halo cigs cartomizer reviewHalo Cigs Cartomizers (in our experience), work 100% of the time, which is something that Blu Cig cartomizers or cartridges cannot say. Another nice finding was that the G6 cartomizers by Halo are in fact refillable. The soft rubber tip easily pops off and allows for quick refilling. Granted, it’s only recommended that you refill your G6 cartomizer a few times before throwing it away, but it’s still a great feature and additional way to save on your monthly cartomizer cost. We found that by adding roughly 10 – 15 drops into your used cartomizer, you can get the best performance and indeed a few more hours of vaping out of it. Most other compact electronic cigarette cartomizers such as those put forward by Blu, are not refillable and are incredibly expensive. So rather than just throwing your old cartomizers away, consider stashing them and using them over a few times first. You’ll quickly find yourself saving a significant amount of money as the cost of buying cartomizers or cartridges can add up in a hurry!

Chances are, if you’ve tried other electronic cigarettes, you’ve noticed inconsistent drags and poor overall vapor production. For those of you who haven’t tried sub-par electronic cigarettes, consider yourself lucky. When comparing the G6 to Blu Cigs, the vapor production from the G6 is truly unmatched. You literally won’t find a better vape and vapor production than the G6 when it comes to compact electronic cigarettes. Sure, the Halo Triton and other ‘large’ electronic cigarettes and tank systems will produce an immense amount of vapor, but most of us don’t want to walk around the town puffing on our gigantic e cig units, let alone try to refill them in public or while on the go. The G6 gets a 10 out of 10 in terms of vapor production. Especially when comparing and contrasting the G6 to Blu Cigs that typically last in full output for only 20 minutes or so.

While we love the G6, we’d like to bring the newer and better advanced e cigs offered by Halo to your attention. The Reactor & Tracer are Halo’s newest e cigs and we happen to love them. Learn more about each of them with our Halo Reactor Review & Halo Tracer Review. Also, be sure to check out our Best E Cig & E Liquid Picks of 2016.

If Halo Cigs had the marketing budget and campaign that Blu Cigs has had going over the past couple of years, so many more people would have made the switch to vapor and actually stayed. Blu Cigs get an A for marketing and an F for performance and quality however. For any of you who have suffered through Blu Cigs terrible battery life, cartomizer performance and overall quality, I have an important announcement to make. The Halo G6 is your savior. Furthermore, the G6 is everything you imagined an electronic cigarette could and should be. In our deep G6 review, we found battery life, vapor production, charging and size to all gain 10 out of 10 stars.

Again, for those of you who have tried Blu and written off electronic cigarettes because you thought they all sucked and couldn’t even be charged, I kindly ask you to reconsider. Take our testimonial against Blu Cigs seriously and save yourself the agony of purchasing any other e cig system. The G6 blows Blu and most every other electronic cigarette out of the water in every single important factor. One of the often overlooked factors is charging your ecig. Blu chargers for example last about a week and often fail to recharge your e cig at all. The G6 charger in our review on the other hand can be counted on again and again to ensure your not trying to pull your hair out just to charge your ecig.

I started off using Blu ecig Disposables and Starter Kits until I found out how ridiculously expensive and horribly performing they were compared to Halo Cigs. I would burn through an entire 5 Pack of cartomizers on a daily basis with Blu ecigs easily. This equates to spending about $450 per month on ecig cartomizers alone. On top of that, I had to spend an additional $45 every two months because the Blu ecig batteries would stop working. It got to the point of being insane and I decided to seek a better solution. I found the G6 ecig and have never looked back. I now spend about $250 per month which is about 50% less than the Blu ecig and never have to replace my batteries.

If you’re still shopping around, throw the V2 Pro Series 7 into the mix for sure. It’s one of our favorite overall e cig systems and has been for the past 6 months. Check out our V2 Pro Series 7 Review to learn more.