five pawns vapor liquid review

Five Pawns is a stylish brand offering premium, handmade e-liquids that are becoming extremely popular. If you’re looking for truly unique flavors that have been painstakingly crafted by a small and dedicated team, then we can’t recommend this brand enough. Five Pawns is based in California, but its products are already being shipped out to some of the classiest vaping joints all over the nation. The company’s name was inspired by the fact that the shape of an e-liquid bottle is not dissimilar to the shape of a pawn from the game of chess. The Five Pawns team took that theme and ran with it, developing five unique flavors, each with their own chess-inspired titles like Grandmaster and Bowden’s Mate. This original set of five flavors is now known as the Insignia Series, with the team also recently releasing another couple of additions to the company’s catalog.

The way in which each bottle of Five Pawns e-liquid is handmade really makes each purchase special. You almost feel like no two bottles will ever be quite the same. Indeed, the team at Five Pawns even goes to the trouble of numbering and dating every bottle they ship out. The liquids they produce are exclusively 50:50 blends of VG and PG, offering rich and complex flavors that are nicely balanced with a smooth finish. This company also has a great image to go along with its wonderful product lineup. The team at Five Pawns really plays with the idea of the brand being small and independent, providing an almost artisanal feel to the website and packaging. Every single bottle seems to be a work of art and the team only creates small batches at a time, so we really feel as though we get our money’s worth with this brand. Speaking of money, Five Pawns isn’t the cheapest company around. You’ll have to hand over $27.50 for the 30 mL Insignia bottles, but you’ll be getting an excellent product for your money.

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Five Pawns E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

We have to say that Five Pawns only really has one drawback worth mentioning and that’s the cost. Not everyone will be able to continuously afford to buy these bottles, but this all depends on your own background and how much you’re willing to spend on your vaping needs. If you can afford these products, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the very best e-liquids currently on the market. Five Pawns goes to great lengths to make sure that every bottle is filled with rich, exciting flavors that leave a lasting impression on each user.

Five Pawns also has a nice range of tastes to appeal to a wide audience. Whether you want to enjoy the scents and savors of fresh fruit, mint, cappuccino, whiskey, apple pie or something else entirely, the Five Pawns range should have something to suit your needs. When buying anything from this company, you can be sure that the product concerned has been crafted with care and attention from start to finish.

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Five Pawns E Liquid Pros

  • Free shipping
  • Extremely good quality products
  • Handmade
  • Individual marked bottles
  • Attractive packaging
  • Intense flavors
  • Product availability
Five Pawns E Liquid Cons

  • High prices ($27.50 per 30ml bottle) but the free shipping and handcrafted nature of these goods helps to justify the entry fee

Five Pawns E Liquid Review Summary

five pawns review summary

Overall, this is one company you’ll want to keep your eye on. We can confidently assure you that Five Pawns e-liquids are among the very best out there. Every individual has their own taste preferences, but it would be very hard for most people to argue against the quality and intensity of these flavors. Each liquid has been beautiful developed through careful testing and the use of top quality ingredients. The little extra things that this company does like labelling the bottles and shipping them in old-fashioned packaging really helped to endear them to us. If you’re interested in Five Pawns but aren’t sure about the prices, it’s worth pointing out that the company offers an Insignia Sample Pack for just $23.50. This allows you to test out small portions of the five original flavors and decide which one you like the best.

Five Pawns is a rapidly-growing company that is already making a name for itself as one of the very best providers of e-liquids in the United States. This company will absolutely appeal to vaping connoisseurs or people who love to enjoy the very best things life has to offer. If you want to experience the best quality e-liquids available, Five Pawns products need to be on your list. The company initially set out to create five complex flavors, with each one destined to fit each of the five classic taste sensations: salty, sweet, savory, bitter and sour. That famous collection is now known as the Insignia Series and features some incredible flavor fusions like the apple pie and ice cream offered in Gambit, or the blood orange and French vanilla mixture that makes up Queenside.

The company still works to this day to come up with new flavors. One recent addition is known as Symmetry Six and features a scrumptious mixture of strawberries and rhubarb. The team even works to improve on its existing range and offers enriched or modified versions of pre-existing flavors, such as the Castle Long Reserve Edition. These limited edition products are only available in small quantities and provide special experiences that may only ever be experienced by a handful of people. The company’s overall style is also very appealing, with many people appreciating the simplistic and traditional values of the Five Pawns team. The brand’s website is equally attractive and easy to navigate too, featuring plenty of regular updates from the team and even the opportunity to buy some Five Pawns branded clothing and caps.