For a limited time only, Halo Cigs is offering 15% off everything in their online store! Halo Cigs has labeled this extraordinary sale their Cybersale but of course we can all assume this is their version of the coveted Black Friday Retail bonanza phenomenon that sweeps our beautiful country every year the day after Thanksgiving. While we never know exactly how long Halo Cigs sales will last (until usually one or two days before their over) we can assume that this one might end somewhere around the 5th of 6th of December.


Furthermore, this is purely speculation (as a number of my articles about the companies growth strategy are), it would seem fitting that this could also be a test run of testing production and operating efficiency’s at their new gigantic facility in Gainesville, Florida. While this thought may certainly be an incredible waste of time, I for one am interested in the future growth of breakout companies in breakout industries. For some, this will appear as any typical Black Friday Sale, however, for those of us who have followed Halo Cigs, we know that it’s few and far between that they offer discounts of this magnitude. Sure, they often offer 10% to 15% off e liquid throughout the year and have even been known to ship you free e liquid with other purchases, but to offer 15% off the genius Halo G6 and Triton devices, something smells ‘good’.

In my experience, companies in the growth stage that Halo is in, tend to maneuver sharply. Especially after making large expenditures such as opening up a second facility. Again, this is pure speculation, but I’m thinking we may even see perhaps a new electronic cigarette device to add to the G6 and Triton fearless duo that we’ve all come to know and love. The only thing we can really know for certain is that Halo Cigs is trending upwards in our hearts, on twitter and in future growth forecasts. I for one, am incredibly excited about the potential of Halo Cigs either adding another edge of technology e cig device, modifying the G6, Triton or all three. The one thing that I deeply hope is that Halo Cigs will continue to offer quality e liquid and e cig devices while keeping in mind what makes them special compared to other brands.

The beauty of Halo Cigs is that they are priced fairly, function phenomenally and above all else (but mostly other growing e cig brands) keep it simple. Halo Cigs literally offers only 2 types of e cig devices in the compact G6 and the Triton tank system. For those of you who have ‘shopped around’ you know how terribly confusing it can be to sort through the messes of foreign crap that get loaded to e-commerce e cig ‘brands’ by the 20’s. As any great company does, (no matter the size) staying on top of not only the latest technology in their industry but offering cutting edge technologies that consumers can benefit from (in this case nano-technology via e cigs) will keep them loved and shared by paying consumers for years to come.

Now that I’m done ranting about the future of Halo Cigs, feel free to head on over to our Halo Cigs Coupon page to save that 15% off your new Triton or G6 Halo Cigs Starter Kit! We appreciate you taking the time to read our articles and wish you Happy Holidays!

Vape Staff