid flavor

Gummy Glu

Sweet & Sour Gummy.

Shop Gummy Glu

lost art cottontail cream e liquid flavor

Cottontail Cream

Sweet Strawberry & Cream.

Shop Cottontail Cream

Glas Vapor E Liquid Flavors Glas Vapor E Liquids

Glas E Liquid is a relatively new brand, but is not one to be overlooked. Glas is a premier brand, offering gourmet flavors for even the most advanced of vaping palates. Pound Cake & Glazed are out of this world.

glas vapor pound cake e liquid flavor

Pound Cake

Sweet Cake, Lemon Zest & Madagascar Vanilla.

Shop Pound Cake

glas vapor pbls e liquid flavor


Vanilla Macaroon, Cereal & Cream.


glas vapor oft e liquid flavor


Watermelon, Taffy & Strawberry.

Shop OFT

glas vapor milk e liquid flavor


Strawberry & Cream.

Shop Milk

glas vapor guave e liquid flavor


Guava, Berry & Pink Lemonade.

Shop Guave

glas vapor glazed e liquid flavor


Pastry, Sugar & Madagascar Vanilla.

Shop Glazed

The Milkman E Liquid Flavors The Milkman E Liquids

The Milkman E Liquid has become a staple brand in many vapor’s collections. The Milkman is somewhat of a polarizing brand (in that some people will be obsessed with it and some will disregard it). However, we still recommend you give it a go, because most of you will find that you’re in fact obsessed with it. Very unique & phenomenal lineup.

the milkman original e liquid flavor


Fruit Tart, Vanilla & Cream.

Shop Original

the milkman strudelhaus e liquid flavor


Blueberry Strudel, Powdered Sugar & Cream.

Shop Strudelhaus

the milkman moonies e liquid flavor


Vanilla Cake, Chocolate & Marshmallow.

Shop Moonies

the milkman milky os e liquid flavor

Milky O’s

Cookies & Cream Milkshake.

Shop Milky O’s

the milkman churrios e liquid flavor


Churrios, Sugar, Cinnamon & Cream.

Shop Churrios

the milkman crumbleberry e liquid flavor


Raspberry Crumble & Cream.

Shop Crumbleberry

the milkman pudding e liquid flavor


Vanilla Pudding & Sweet Lemon.

Shop Pudding

the milkman hazel e liquid flavor


Hazelnut, Vanilla Cream & Caramel.

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the milkman little dipper e liquid flavor

Little Dipper

Sugar Cookie & Cream.

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Silverback Juice Co E Liquid Flavors Silverback Juice Co E Liquids

Silverback Juice Co is a very new brand onto the vaping scene. It’s focus thus far has certainly been on quality over quantity (which we’re big fans of). Their lineup is mostly fruit based, but could easily be categorized as dessert based just as easily.

silverback sandy e liquid flavor


Strawberry & Watermelon.

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silverback rocky e liquid flavor


Banana Oatmeal, Strawberry & Vanilla Ice Cream.

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silverback lola e liquid flavor


Strawberry, Banana & Dragonfruit.

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silverback jenny e liquid flavor


Strawberry, Watermelon & Mint.

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silverback booboo e liquid flavor


Grape & Blueberry.

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Suicide Bunny E Liquid Flavors Suicide Bunny E Liquids

Suicide Bunny E Liquid is an amazing new brand with a great story to back it’s beginnings. It’s main distributor is out of Texas and it’s lineup of mouth watering flavors can most easily be described as dessert based. Suicide Bunny has it’s main line of flavors along with 3 other extension brands found below.

the suicide bunny the ob e liquid flavor

The OB

Rich Creamy Blend.

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the suicide bunny sucker punch e liquid flavor

Sucker Punch

Dragonfruit & Smooth Cream.

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the suicide bunny mothers milk e liquid flavor

Mothers Milk

Creamy Strawberry Custard.

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the suicide bunny madrina e liquid flavor


Creamy Melon Blend.

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the suicide bunny derailed e liquid flavor


Cookie, Cinnamon & Banana.

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the suicide bunner wanderlust e liquid flavor


Sweet Vanilla Cake.

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Kings Crown E Liquid Flavors Kings Crown E Liquids

Kings Crown E Liquid is an additional line from Suicide Bunny. The King & Claim Your Throne flavors are absolute must haves for those who admire delicately balanced dessert based flavors.

kings crown the king e liquid flavor

The King

Peanut Butter, Vanilla Bean & Coffee.

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kings crown claim your throne e liquid flavor

Claim Your Throne

Sweet Cream, Butterscotch & Brown Sugar.

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kings crown bound by the crown e liquid flavor

Bound By The Crown

Sweet Custard, Spice & Fruit.

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kings crown fight your fate e liquid flavor

Fight Your Fate

Tart Lemon & Ripe Strawberry.

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The Cloud Company E Liquid Flavors The Cloud Company E Liquids

The Cloud Company E Liquid is another from the Suicide Bunny brand. The ‘Revel” & ‘Billow’ flavors are a couple of our favorites and probably the first that we recommend you try.

the cloud company sky e liquid flavor


Lemon Cookie & Sweet Cream.

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the cloud company revel e liquid flavor


Cereal, Fresh Berry & Cream.

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the cloud company kumo e liquid flavor


Ripe Fruit Smoothie.

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the cloud company billow e liquid flavor


Coconut Cream Cake & Caramel.

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the cloud company arise e liquid flavor


Creamy Custard & Strawberry.

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The Limiteds E Liquid Flavors The Limiteds E Liquids

The Limiteds E Liquids are the last in the line of Suicide Bunny flavors rounding out our ‘little black book’ of e liquids. Like all Suicide Bunny lineups, The Limiteds doesn’t disappoint. We strongly recommend trying the ‘Bunny Season’ flavor.

the limiteds queen cake e liquid flavor

Queen Cake

Cake, Cream, Pineapple & Icing.

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the limiteds mothers milk and cookies e liquid flavor

Mother’s Milk & Cookies

Creamy Custard, Strawberry & Cookie.

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the limiteds bunny season e liquid flavor

Bunny Season

Key Lime, Graham Cracker & Cream.

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