halo reactor mod reviewThe Halo Cigs Reactor Box MOD is a long awaiting high performance options to showcase the Halo E Cig lineup. For years, loyal ‘Halons’ or Halo Cigs enthusiasts simply had the option of choosing between the G6 & Triton devices/starter kits. Finally making new and established vapor user’s dreams come true, Halo unveiled the New Reactor Box MOD along with the New Tracer MOD in late October early November 2015. The Halo Reactor Box MOD is one of the more advanced vaping systems available on the market. The Reactor features a 4400 mAh high performance battery, an awesomely sized 5 mL e liquid tank (featuring .50 oHm vertical duel coils), 5 Volts & up to 50 Watts of adjustable vaping power. The Halo Reactor is designed for vapor users who have perhaps used the G6 & or Triton (or any tank based vaping system) in the past who are frankly looking for more power, more ability to modify and all around ‘tinker’ or customize their vaping experience. We strongly recommend the Reactor for those users who are already familiar with tank based e cigs such as the Triton, but would point less tech savvy users towards the New Halo Tracer (as it requires less overall adjusting). Nevertheless, the difference between the Halo Reactor and the Halo Triton is perhaps as great as the difference between the G6 and the Triton. In other words, the Halo Reactor brings a whole new level to the vaping community and we welcome it with open arms and 30 mL bottles of Tribeca e liquid.

We we’re able to essentially open the elegant style packaging of our new Halo Reactor, fill it with e liquid and start vaping like never before within 5 minutes of receiving it via usps. We’re currently using the Halo Cigs Tribeca High VG 1.8% Nicotine e liquid, have the air control set to barely open, the wattage set to 49.9, the volts set to 4.9 and are experiencing the delightful notes of the Tribeca flavor notes that we basically haven’t before. It’s also worth mentioning that the current reading for ohms is .5, which is apparently standard with the attached tank/coil head. We’re excited about all the different options to try in terms of wattage, voltage and coil heads as well as even air flow. But it’s equally important to note that we didn’t have to tinker with a single setting in order to already be overly satisfied with throat hit, vapor production and overall feel of this sturdy new device and option for non other than our good friends at Halo Cigs.

*For a limited time only, you can choose your favorite 30 mL Halo e liquid flavor when ordering your New Halo Reactor. Also, be sure to check out our Best E Cig Picks of 2016.

Halo Cigs Reactor Box MOD Starter Kit Review of Specifications

halo cigs reactor box mod review of specifications
The Halo Reactor Starter Kit comes with everything you need out of the box (minus e liquid) to hit the proverbial vaping ground running. Furthermore, it’s really cool that the starter kit comes with 3 additional coil heads. We’ll get back to you with more information on exactly how much use or the total length of time we average per coil head. Either way, coil heads are extremely easy to replace and are only $13.99 for a pack of five. We’re expecting to get roughly 3-4 weeks per coil head, but again will keep you posted on our findings.

Update: After a few weeks of use with the Halo Cigs Reactor, we have a much firmer understanding of the ‘reactor coil heads’. We’re currently getting about 1 week max out of the .5 ohm coil heads (again, you use only one at a time). Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to stock up on as many coil heads as possible. Just bare in mind that it’s still an incredibly efficient and cost effective vaping system (as stated above Halo sells coil heads in packs of 5 at only $13.99). As we all know from our previous vaping/electronic cigarette systems, there is nothing worse than running out of crucial refill components.

  • 4400 mAh High Performance Adjustable 50 Watts & 10 Volts LED Screen Reactor Battery
  • 5 mL Reactor Stainless Steel .5 sub-ohm Duel Coil Head eGo-Compatible E Liquid Tank
  • USB Reactor Wall Adapter & Charging Cable
  • 3 Additional Reactor Replacement Coil Heads
  • Reactor User Manual

*The Reactor battery wattage can easily be adjusted by pressing either the up or down arrow on the side of the device directly above the LED screen. By pressing and holding either button, one can scroll between 8 and 50 watts. The more watts you choose, the more heat will ultimately be used to vaporize e liquid. (We’ve found from standard usage, that by using higher amounts of wattage (say 50 watts for example) equals shorter more powerful drags. Similarly, lower amounts of wattage (say 30 watts for example) equals longer sometimes more fulfilling drags, though completely dependent on individual preference. It’s also worth pointing out that individual e liquid flavors can either be enhanced or diminished based on the wattage setting.

*One can easily switch between adjusting the Halo Cigs Reactor wattage and voltage settings by simply pressing the power button 3 times. Again, this will give you the option to either increase or decrease the wattage and or voltage settings for the best possible performance.

*Additionally, one can greatly adjust their vaping experience by adjusting the air flow. Around the base of the e liquid tank is the adjustable air flow ring. You’ll notice a hole that essentially allows more air into the system as it’s more open and less as it’s obviously more closed. There are so many variations in determining optimal settings, we recommend trying them for yourself. We sort of enjoy the huge amounts of vapor production and decent throat hit when the wattage is set to 30 and the air control is roughly 1/4 open.

*It’s also worth noting that the 4400 mAh Reactor battery has a 10 second cut-off time, meaning that you could essentially take an extremely long 10 second ‘drag’ if you’re so inclined.

*We also found the ‘hold’ feature particular effective. We found that the up and down buttons (which adjust the wattage and voltage settings) would accidentally get pressed when transporting the device throughout the day. Thus, found that by holding both the up and down arrows together at the same time for a brief second puts a ‘hold’ on those settings, resulting in not having to worry about constantly changing the settings anymore.

*Also worth note, if you haven’t figured it out by now, the Reactor can easily be turned on or off by pressing the power button in quick repetition 5 times. Also note that the battery does not use any power when left on while the battery is not being pressed. (Just be sure that you turn the Reactor off if your put it into your pocket, to prevent accidentally burning coil heads or just burning precious battery life.)

*Another cool aspect of the Reactor battery is the fact that it displays the ‘length of drag’ on the LED screen. Meaning, when you are holding the power button down and at the same time taking a ‘drag’ a timer will be displayed. While it doesn’t play any essential function, it’s sort of an interesting indication and is helpful when determining optimal settings.

Halo Cigs Reactor MOD Compared to Triton & Tracer

When it comes down to it, there are different levels of vaping that continue to evolve. For example, there are disposable, compact rechargeable, simple tank based, advanced tank based mod, box mods and completely mod vaping systems currently available on the market. Usually, vapor’s themselves follow roughly the same exact order when it comes to first being introduced to electronic cigarettes and working themselves up through the ranks, constantly finding more efficient and higher performing systems. A huge percentage of vapor’s are either still using disposables, rechargeables or simple tank based e cig systems. For example, Halo Cigs (Halo Cigs Review)only ever offered a simple rechargeable e cig in the G6 (Halo G6 Review) and a slightly more advanced yet simple tank based design in the Triton (Halo Triton Review). While the Triton was a solid option for a long time, especially for users looking for something more than what a simple rechargeable ‘G6’ e cig can offer, it’s come time for the next level of vaping. Halo Cigs realized this and has finally released both the Tracer (Halo Tracer MOD Review)(advanced tank based mod) and Reactor (box mod) options.

Being that the electronic cigarette industry is still in it’s infancy, there was really no minimum or maximum or bar at all concerning battery size and overall vaping system features. A lot of users gravitated towards the Triton because it offered so much more than the G6. For example, the G6 only offered 180 mAh to 200 mAh batteries compared to the available 400 mAh and 650 mAh (standard options) batteries via the Triton (not to mention the entire concept of cartridges vs actual e liquid tanks). Therefore, we all thought wow, the Triton is a powerhouse compared to the G6 and have been vaping away on it for quite some time. Again, along the same lines, we’re here to let you know that basically the same process is taking place via the difference between the Halo Triton and Halo Reactor. The Halo Reactor Box MOD blows the Halo Triton Tank System completely out of the water in terms of battery life, overall power, overall vapor production and of course available/customizable features such as wattage, voltage, ohms, head coils and even air control. Going back to the Halo Triton from the Halo Reactor would be like going back to owning a car without heat, a/c, power locks, power windows or even tilt steering wheel. Or more similarly in terms of technology, like going from the iPhone 6 Plus to say the Blackberry Tour. At one time, we loved the Blackberry Tour, it was innovative, modern and we were proud to own it. Just as times have changed with cell phone technology, times have changed with electronic cigarette and vaping system technology. Don’t get caught without a more than fairly priced Halo Cigs Reactor Box MOD. Afterall, your Halo Triton is tired and ready to be retired, it’s served it’s purpose and is ready to be honorably discharged.

Halo Cigs Reactor MOD Review for Troubleshooting

halo cigs reactor box mod review for troubleshooting
Being that the Halo Cigs Reactor is still relatively new, we haven’t had a ton of time to run into any problems that require troubleshooting. Literally, the only thing we can think of to cover in this section for the time being is instructions for filling and maintaining the Reactor Tank.

If you’re new to the type of e liquid tank that the Reactor features, you might find it confusing in terms of filling. While the Halo Reactor indeed comes with an instruction manual, it’s not exactly clear on where the e liquid needs to be poured into the tank. It’s against all of our better judgement to turn the tank itself upside in order to fill, however, you’ll need to do just that when filling with the e liquid flavor of your choice. Simply unscrew the entire tank from the Reactor base, turn upside down, unscrew the air control section (identified by the adjustable and easy grip metal) and hold at roughly a 45 degree angle. The point is to pour the e liquid along the side of the glass (which seems a little weird, like it may just run straight out of the mouthpiece as you’re holding it upside down, however, this is not the case). The advanced Halo Reactor tank is specially designed to not leak out of the mouthpiece. With that being said, we’ve had the best results when only filling the tank to roughly 2 – 3 mL’s at a time. You’ll also notice an inward bevel on either side of the inner atomizer, allowing you to fit your e liquid dropper inside. While the Reactor can hold up to 5 mL, we find that to basically be overkill in terms of real use per day and the fact that the Reactor is built in a way to naturally be top-heavy, making it prone to tipping over while setting down. Check back over the coming weeks and months to see any updates related to troubleshooting the Halo Reactor.

Update: After refilling the Halo Reactor several times and using it extensively, we have a few notes that might come in handy.

Problems Unscrewing the Halo Reactor E Liquid Tank

  • The Halo Reactor Tank is combined of essentially 5 parts, which consist of the actual plastic tip or mouthpiece, the e liquid tank chamber, the coil base, the coil head itself and finally the adjustable airflow base that screws into the Halo Reactor 510 thread battery.
  • When refilling the tank after a few uses, you may find yourself unable to unscrew the coil base from the adjustable airflow base. This is 100% due to sticky residue leftover from previous refills and or combined with over tightening. If you find yourself unable to unscrew this portion of the Reactor tank, fear not, there are solution.
  • One solution for the problem of not being able to unscrew the coil base from the adjustable airflow base is to instead unscrew the actual e liquid tank from the coil base and adjustable airflow base. This shouldn’t be the route you use to fill up your tank, be it work just fine, be sure to pour your e liquid along the side of the e liquid tank glass, screw back together and you’ll be fine.
  • If all else fails and your entire Halo Reactor tank is stuck together (unable to unscrew) we recommend very gentle use of pliers. Simple wrap a small towel or other cloth around the airflow base and use the pliers to gentle but firmly unscrew the stuck together parts.
  • Most importantly however, whenever you refill your Halo Reactor tank, you need to clean the threads on all pieces that you’ve unscrewed. This will ensure that you won’t have to deal with stuck components in the future (we leaned this the hard way).

Possible Halo Cigs Reactor Error Messages Etc On the Digital Screen

  • Atomizer Low: This message is fairly obvious, it simply means that your atomizer is running low or has essentially been used as much as it can be. The solution to the error message is to replace the coil head with a new one. However, the fool proof method of knowing when to replace your atomizer/coil head is when you start to notice a burnt or unpleasant taste.
  • Atomizer Short: The atomizer short message typically appears when replacing a new coil head and is typically resolved by either tightening or loosing the several components that make up your Reactor tank. The most common way to resolve this message is to loosen the coil base and the airflow base connection or loosen the coil head connection itself.
  • No Atomizer Detected: Similarly to the ‘atomizer short’ message above, usually the ‘no atomizer detected’ error message is a result of over or under tightened components of your Reactor tank.

All in all, just know going into refilling your Halo Cigs Reactor tank that you’ll need to first clean all screw based connection completely and secondly that you’ll need to play with the overall tightening of the components that you unscrewed. This always only takes a couple minutes of time before ultimately not being interrupted again and vaping the entirety of your e liquid.

Halo Cigs Reactor MOD Review of Overall Size

The overall size of the Reactor is frankly not too bad. It’s sort of the age old problem with technology, sacrificing a little by way of size to be treated with more features. In our opinion, the Reactor delivers so well in terms of performance that we’re not necessarily hating the fact that it doesn’t fit will in ‘skinny jeans’, lol. As weird as it may seem, the actual Reactor tank is nearly as tall as the battery, again making it slightly top heavy. (We haven’t had any ‘spills’ or ‘drops’ with it yet and it’s probably important that you’re similarly careful when setting it down. The Reactor tank doesn’t seem like it’s something that would take a ‘fall’ very well. For the dimensions themselves, the Reactor battery is 83 mm in height which equates to roughly 3 1/4 inches. The overall height of the Reactor tank is 75.8 mm in height, equating to almost 3 inches. Making the overall height of the Halo Reactor a well balanced 6 1/4 inches of pure vaping power and happiness.

Frequently Asked Halo Cigs Reactor MOD Review Questions

halo cigs reactor box mod review frequently asked questions
Again, the Halo Reactor Box MOD hasn’t ‘been out’ for longer than 1 month at the time of writing this review. However, we’ll do our best to cover potential questions you may have about one of their newest e cigs available.

  • Can regular e liquid be used with the Halo Reactor or can you only use Halo’s High VG e liquid? – Yes, any e liquid can be used with the Halo Reactor. However, for best results, we strongly recommend using Halo’s new High VG e liquids. They’re essentially the same exact flavors that we’ve all come to love from Halo Cigs, however the High VG is specifically designed to work optimally with the high wattage and voltage that the Reactor High Performance 4400 mAh battery features.
  • Can the Halo Triton Tank be used with the Reactor? – Absolutely not. While the Reactor battery is ‘ego-compatible’, it’s strongly recommended that you use the Reactor tank that’s been fine tuned to work the best as a pair. Furthermore, the Reactor tank is only $24.99 when purchasing separately, so if you ever break your tank or over a long length of time it begins to not work properly, it can easily be swapped out.
  • Is the Halo Reactor Tank rebuildable? – No, not exactly. The Reactor tank utilizes what are known as ‘coil heads’, which ‘could’ be rebuilt. But, it’s definitely not worth the time or effort as replacement Reactor coil heads are only $13.99 per 5 pack and are available in either .25 ohm or .50 ohm. Additionally, only one coil head is used at a time in the Reactor tank system.
  • Is there a warranty on the Reactor battery? – Yes. The high performance 4400 mAh Reactor battery comes with a full 60 warranty. If you happen to exceed that length, we’d recommend contacting Halo directly about it as they’ve always been reasonable to deal with. If worse comes to worse, you can always replace the battery for only $39.99.
  • What is the ‘lifespan’ of the Halo Reactor Battery? – Again, the Reactor hasn’t been on the market for that long at all, so we’ll be essentially testing how long one can expect for it to work properly. They say however that the ‘length’ of time one can expect is roughly 300 cycles. That would mean 300 times of fully charging and fully discharging (using until empty) the battery.
  • Are the Tracer & Reactor Coil Heads Interchangeable? – No. The Tracer & Reactor use two different types of coil heads that are not interchangeable. Furthermore, the Reactor coil heads are available in two different ohms (.25 & .50) both being dual vertically coiled, along the same lines, the Tracer offers coil heads in .20 ohms (dual vertical), .25 ohms (single vertical), .50 ohms (dual & single vertical) and 1.2 ohms (single vertical).

Halo Cigs Reactor Box MOD Review Summary

halo cigs reactor box mod review summary
If you’ve ever used electronic cigarettes before, you’ve probably become all too familiar with dead batteries, low vapor production, no throat hit and or frankly wanting more. Most of us have just learned to deal with constantly being disappointed by even our favorite vaping devices of old. Sure we’ll get maybe a day or couple days or even week out of a new kit, only to be dealing with the constant hassle of under performing batteries and components the next day or week. Have you ever thought of what it would be like to use an e cig or vaping system that could deliver all the phenomenal tasting e liquid you put into it plus some? With the Halo Cigs Reactor, you essentially get everything you’ve ever wanted in an e cig or vaping system. The Reactor has battery life for days and ultimately vaping power that only few can handle when pushing the device to its limits. Along the same lines, even novice users are fully capable of using the Reactor. It’s a simple, sleek and well designed system that one can choose to push to the limits of producing huge amounts of clouds or simply rely on to puff at their own pace while never having to be let down by lack of power or performance. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Halo Reactor Box MOD Starter Kit is it’s price. At only $69.99, the Halo Reactor is literally the best current value on the market & believe me, we know. We’ve covered tons of electronic cigarette brands, devices and e liquids and frankly know not only a good deal when we see it, but a great deal.

The bottom line is that if you’re using compact e cigs or vaping pens or simple tank based e cig systems and are ready for the next level of vaping, the Halo Cigs Box MOD Reactor Starter Kit is the absolute best option on the market to gravitate towards. While the Halo Reactor offers customization in terms of coils, wattage and voltage settings, it should certainly not deter any potential owners away. The Halo Cigs Reactor can be simply opened, filled with the favorite e liquid of your choice and vaped away on straight out of the box without tinkering with a single setting. On the same note, for those who love to tinker, the Reactor offers plenty of options to choose from and of course perfect.

(If you’d like to check out a similarly advanced electronic cigarette system, feel free to check out our V2 Pro Series 7 Review.)