First off, I’m not sure but it might be an ‘e cig sin’ to talk down about overall size of systems, but lately I’m left with no choice. While I’m certainly happy to see more traditional tobacco users make the switch to vapor, it’s almost appalling to see tree trunk sized systems being used in the general public or when out and about ‘on the town’. Secondly, I get it, these vapor’s typically smoked a full pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes or more per day and need a unit that will deliver a ridiculous amount of nicotine in order to replace their real cigarette habit of old. Thirdly, I’m not ‘hating’, I’m just shedding some light on the situation. I mean, what’s next? Will systems the size of an average sized man’s arm not be enough? Will newbies push for even more? Perhaps a backpack full of e liquid and an e cig battery the size of a car battery wouldn’t be frowned upon.

I mention size in a number of my e cig articles, namely relating to the Halo G6 and Triton. It’s no secret that battery size and battery duration go hand in hand. Technology has come a long way even in the past few years in getting more power out of smaller e cig batteries. As nano technology continues to evolve and smart people take the time and effort to innovate products, we’ll eventually be presented with compact e cigs that may last an entire day or even week (who knows). However, the current situation is that there are two basic types of e cigs. One type is the compact e cig that is roughly the same size as a traditional tobacco cigarette. The other type is known as a full size or tank electronic cigarette system. Compact electronic cigarettes vary greatly in battery duration. The Halo G6 for example is our favorite and comes in a 65mm or 78mm length. Being that the 78mm is physically larger, it also lasts longer than the slightly shorter 65mm battery. I prefer to use the 78mm batteries and their about the same size as traditional king size tobacco cigarettes. I typically go through 2-3 full charges per day with these batteries and before using electronic cigarettes, I was a pack a day smoker. On the other hand, Blu for example offers phenomenally compact electronic cigarettes, but they are notoriously faulty. Concerning full size e cig systems or tank units, the sky is the limit on size. As stated above, people seem fine to walk around with systems the size of human legs. The Triton for example by Halo is a great full sized tank system and offers a range of battery sizes. I’m basically just curious why someone would want to lug around a human leg when ‘on the go’ when they could just as easily get the nicotine fix with a more compact unit such as the G6. Don’t get me wrong, I personally have the full sized Triton as well in a number of battery sizes, but I use it at home, because it’s rather large. Rather than walk around with a pvc pipe 1/8th of the way inside my pocket, I use the G6 when out and the Triton in the comfort of my home.

Does anyone else feel this way or am I the only one that uses discretion when it comes to size of e cig units? As always, feel free to utilize our Halo Cigs Coupon to save on your next order!